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Attract customers in a scalable way with local online marketing

Over 50 per cent of Google searches are local searches. Of those, 75 per cent result in a local visit within the next 24 hours. The opportunities for multi-location businesses through local marketing are enormous:

With customised local marketing optimization, you can reach your customers in their immediate vicinity, create maximum visibility, generate visitors, increase conversion rates and gain more customers overall.

The visibility and customer acquisition campaign process is scalable and leverages the diverse synergistic effects of individual performance indicators across all organic channels. High-performance local online marketing is the product of target-group-specific control of all channels in order to pick up users at every digital touchpoint – and this is precisely where we support you with customised solutions.

Make use of local marketing, the synergy between online and local sales, and enjoy decisive competitive advantages at all levels of the customer journey:

Comprehensive visibility & more conversion through local online marketing

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Make locations visible

Meet your customers where they start their search for the perfect nearby provider: on the Internet. This is the avenue most customers use for local business searches. Local results are ranked higher in search engines (e.g., in the Local Pack) and are clicked on frequently. That's where your business sites gain visibility and relevance, helping your brand connect with potential customers.

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Convince with content

Use website content tailored to your target audience to position your business as an expert in your region and inspire both users and the search engine. With the help of relevant and targeted content, you can dominate the top local Google results, providing the information that the prospective customer needs to decide in favour of your business.

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Attract and retain customers

With more visibility and reach, your business will gain – even at the same conversion rate – more customers. A standardised presence across all locations, along with consistent communications and up-to-date information, helps create trust, builds reputation, and ensures the best possible findability and accessibility for your business.

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Scalable for any location

Your business needs a strategy that leads to multiple successes: With targeted local marketing measures, you create synergistic effects and successes that benefit each of your business locations and the company as a whole. This strategy is scalable and can be efficiently rolled out to help businesses of any size achieve their growth objectives.

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Attract local customers with scalable local online marketing

Over 50 per cent of Google searches are local searches. Of these, 75 per cent result in a local visit within the next 24 hours. This means that the opportunities for your business through local marketing are enormous: with the right strategies, your website can reach people in the immediate vicinity who are looking for your products or your services. If the customer feels acknowledged by target group-specific content, the decision in your favour is pre-programmed.

The visibility and customer acquisition campaign process is scalable and can be mapped by digitalagenten at each individual location the way you need it – without having to spend important in-house resources. Find out how we can help you in a no-obligation, free consultation.

Local marketing agency: Customised consulting & support for your business

We provide support the way you need it – know-how transfer, local marketing consulting, support during implementation, or a customised turnkey solution. You decide how much consulting and support you want and which local marketing measures you want to implement yourself using the tools and strategies we provide.

In addition to these services, we also offer workshops, seminars and training courses. In these, we equip your employees with the know-how and practical tools they need to generate local visibility, traffic, and sales on their own.

As a member of the Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft (BVDW) and a certified Google Partner Agency, we help you develop and implement a scalable local online marketing strategy, offering tools and insights to profit from it in the long term across all locations. With our tools and guidance, you can confidently steer your business’s digital marketing strategies. You can start by choosing which service model best suits your business model and available resources:

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Out Tasking

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Local search results dominate: The building blocks of success

Catering to the different local ranking factors creates significant synergies as each channel supports the other.

Optimize business websites for all locations, ensuring top placement in local search results, increased visibility and more enquiries.

Be found for keywords with local relevance.

Increase awareness for your local businesses through local online media.

Impress with an optimized Google Business Profile.

Be present in the Local Snack Pack & on Google Maps.

Advertising delivered to users in your area.

Local Listing for local online marketing: Profile presence in regional and online directories.

Place meaningful profiles in regional directories.

Be discoverable by customers where they search: In local directories, business pages, online directories & Co.


Increase awareness for your local businesses through local online media.

Generate attention, cultivate your image and build your brand through local public relations and press relations.

Top rankings through optimized on-page SEO factors.

Advertising delivered to users in your area.

Rank at the very top of local Google search results for relevant queries related to your keyword.

Local advertising in social media: Location-based targeting in social media.

Use location-linked posts & local social media campaigns.

Reach and convince potential customers on social media – Meta (Facebook, Instagram), YouTube & Co. – organically or via social media ads.

Generate good and relevant reviews and increase visibility.

Professionally manage customer reviews.

Centrally manage reviews, respond manually or automatically via a multi-tenant interface, and increase customer satisfaction.

Avoid penalties for duplicate content by using automatically generated SEO texts from optimized modules.

