Interim Online Marketing Manager for all performance marketing channels
The right specialist for every channel in your project: SEO, SEA, Social, Content, Online PR, Project Management

Fill vacant positions with the right interim online marketing managers on demand, quickly and easily. Plan your project, recruit on demand and implement successfully even if there are skills gaps, staff shortages, insufficient resources or a lack of in-house expertise:

  • Engage individual specialists, managers, or entire project teams on a temporary basis 
  • Access online marketing know-how and resources flexibly 
  • Also applicable for scaling projects and multiple locations, ideally remotely
  • digitalagenten specialists and project managers are accustomed to working on agile projects and in most cases are SCRUM certified  

Get more clients, leads, and visibility: schedule your free consultation to remove bottlenecks in your project.  

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The interim online marketing manager is available on demand to help you plan, launch and implement your project. Professional training is unnecessary, as expertise and experience in the field are available and can be called upon immediately.

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Be ready to act quickly even in the case of short-term marketing projects and vacancies: external know-how with leadership and project management competence on demand – for as long as you need it. For a fast time to market and an optimal cost-benefit ratio without legal restrictions.

Online Marketing Agentur Berlin


Seamless integration into existing teams and processes – in an advisory, supporting or executive capacity. Sustainably cultivate the expertise of an interim marketing manager through knowledge transfer, so that they become dispensable themselves or their role can be taken over.

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Think and act outside the box: Focus exclusively on achieving the marketing objective with a neutral, unbiased view of the company. Strong implementation skills without conflicts of interest, time, or resources.

Interim online marketing manager: Turbo instead of gridlock

Obtain specialised, experienced interim marketing managers with strong leadership skills or entire project teams familiar with agile working in the following areas:

In your free, no-obligation consultation, we will find the perfect interim manager to suit your requirements and your project. Learn everything about the process and conditions so that you can support your team in a targeted manner and secure a crucial competitive advantage. 

Temporary management for your projects and company goals

Interim management allows you to flexibly bring experienced, highly qualified online marketing specialists into your company without the need for a lengthy recruiting process. 

We select exactly the right interim online marketing managers for your company, industry, and objectives from a large talent pool.

Agile Working


Competence Spectrum

The perfect interim performance marketing manager for every online marketing channel

As the “head chef”, the interim online marketing manager creates a recipe for success to achieve or exceed your marketing goals: 

  • The necessary ingredients (e.g. SEO, SEA, Social)
  • The right mixture or weighting 
  • Preparation (e.g. content creation as the centerpiece of search engine optimization)
  • The tools required (such as Sistrix, SEM Rush) 
  • The sequence and interaction for replicability (processes).

For each sub-area of online marketing or any combination of these, the right interim manager can be found to accompany and guide you through the strategic focus, leadership of staff, operational implementation and delivery of the result:

Interim SEO Manager

Interim SEO Manager

Reaching the target audience where they search: organic search results dominate to drive more clients, leads and visibility.

Targeted on-page and off-page SEO optimization via content, backlinks, load times, local listings etc. Tweak parameters that bring the website to the top of the search results – locally or globally.

Interim SEA Manager

Interim SEA Manager

Stay ahead of the competition by advertising on search engines and converting demand into sales.

Develop and implement customised campaigns with attractive keywords within a profitable cost structure. Continual conversion optimization and development of scalable expansion of advertising. 

Interim Social Media Manager

Interim Social Media Manager

Use social media to acquire clients & visibility, positioning, communicate and interact to build lasting loyalty.

Regular posting for organic reach or targeted ad advertising on Instagram, Facebook etc. Consolidated targeting and coherent corporate design for positioning & brand building.

Interim Content Manager

Interim Content Manager

Inspire your target group and search engines with added-value content: guide the target group along the customer journey & increase visibility.

Use high-quality content to satisfy users’ search intentions and create long-term content assets that repeatedly generate “free” visibility. Follow a stringent information architecture.

Interim Online Marketing Manager

Interim Marketing Project Manager

Implement projects flexibly, achieve short time to market and maximum efficiency and scalability. Agile collaboration for profitable symbiosis between the various disciplines.

Be perfectly positioned both organisationally and strategically to translate the plan into operational implementation with maximum efficiency. Coordinate the entire project and see it through to successful completion.

