Scaling Google Business profile optimization:
More new customers & local visibility for multiple locations

Attract more customers for each location with Google Business profile optimization, increase local visibility, provide all purchase-critical information at a glance and thus increase sales, leads and conversion. Use Local SEO synergy for best results:

Display your Google Business profile as an additional search result in the Local Pack and on Google Maps, strengthen the ranking of your local landing page and create the basis for further local listings.  

We take your business/each of your branches to the top of the regional search results – using a customised, holistic Google Business profile optimization with scalable processes that can be rolled out for each location.

Local dominance in search results & more revenue through Google Business profile optimization

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Attract new customers

Reach your regional audience through your Google Business Profile and turn prospects into customers. Build trust through professional visibility and increase sales significantly and sustainably. Open up another digital touchpoint.

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Build trust

Make it easy for your target group to choose your business. Consistent, up-to-date information (e.g. address, telephone, opening hours) and professionally moderated reviews greatly influence buying behaviour and ranking.

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Scale to many locations

Optimize the Google Business profile of each of your locations so that they each generate local visibility and customers nearby. Dominate regional searches across the board and synergistically boost the business profile and landing page rankings.

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Increase visibility

Rank ahead of the competition and dominate regional searches. Get featured in the Google Local Pack before the first click, be present on Google Maps and use your Google Business profile to attract visitors to your landing page or leads.

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Free consultation with guaranteed added value: opportunities using your Google Business Profile

You can generate significantly more impressions, visitors, leads and sales by optimizing your Google Business Profile, depending on the industry, demand and location. Even in the case of non-specific searches that do not look exactly relevant for your business name, you will become visible and significantly increase the chance that your target group will choose you.

In a free and non-binding initial consultation, we will analyse your potential, determine potential measures to help you reach your goals and outline a best-practice roadmap to more visibility and customers using scalable Google Business profile optimization.

Made-to-measure Google Business profile optimization: scalable solutions that fit your business

Tap into the huge potential of a Google Business profile. With our transparent, flexible and customised service options, we can help you get exactly what you need for success: consulting, outsourcing individual activities and a done-for-you complete solution. You decide what you need and only pay for what help gets you to the top of the regional search results.

As a certified Google Partner Agency, we help you to develop and implement a scalable Google Business profile strategy and to profit from it in the long term across all locations.


Out Tasking


Essential to your Local SEO success: building blocks for your Google Business profile strategy

Optimize business websites for all locations, ensuring top placement in local search results, increased visibility and more enquiries.

Maximise visibility for regional search queries.

Become visible & impressive even before the first click in Local Pack.


Rank better, attract customers and build trust.

Centrally collect, manage and respond to reviews in a scalable way. 


Evidence-based top rankings through holistic monitoring. 

Capture data streams, evaluate & use optimization potential.

Keep data up to date in the Google Business Profile.

Data Management

Create trust and convince customers & search engines. 

Complete, up-to-date and consistent information in one click.

Google Business Profile Optimization for multiple locations:

Meet demand across all your locations by having your Google Business account optimized. Appear in search results with your business profile whenever a user searches for your service or product in the area of your branch:

Businesses with many constantly growing locations face the challenge of creating, managing, updating, and optimizing multiple Google Business accounts.

However, to optimally use a Google Business account for visibility and customer acquisition, time, resources, and know-how are often lacking.

Whether your business has 10 or 1000 locations, you will receive scalable processes that can be replicated in a customised way for each location. Smart tools enable you to cost-effectively and sustainably exploit the full potential of each site.

Google Business profile with multiple locations and profiles.

Scalable Google Business profile optimization in 3 phases

Plan, build & optimize your project

PLAN: Analysis & Strategy

You will receive a detailed strategy that, based on the current status of your company profiles, is suitable for achieving your objectives cost-efficiently. We’ll add benchmarking requirements specifications for replicable processes that are tailored to your locations and industry.

BUILD: Comprehensive implementation

Putting the strategy into practice: Create a database for each location and upgrade the Google Business profile. Establish professional application management and, if necessary, roll out other Local SEO measures simultaneously. Add vital data to each profile to maximize effectiveness.

RUN: Monitoring & Optimization

Create a data pool, learn from the competition and identify opportunities for optimization. Internal and external performance measurement for maximum meaningful metrics. Update and add to Google Business profiles as changes occur.