Unique content for each site through AI.

Automatically generate local SEO texts from optimized building blocks at low cost – and avoid penalties for duplicate content.

Automatically clean data with Google Cleaner

Automatically remove and update outdated business data.

Communicate relevance & seriousness to customers and Google through a coherent appearance and consistent company data.

Visibility index: measurement of local and industry-specific visibility through local keywords.

Visibility Index

Make industry-specific & local visibility measurable.

Generate a meaningful index for the really relevant terms with individual keyword sets.

Holistic local marketing for multiple locations: The best opportunity for scalability

Large businesses with multiple branches face the challenge of designing local marketing for each individual location, a task that can make or break their local presence. Finding the right way to navigate this challenge is crucial.

Each business location should be found in the “near me” search. In practice, this means that each building block of local online marketing must be addressed multiple times and adapted to the corresponding location. In day-to-day business, there is often not enough time or the necessary know-how to be able to use the opportunities of local marketing consistently and successfully. This can make achieving optimal local visibility quite a challenge.

As a local marketing agency, digitalagenten takes over the strategic alignment and implementation of customised measures. We make it our mission to create a scalable process that increases your local visibility through centralised coordination of all your businesses’ marketing needs. We find the most effective way to make local marketing efficient, effective, and adaptable for your business, helping you pave the way to successful local engagement.

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Local online marketing consulting: A system for success

Local online marketing consulting from digitalagenten can be tailored to all businesses and based on expertise, best practice and experience. In order to successfully implement parallel local marketing in multiple business locations, the process follows the “Plan – Build – Run” model:

Plan, build & optimize your project

Plan: Local Online Marketing Strategy

The strategy forms the foundation. Status quo, objectives, resources and needs determine which service models are required and how they can be efficiently implemented and rolled out regardless of location.

Build: Comprehensive Implementation

Once the strategy has been developed, the specialists of digitalagenten start the implementation. The structural groundwork ensures that all relevant steps are taken into account, and at the same time, the procedure is sufficiently flexible to be able to map the specific requirements of each website.

Run: Optimizations & Enhancements

Continuous monitoring, data evaluation and performance measurement identify evidence-based optimization opportunities and implement them immediately. In the long term, local marketing can be expanded with additional building blocks. If new locations open up, digitalagenten will support you in making them visible too through local online marketing.

Local SEO: Holistic optimization for a competitive advantage.

In order to reach your local target audience without incurring search engine advertising costs, it is essential to increase your ranking through local SEO services. The vast majority of searchers opt for the top 3 results, which they reach, in part, through measures like optimization for keywords with local relevance.

  • Long-term free reach once implemented – no media budget required
  • Improve online visibility
  • Strengthen authority and expert positioning
  • Secure a competitive advantage
  • Build content assets that continuously deliver traffic

Through targeted onpage and offpage SEO optimization, content and technical factors (e.g., backlinks) are managed so that Google prominently displays a local website because of high relevance.

Local SEO is a key element of any local marketing strategy, directing customers in your area to your website or location.

Bring your locations into the spotlight through local online marketing

Google Business Profile (formerly: Google My Business) gets the clicks in search results

Impress customers with Google Business Profile in search results.

In a local search, a Google Business Profile – formerly: Google My Business – is highlighted separately in the Local Pack and offers many possibilities for businesses to gain visibility, address new customers, and convince with information, pictures and reviews.

digitalagenten, the agency for local marketing from Berlin, supports you in creating and / or optimizing your business profile or the profiles of your locations by:

  • Regular profile maintenance / updates
  • Monitoring and moderation of reviews and inquiries
  • Creating new articles, posts and service descriptions
  • Adding compelling photos
  • Evaluating reach, engagement & conversion
  • Managing Google Business Profile users

Take advantage of the free, prominent advertising space that a compelling Google Business Profile offers your locations in a local search.

Local listings (online local directories, apps, navis): Match local touchpoints to a target audience

To be findable for your customers, you need to appear where they are looking for your products or services. With digitalagenten’s local marketing services, every local listing entry meets the highest requirements: 

  • Consistency: For users and Google ranking, it is crucial that the business data is consistent.
  • Timeliness of entries: When changes occur, all entries are updated.
  • Relevant directories: General local directories (e.g. Business Profile, Apple Maps, Yelp & Co.) and industry-specific directories.
  • Review management: Through centralised reputation management, ratings can be viewed and moderated on all portals.

By listing your business locations in the directories, your website gains backlink power. The directory entry itself becomes a search result and improves your ranking at the same time. A crucial Local SEO synergy.