Interim Recruiting Manager

Interim Recruiting Manager

Counter the shortage of skilled workers: Fill vacant positions quickly and easily with suitable candidates, and create the necessary resources for growth.

Generate semi-automated applications via suitable channels, implement employer branding and build an individual recruiting funnel – traffic from ads, social media or organically. A scalable, digitised selection process.

Join digitalagenten’s interim online marketing manager talent pool:

Have you got expertise and experience when it comes to online marketing and interim management? Are you looking for varied, challenging projects with large and medium-sized players across Germany? Take the plunge for a limited period of time, get involved and achieve visible success for the client: 

Get in touch now to arrange a meeting, so we can get to know each other, and you will soon be part of great projects that really make a difference.

Interim SEO Manager: At the top of organic search results

Get ahead of the competition by using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with the keywords your target audience is searching for: 

  • Attract more clients through increased traffic
  • Generate more traffic through increased visibility
  • Secure more visibility without ad costs. 
  • Enhance positioning and improve market position 
  • Increase trust
  • Be present more often and increase the number of touchpoints in the decision-making process. 

Our interim SEO manager accompanies the climb up the rankings from analysis (including target group and competition) to tailor-made SEO strategy, implementation of the individual building blocks and monitoring or optimization of the results:

  • Content marketing (keywords, search intent, formats, link depth, metadata, rich snippets etc.)
  • Off-Site SEO:
    • Backlinks 
    • Local listings 
    • Citations 
  • Load time optimization
  • Local SEO for multiple locations 
    • Google Business Profiles
  • Internal linking
  • Information architecture 
  • Security (SSL certificate)
Rank better organically with an interim online marketing manager in the field of SEO
Get better organic rankings with an interim SEO manager

Support that delivers measurable results:

Starting with a comprehensive SEO audit, effective measures – based on the current situation – are prioritised according to their effectiveness. “Low-hanging fruit” – in other words: less effort for a lot of return, lay the groundwork, this is then expanded in line with a long-term focus towards top positions. 

To gain scalable customers and visibility, a replicable SEO strategy can also be developed, and this is centrally controlled by the interim SEO manager to be rolled out across all locations. During this cooperation, smart processes are established so that, if necessary after training and guidance, independent implementation within the department is possible. 

Whether on a local (local SEO) level, throughout Germany or even internationally: Find the interim SEO manager who suits your company and will help you get ahead:

Interim SEA Manager: Advertising campaigns for immediate success

Get displayed at the top of the search results for certain keywords; ahead of the competition and the first organic search results. Use SEA independently of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or use another potent channel for customer acquisition in parallel.

The interim SEA manager uses sophisticated Google Ads campaigns to attract interested or willing clients using keywords with high conversion rates: 

  • Win more clients
  • Significantly increase visibility immediately
  • Target the target group precisely – even locally 
  • Promote offers
  • Appear at the top even for hotly contested keywords 
  • Transparent costs enable cost-benefit analysis  
  • Flexible targeting at short notice according to demand 
  • Conversion-optimized ads
Interim SEA managers ensure immediate success
Interim SEA managers help plan & create campaigns

Plan, create, deliver & monitor campaigns

Tailor-made solutions adapted to objectives, requirements, and budget: 

Existing campaigns are assessed and checked for effectiveness and optimized if necessary. A holistic SEA strategy involves the interim SEA manager analysing the market, identifying cost-efficient keywords, creating target group-specific advertising (text, images, landing pages) and delivering these along the sales funnel. The results are then tracked to optimize and split tests based on these results. 

The campaign structure can be rolled out and used for different branches based on a strategy with a view to location-specific features. Centralised, advanced data mining provides additional valuable insight into which ads convert and therefore are preferable to other ads: Maximum effectiveness at minimum cost. 

Start mastering Search Engine Advertising with your interim SEA manager now. Arrange an initial meeting free of charge and without obligation.

Interim social media manager: Raise your profile and generate more revenue through presence & coherent communication

The interim social media manager provides visibility wherever the target group is located and persuades them with creative marketing. Whether SME or corporate group – social media marketing creates added value on many levels: 

  • Customer acquisition & retention 
  • Brand building and reputation
  • Authentic, direct communication and interaction 
  • Organic reach for more visibility and traffic
  • Paid reach through social media ads for more traffic immediately
  • Conversion from social media to the landing page/into the sales funnel 
  • Synergies between other sales and marketing channels

Whether B2C or B2B: almost every target group enjoys voluntarily spending time on social media (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or X, TikTok, LinkedIn). This provides the opportunity for a direct, informal approach to generate attention. The more touchpoints and the more effective the message, the higher the probability of a conversion.

