Scalable data cleansing for multiple sites
– delete outdated data from directories & update automatically

Identifying, automatically deleting or correcting outdated, conflicting and incorrect data across all directory entries has many benefits. Even with multiple locations, quickly optimize touchpoints along the customer journey in a coherent manner and immediately benefit in various ways:

  • Use consistent, up-to-date, correct company information in directories to attract more customers.
  • Avoid losing prospects to competitors due to outdated or incorrect entries.
  • Remove barriers for customers trying to contact your business.
  • Ensure legal compliance with correct data.
  • Avoid loss of visibility due to obsolete data.

Keep directory data up-to-date for better customer acquisition, visibility & positioning

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Highest-quality data

Consistent data creates legal certainty and customer satisfaction and facilitates conversion at all stages of the customer journey. Identify outdated data with just a few clicks and have it updated across directories in a semi-automated manner - scalable for thousands of locations/branches.

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Consistent external presentation

Always provide customers with the right data where they are looking for it and present a coherent image across all locations. Strengthen positioning against the competition and be perceived as trustworthy.

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Customer acquisition

Make it easy for your target audience to find the company and decide in favour of the offer – stop losing customers because of outdated data. Barrier-free interaction with correctly identified contact persons, telephone numbers, addresses, opening hours, email addresses, etc.

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Greater visibility

Achieve better rankings in search engines through uniform, correct and up-to-date company data in directories and the Google Business Profiles (local listings). The target audience only lands on current search hits in Google searches and directories: better ranking through current data, more traffic and leads.

Free no-obligation consultation: turn digital legacy into assets

The address, phone number, location and opening hours, and other relevant data change over time. New branches open, old locations close. The more locations you operate and the longer you have been in business, the more outdated information potential customers will encounter in directories and find irritating when it is wrong.

In your free, no-obligation consultation, you will learn how to use scalable, semi-automated data cleansing to eliminate all the directory entries of incorrect information and replace them with up-to-date company data. Afterwards, you will know how to use targeted data quality management for improved conversion, visibility and better positioning on the local or global market.

Building blocks for success to keep a clean slate: delete directory data & cancel Google listings

Search for outdated data with the data cleansing analysis tool.

1. Data check

Find outdated data in directories.

Exploring search results with specially programmed data cleansing analysis tools.


2. Data cleansing

Deletion of erroneous touchpoints.

Manual and automatic adjustment and request for correction or deletion from directory operators.

Reporting for monitoring and documentation of progress in data cleansing.

3. Reporting

Progress control and documentation.

Reporting of successful deletions, updating of the cleansing list and, if necessary, re-request regarding deletion of outdated data.

Quality assurance through semi-automated checks in the data cleansing process.

4. Quality assurance

Partially automated check & search for hidden entries

Checking directories to find & clean up non-indexed data.

Google Cleaner: automatically find & check relevant directory entries

Using our highly specialised, in-house developed Google Cleaner tool, directory entries that irritate your target audience with outdated, incorrect data can be found quickly and with minimal effort.

  • Crawling the top 100 company & location search results.
  • Crawling thousands of popular directories (global, local, industry-related) for business listings.
  • Independent assessment of relevance for hits.

Based on this, a clean-up list is created that includes all Google and directory listings in which data to be deleted was found. During quality assurance, the hits are manually checked and validated so that eventually – in the best case – all touchpoints are cleansed of old data.

Automatically remove obsolete Local Listing data from multiple locations.

Scalable data cleansing for multiple locations

Multiple locations at a glance with Google Cleaner.

Manual data cleansing for many locations is simply inefficient and not feasible alongside day-to-day business, so more and more contradictory data accumulates, ultimately harming the business.

Each location benefits from a “clean slate” in the digital space, as uniform, cross-directory, consistent and up-to-date information pleases both the clientele and the search engine. This is rewarded with more sales or more visibility in Google search results: 

  • A uniform process that can be rolled out for each site.
  • Cost-efficient implementation using partially automated tools.
  • Creation of a location-specific database with a consistent information structure.
  • Standardisation of external presentation.
  • Obtain legal clarity.
  • Location-based overview of directory entries.
  • Optimization of results by expanding directory entries based on the database created – improved rankings, more search results in the form of directories and better positioning.

For traditional and growing companies with many locations and/or extensive histories, data cleansing offers the possibility of deleting all incorrect company information in one process, updating and synchronising it if desired. The entries are then managed so that changes – e.g. opening hours – can be responded to as quickly as possible. 

Arrange your free, no-obligation consultation now and learn how to create the best conditions for sales growth and visibility for every location.

Multiply the benefits of data cleansing through Local Listings

In the course of data hygiene, outdated and incorrect information that limits the company’s visibility is removed. In optimal interaction, local listings actively ensure greater visibility.

Old data out and good data in – everywhere. For example, through targeted entries:

  • In directories, business directories, with map providers and social media.
  • With a local, global or industry-specific reference.
  • A large reach or dominance in the search results.
  • Where the target audience can search for the company or offer.

Consistent, up-to-date local listings improve the ranking of your website. The company can be found several times in the search results for corresponding keywords (e.g. with its own website, directory A, directory B and Google Business Profile). This means that potential customers will also find the offer if they search directly in a directory for a suitable provider.

Create local online marketing infrastructure around target audience touchpoints
Update any location with one click using Google Cleaner.

Local Listings for more local customers & visibility

Based on the database created for checking existing listings, hundreds of consistent, up-to-date directory listings can be created on demand with one click.