With the centralised submission tool, our local marketing agency can efficiently manage local listings on a large scale, even for clients with multiple locations.

Create local online marketing infrastructure around target audience touchpoints

Local online PR: Profitable positioning in the local market

Local online PR is an important building block that enables you to disseminate information, cultivate your image, promote local SEO and create a brand identity through press relations.

Through targeted publication in regional online media, you increase the performance of the locations and the business as a whole:

Local online marketing: Press relations as a pedestrian crossing and contact point for customers
  • Optimize outreach: Deliver content through local PR channels.
  • Attract local attention: Reach your target audience with engaging content tailored to them.
  • Cultivate your image: Effectively communicate for a positive public image in the local area.
  • Increase awareness: Boost recognition value for your business through a local presence in multiple locations.
  • Exploit synergy effects: Improve local SEO through new search results and backlinks that enhance your site’s relevance and associated ranking.
Drive local marketing with cost-effective content

digitalagenten develop a customised local online PR strategy that is adapted to your target audience and industry, individually tailored to your local businesses.

  • Identification of local media, multipliers & online portals
  • Local content 
  • Communication campaigns 
  • Editorial plans for your blog or newsroom
  • Networking and press releases

Measure performance accurately and produce better content: Custom visibility index & content generator

Online Marketing Agency Visibility Index

Local industry-specific visibility index: Keeping an eye on really important rankings

Local keywords with low search volumes make ranking tracking especially difficult. Yet this is essential for product and region-specific data analysis. It enables a competitive comparison of individual topics and products, reveals strong and weak rankings, and allows the prioritisation of particularly relevant keywords.

With the local Google visibility index developed by digitalagenten, we measure what is really interesting and meaningful.

  • Definition of local, industry-specific keyword sets
  • Data retrieval of demand & rankings from up to 100 SERPs
  • Data preparation 
  • Verification of the keyword set and continuous data retrieval
  • Calculation of a unique visibility index with historic display

Automated content generator: Cost-effective unique content for each site

The websites of your locations must each be populated with meaningful, SEO-optimized texts. But the texts must be distinctive (Unique Content) – despite similar topics – in order not to be penalised by Google.

The AI-based content generator from digitalagenten cost-effectively generates numerous texts from individual text modules that meet the highest requirements and drive local SEO.

  • Determine required output
  • Create text modules with variants and synonyms
  • Quality control of text input
  • Automated content generation
  • Quality control of text output
  • Integration of all texts on local site pages

Local advertising: Social media & Google Ads for location-based advertising

Local social media marketing allows businesses to specifically target people or a community in their area. By leveraging the power of community engagement, the social media advertising experts at digitalagenten ensure more visibility, traffic, and customers with relevant, strategic postings on all channels, fostering a sense of belonging among local businesses and their community.

  • Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok and more
  • Organic reach through posts with location linking
  • Social media ads (video) for targeting people in your region

We also run ads in Google Search – Google Ads / Search Engine Advertising – for keywords with a local connection so that searchers in your area get your website displayed at the top of the search results.

A centralised social media marketing campaign strategy – including a content series aligned with your key theme – allows us to create and deliver scalable content and optimized ads for each location.

Our strategies are designed to:

  • Create local attention and help foster a stronger community relationship.
  • Build social-proof through subscriptions, likes & reviews on social media.
  • Provide direct contact options for customers (call, email, messenger, contact form).
  • Minimize wastage due to highly targeted local advertising.
Local social media marketing: Inspire the fan base and motivate them to participate

Review management: Professional handling of criticism creates trust and convinces customers

Improve star ratings with review management.

82 per cent of all customers read reviews, and for many users, these reviews serve as a crucial decision criterion. We help businesses use this factor effectively for their local online marketing, enhancing their standing within the community:

The reputation management tool from digitalagenten establishes an efficient response process where businesses can address reviews either automatically or personally.

  • Use our multi-client moderation tool for responding to Google reviews.
  • Get email notifications of incoming reviews with an option for manual response.
  • Help maintain your reputation with automated responses to Google reviews.

Each individual location of your business can respond to reviews of their location via the Google Business Profile using digitalagenten’s interface tool. This tool is designed to help businesses engage effectively with their local community and create a positive brand image.

In using these services, businesses benefit from a consistent, professional approach to criticism, resulting in increased customer satisfaction. As a consequence, you attract more new and returning customers, strengthening your connection with your community and fostering a positive brand image.