Interim social media managers enhance profiles and increase sales
Ein Interim Social Media Manager nutzt das gesamte Potenzial aus

Capitalise on social media marketing

Hand in hand with the marketing team, the interim social media manager ensures this huge potential is exploited: 

  • Social media consulting and strategy 
  • Corporate design for all accounts
  • Communication design
  • Media: photo, video, reels, captions etc.
  • Post planning and upload
  • Interaction and moderation
  • Crosslinking between channels
  • Conversion optimization of posts 

Can be used for many branches with scalable processes, customisable posts (topic and region-specific posts) and, if desired, paid advertisements in the social networks for even faster growth and more clients.

Interim Content Manager: Content with added value is worth more

Sophisticated, targeted content tailored according to search intent will excite clients and search engines alike: 

  • More clients via more traffic and higher conversion
  • More visibility via better rankings for relevant keywords 
  • Better positioning as a competent, trustworthy, market-leading provider 
  • Once written, content attracts traffic again and again at marginal costs close to zero 
  • Effectively communicate messages in the correct format:
    • Landing pages
    • Guides/blogs
    • Newsletters 

The interim content manager tackles the content marketing marathon and approaches it holistically: from the initial idea to copywriting and SEO optimization in the form of metadata, image SEO and structured data (rich snippets). A network of content assets is created in collaboration, and can later be further expanded internally via knowledge transfer.

Interim content managers inspire clients & increase traffic
Interim Content Manager schaffen ĂĽberzeugende Inhalte fĂĽr Ihre Kunden

Compelling content that sells

Create content that delivers the right message to the user at every touchpoint or link in the purchase decision chain.  

Starting with an initial content audit, the interim content manager will ensure a coherent, numbers-based strategy and coordinate content creation from research to sales optimization. Everything is done from a single source and in accordance with a replicable yet agile online marketing strategy. 

For many locations, the Content Generator can be used to create a partially automated text with matching (yet unique) content for each branch within a short period of time. This avoids duplicate content that is penalised by search engines.

Set up or expand your sales- and SEO-optimized content network with an interim content manager now.

Interim Recruiting Manager: Fill vacancies quickly with first-class employees

Use smart recruiting in the digital sphere in the form of recruiting funnels and social recruiting in combination with automatable, structured processes to reliably and quickly attract applicants. Then fill the vacant position with the best applicants: 

  • High quality of applicants due to precise targeting 
  • Efficient selection structures requiring less time and resources
  • Comparatively low costs per applicant
  • Wide range of approaches:
    • Skilled workers actively searching for jobs 
    • Professionals who are busy but open to a career move 
    • Professionals who are not actively seeking work, are enticed away

Among other things, the interim recruiting manager assists in specifying the applicant’s requirement profile, selects the appropriate channels of approach, establishes a recruiting funnel, creates and delivers ads, and tracks the success of the campaign (traffic, referrals, applications). In addition, the subsequent selection process is accompanied systematically — from job interviews to employment contracts and salary negotiations. 

Employer branding is used to position the company as a whole on the internet in such a way that it appeals to potential job candidates and future employees.

Interim recruiting managers attract first-class candidates

Digital recruitment implemented by the interim recruiting manager can be used for any number of vacancies at one or more locations in a scalable manner. On request, an expandable recruiting platform can also be set up for subsequent vacancies.

Don’t let a shortage of staff become a limiting factor for your company’s growth. Arrange your initial meeting now, free of charge and without obligation, and get your interim recruiting manager on board.