  • NAP Data (name, address, phone) 
  • Description 
  • Offers
  • Price segment
  • Pictures
  • Opening hours

The Local Listing Tool enables you to update all data – for each location independently – in all listings with one click.

  • Information is always up-to-date without manual deletion of entries.
  • Hardly any time required for changes.
  • Increased trust from customers.
  • Better rankings on search engines.
  • Can be implemented for each location.

Strengthen conversion & reputation with professional review management

Harness the power of authentic reviews and positively guide the customer’s buying decision. Efficient review management establishes a consistent response process across locations – for reviews via Google Business Profile and reviews on Local Listing platforms:

  • Generate visibility: Positive reviews have an impact on your rankings.
  • Increase conversion: Up to 200 per cent higher conversion through better/increased reviews.
  • Build reputation: gain trust and position yourself as a leading provider.
Improve star ratings with review management.

Remove old problems & start fresh with Local Listings

Once you have laid the foundations, you will benefit from permanently higher sales, traffic and visibility and be one step ahead of the competition.

In your free and non-binding consultation, we will show you how you can effectively, efficiently and profitably combine data cleansing with the local marketing of your locations using Local Listings. Process synergies reduce the initial effort and allow for a scalable, long-term, resource-saving implementation.

Up-to-date Google Business Profiles for current directory listings

Take advantage of the viral effect of deleting and updating Google Business Profiles (GBP): Many directories create listings based on information entered in the Google Business Profile. Having up-to-date data minimises the effort of the data cleansing. However, if outdated data remains, business-damaging company information automatically becomes more and more widespread.

Only display complete and correct data with Google Cleaner.

Neutralise Google entries:

A Google listing should only be neutralised if the branch is closed and no longer exists. Otherwise, the profile can be “claimed” and edited, expanded and updated after verification by Google.

  • A Google Business Profile is prominently displayed in search results and attracts a lot of attention (Local Snack Pack). 
  • It offers instant contact via phone, email, navigation or local landing page.

During data cleansing, a Google Business Profile serves as the basis for all further directory listings. A complete, search-engine-optimized profile increases the probability of reaching the target group in the search results, and the correctly stored data enables immediate lead acquisition or even conversion.

As part of the process economy and the use of synergies, the database of the Google Business Profile is used for automatic alignment with the directory entries. Discrepancies can be detected, listed, checked and then automatically updated by a Local Listing Tool or manually.

Get cross-location directory & Google listings deleted cost-efficiently

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Expertise & Experience

Take advantage of the synergistic link between technical solutions and SEO optimization through directory submissions. Theoretical knowledge, combined with experience from practical application with clients of all kinds, is incorporated into data cleansing.

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Quality promise

Thoroughness and perseverance are what count in data cleansing. All relevant directory entries in the top 100 search results are cleansed (more than 80% of all entries in total). To maintain these high standards, there are regular checks, comprehensive reporting and, if necessary, renewed requests for deletion or correction.

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Agile working

Implementation is fast and reliable thanks to well-rehearsed processes and partially automated software – especially when there are many sites. Delete outdated data in a short time and have updates made on request and adapted to existing internal processes.

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Adapted to customer needs

Supported by measures that are needed to achieve the best possible result. A customer-driven approach enables the development of individual solutions tailored to the company, number of sites, needs and budget.

Arrange a free, no-obligation consultation

During your consultation, you will learn how your legacy information can be cost-effectively removed and replaced with up-to-date, consistent information. Afterwards, you’ll also know how to make the most of Local Listings and your Google Business Profiles to make more sales in the future, stop relying on data cleansing and generate more visibility.

Frequently asked questions about data hygiene

A consistent, reputable image, coherent (data) communication and visibility in the form of rankings have a decisive influence on users’ buying behaviour. Incorrect or outdated information in directories limits visibility, scares off potential customers and, in the worst case, makes the user opt for the competition. The longer the company has been in business, and the more sites there are, the more old information that can cause lasting damage accumulates.

There is always the possibility of entries about the company on pages that are so far back in the search results that they will never be found and clicked on. Here, a clean-up is not economically worthwhile. There are also websites that pull their content and data “illegally” from directories or Google Business Profiles. These websites often do not respond to enquiries because they only use the site to generate as much traffic as possible and to place advertisements. These websites have now often disappeared from the top 100 search results, are hardly found by customers and therefore have very little relevance for data cleansing. The focus is on those more visible entries that have a measurable impact on customer acquisition, visibility and image.

The amount of data depends on the number of directory entries that refer to the company or its locations. There is no technical limit. In practice, the 100 first hits of the search engines are checked and, if necessary, deleted or changed. There is no limit to the amount of information that can be changed – as much information as necessary (e.g. opening hours, addresses, telephone numbers) can be adjusted.

All data available in directories (Local Listings) and a Google Business Profile: Company name, contact person, contact options, websites, opening hours, offers and descriptions. There are a multitude of online directories that operate either nationwide, regionally or industry-specific – e.g. Yellow Pages, business directories, telephone directories and much more. But map service providers, voice assistants and Google Business Profiles can also be changed, deleted or neutralised.

Since the changes usually have to be verified and approved by the operators, the entire process takes about 45 to 60 days. The duration also depends on the number of directory entries and the speed of the directory operators. If the corrections are not entered with the first request, a follow-up is necessary, which can take time. The search engines or the Google algorithm usually take about a month to register the changes in the directories. After that, the entries can no longer be found if deleted.


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