Google Cleaner: Automatically provide consistent, up-to-date and complete information

Large businesses with multiple locations inevitably leave traces on the Internet over time. Incorrect or incomplete data, much like unnoticed dust gathering in the corners, endangers user-friendliness, ranking, and legal security.

The Google Cleaner tool for data hygiene from digitalagenten, similar to a digital broom, collects all available information of a location that can be retrieved from Google, checks its correctness and validity, and cleans outdated or incorrect information. This tool sweeps away data errors like outdated company data in online directories or social media, removing erroneous touchpoints, ensuring an intact customer journey. This way, we ensure that your digital presence is as clean and efficient as you’d like it to be.

The benefits of digital asset management / data hygiene:

  • Coherent public presentation and brand reputation
  • Be found faster 
  • No loss of customers due to incorrect data – e.g. wrong contact details or incorrect opening hours
  • Better rankings due to consistent data
  • Legal protection
  • Satisfaction of customer needs – information is immediately available
Relevant data in Local Listings increases visibility.

Stay ahead of the competition: Local marketing with digitalagenten

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Holistic Approach

digitalagenten has a holistic understanding of local online marketing. Accordingly, our services as a local marketing agency are comprehensive. The individual building blocks / services create synergies that we consciously use.

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Detailed Benchmarking

The amount of data that needs to be monitored and evaluated in local digital marketing grows exponentially with the number of locations. digitalagenten makes success measurable and helps to constantly optimize local marketing. Consistent growth through adaptation.

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Efficiency-Driven Agile Processes

digitalagenten learns continuously in order to implement the latest and best approaches. Efficient processes, smooth communication and adaptability guarantee that you get the most out of local digital marketing in all market situations.

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Customised Business Solutions

digitalagenten creates processes that fit your business. Whether you want done-for-you solutions, training / workshops or targeted support in specific sub-areas, the decision is yours.

Next level local online marketing:

Individual support tailored to your processes and scalable local online marketing for all of your business locations are key elements that bring sustainable visibility, traffic and more customers.

Contact us now by phone or email and benefit from the experience and expertise of one of Berlin’s leading local marketing agencies. During our no-obligation, free initial consultation, we will provide an overview of how the building blocks of local marketing can be used profitably for your business model in a scalable way.

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Questions and Answers: Local Marketing – Consulting & Optimization

By marketing business locations regionally, small, medium and large businesses can selectively target the right audience and attract more customers. With optimization, your online presence is then displayed as prominently as possible in a “near me” search. Successful marketing in the digital space is made up of different building blocks that mutually reinforce effectiveness and can be mapped in a scalable process and used comprehensively for your local businesses.

Through location-based optimization for search engines, you can reach your target groups organically and become visible by having your website appear high in search results. Meanwhile, most people start their search for a suitable business / service provider on Google. Through local SEO, your businesses’ local websites achieve particularly good rankings, especially for search queries with a regional reference – e.g. “Local Marketing Agency Berlin” – and interested parties can contact you immediately. Local SEO complements other measures, such as social media marketing campaigns on platforms like Facebook or YouTube, and advertising in search engines.

Consultancy involves getting an overview of the possible marketing measures from which the right strategy is developed, step by step. The service covers every area that contributes to making your location visible and compelling in the digital space. The local marketing agency’s knowledge and experience enable the business strategy’s implementation. Either the agency takes care of this step or offers training and workshops that enable internal implementation. By continuously analysing developments, progress can be tracked and optimization opportunities clearly identified. Overall, a local SEO agency takes care of the digital presence of your website, allowing you to expand your core business.

A large proportion of people in Germany are active on social media and spend time on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. There, you have the opportunity to reach potential customers through organic reach or social media ads, drawing attention to your offers or business. Posts can be tagged with a location, or campaigns can be delivered to users who are in your area. Concise content (videos, for example) will help you stay memorable, generate interest in your brand, and provide easy ways for users to contact or interact with you. In 2023, social media marketing is one of the most promising advertising opportunities to market your business and generate traffic for your website.

Local Services Ads and Google Ads serve distinct purposes within the online community. Local Services Ads, appearing above Google Ads, connect local businesses with customers seeking specific services their area, and work on a pay-per-lead model – businesses only pay when customers contact them directly, making the visibility virtually free. Google Ads, conversely, operate on a pay-per-click basis, encompass a broader range of businesses, products and services, and charge businesses each time a user clicks their ad, boosting sales potential but irrespective of direct customer contact. Both ad types serve unique roles in promoting local businesses. digitalagenten can help in determining which ad type is ideal for your local businesses.


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