Interim Marketing Project Manager:

For important (marketing) projects, an interim marketing project manager ensures a smooth concept, planning, implementation and  flawless project completion:

  • Concept
    • Setting objectives
    • Organisational structure
    • Analysis
    • Scheduling and cost estimation
    • Resource analysis
  • Planning 
    • Distribution of competencies within the team
    • Sprint or task planning
    • Structuring of project components
    • Resource planning 
    • Cost planning
  • Implementation
    • Controlling 
    • Communication with management
    • Risk and cost management
    • Coordination of the team
  • Completion 
    • Acceptance 
    • Analysis (learnings) 
    • Optimization – technical and at process level
Control projects effectively with an interim marketing project manager
Interim project managers coordinate projects beyond targets

Exceed project goals with agile project management

Centrally planned and coordinated, agile project management increases the efficiency of collaboration. Different stakeholders harmonize and coordinate their work – in terms of content, time, and concept. 

Thanks to high levels of expertise and experience in the marketing and sales environment, an interim marketing project manager is able to coordinate projects structurally, as well as understanding and making symbiotic use of the thematic, practical interrelationships: 

Learn more about agile project management in Marketing. 

Contact us now for free to find an interim marketing project manager.

Focus on your next sprint result within lean structures using agile project management.

Online Marketing Agentur Berlin

Design freedom

As a flexible provider of interim online marketing managers, the contract period can be flexibly structured. Several interim managers can be booked so that crucial positions are filled and strengthened. Under certain circumstances, a permanent takeover is possible.

Suchmaschinen Agentur Berlin

Whole project teams

If required, complete, experienced project teams can be hired. They consist of a team leader and suitably experienced specialists who implement individual tasks in agile workflows and sprints. Efficient processes can be cultivated and employees can be integrated or trained.

Online Marketing Agentur Berlin

Second-level support

The interim manager can additionally draw on the expertise and resources of digitalagenten: e.g., consulting, quality assurance and access to tools. This ensures a consistently high quality of work, with more knowledge and experience incorporated into the implementation of projects.

Performance Marketing Agentur Berlin

Legal certainty

The interim manager or body leasing contract is drawn up individually in accordance with the law. Employment law obligations are kept as minimal as possible, and risks such as bogus self-employment are also eliminated in advance.

Interim management instead of a shortage of skilled workers: as flexible as your business

Providing support – be it consulting, out-tasking, outsourcing or project management – on demand: 

Arrange your free, no-obligation consultation now. We will find out what you need, find the perfect interim marketing manager for you, and discuss how you can strengthen your team immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions: interim online marketing manager

Interim Management enables you to bring in external experts and executives for a specific period of time in order to supplement your company’s resources, expertise, and experience. An interim online marketing manager has in-depth knowledge of all areas of online marketing and its development. digitalagenten operates temporary employment agencies – body leasing – for the whole of Germany: whether it’s in Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg, DĂĽsseldorf or right here in Berlin. This makes cooperation with the business very flexible and uncomplicated in terms of employment law.

The functions they perform depend on the requirements and objectives of the project. An interim manager is often used as the Head of Online Marketing or as a leader of an online marketing area (e.g. SEO or Social Media Marketing). The interim manager can advance existing projects, initiate and accompany new projects – operationally and strategically – or be involved in extensive change management concerning marketing in the digital sphere.

As an “external” expert, the interim manager provides a neutral, unbiased view of matters inside the office, yet without remaining remote from day-to-day business, like a management consultant/advisor.

The aim is to create a symbiosis between professional excellence, strategic orientation and structural design.

That depends on the individual. Normally, an employee is hired out for a period of between three and 18 months. This may be agreed upon on a case-by-case basis, or it may be determined by the achievement of certain project goals or progress in change management. The contract is deliberately kept flexible and tailored services are only provided for the development and enhancement of performance. It is also feasible that the interim marketing manager will only help out until a new, permanent employee has started their career in the company.

Our talent pool includes specialists in insurance, finance, production, industry, purchasing, marketing, e-commerce, retail, logistics, healthcare/pharmaceuticals, sales, construction and automotive. 

100% digital and focused on performance. The interim management staff are all highly qualified, experienced professionals who are trained in agile project management, and can handle all facets of online marketing. These skills and marketing principles can be profitably applied across industries, with some industry knowledge or experience even helping to ensure a more tailored approach and reduced settling-in time.

Regardless of the industry: When looking for the right interim marketing manager, data protection according to DSGVO, competition law etc. plays an important role. If requested, the interim manager will sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). This ensures that internal information about the business or the brand does not leak to the competition. Discretion, whether from a manager or a temporary position, is a basic prerequisite for successful cooperation on an interim basis.


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