Strengthen Local SEO using a Google Business Profile:

For maximum results in terms of local visibility and customer acquisition, we support your business or each location in the three main cornerstones of Local SEO: 

You will be accompanied in the optimization of the basic cornerstone “Google Business profile”, or, if desired, we will enable a holistic Local SEO implementation with scalable solutions that can be rolled out for all locations in an efficient process and make the most of synergies:

Google Business profile:

A Google Business profile brings you an additional search result via the Local Pack and Google Maps, prominently displayed when your target group searches for you and is already interested in your services. At the same time, it generates traffic for your landing pages and increases your ranking by acting as a citation. With an optimized Google Business profile, you impress your customers with consistent, complete and up-to-date information, enticing photos, and trust-building reviews, which also positively affect the ranking of the business profile and the landing page. In just one click, users can decide to contact you immediately.

Impress customers with Google Business Profile in search results.
Create local online marketing infrastructure around target audience touchpoints

Local Listings:

Reach more potential customers for your business via directories, business listings, map services, and voice assistants that already have top rankings in search results anyway. An entry in directories brings your landing page backlinks and citations (mentions without linking), increasing the relevance and, thus, the ranking.

digitalagenten creates semi-automated directory listings on industry-specific websites for each of your sites and keeps the data up-to-date across all directory listings in one click.

Local Landing Page:

Rank your landing page high in regional search results to generate leads and sales. To ensure that your central digital touchpoint with the highest information density achieves the necessary visibility and conversion, we ensure, among other things:

  • On-Page SEO optimization.
  • Off-Page SEO optimization.
  • Content tailored to search intent takes local keywords into account and is optimized in terms of sales psychology.
  • Modern design with the best usability.
Google Business profiles boost rankings in regional search results.

Create, update and expand Google Business profiles in one click:

To maximise customer acquisition and the best rankings for your Google business profile in the Local Pack, you need to be:

  • Complete
  • Up-to-date
  • Consistent

Information is essential. It provides your target group with all the data they need to buy your offer at a glance. Your conversion rate increases, and more users visit your landing page. At the same time, complete company profiles are displayed more frequently and higher up, which leads to significantly increased visibility.

Information on the Google Business profile is always up to date.
Google Business profile database for each location.

Database for each location

To ensure that you always provide consistent information and can change it with one click, you will receive a database for each location that includes all information that can be entered into the Google Business profile. This includes:

  • NAP data (Name, address, telephone number)
  • Photos
  • Opening hours
  • Description
  • Price range
  • Offers

Download our table free of charge. It lists all the input fields for the business profile and tells you whether this field can be edited manually or via the interface.

The advantage of this, especially when managing multiple profiles, is that you can make changes in the database and feed them into the company profile via the interface in one click.

To ensure consistent information is always provided, the database is also linked to the Local Listing Tool so that all other directory entries can be adjusted simultaneously. If the algorithm finds the same information in each listing as it does on the Google Business profile and your website, this increases your ranking enormously.

Regular updates, opening hours on public holidays, new photos, posts, and offers increase visibility and are additional trust factors for customers and search engines.

SEO-optimized descriptions from the content generator

Save time, resources and money for multiple locations by having your Local SEO-optimized description for the business profile created semi-automatically by our content generator.

  • Unique and consistent content for each location.
  • Enriched with keywords (e.g. industry + location). 
  • Scalable for thousands of locations in the shortest possible time.
  • Quality assurance for the best content.

In a showcase, we demonstrated that this approach can be applied to a high four-digit number of branches in the DACH region without any problems and with consistently high quality.

Content generator optimizes Google Business profiles for each location.

Review management: build trust and reputation to increase conversion rates

Harness the power of reviews for your business. Good Google reviews attract new customers and are among the most important factors in buying decisions. 80 per cent of users read reviews before making a decision. With professional review management, you can create the necessary trust, strengthen your external perception and build a good reputation locally (or even nationally). 


If your locations are reviewed frequently and well, you will rank better in the Local Pack, and the ranking of your website will also increase.

Reviews in the Google Business profile increase trust and visibility.
Responding to reviews helps increase visibility.

Centrally capture and respond to reviews

You will be equipped with a multi-client review management tool – because many sites generate many Google reviews.

  • Track reviews across sites.
  • Get notified.
  • Establish a response process.

Responding to your reviews quickly and professionally signals to clients that you care, seek interaction and are constantly evolving. These are all the things you want from a trust-inspiring business. This can even put rather negative reviews into perspective or even completely invalidate them.

To save time, you can write the responses manually or compile them from ready-made text modules.

All reviews at a glance: If your business is listed in other directories and rating portals, the tool can also be connected to these via the interface.

Always be one step ahead of the competition: data collection & evaluation

Gain a competitive advantage via holistic monitoring and performance measurement:

  • Measure your own performance.
  • Learn from the competition.
  • Use effective optimization measures.

Precisely broken down measurement streams enable you to draw the right conclusions from the data. Top-notch visibility measurement from “inside” and “outside”:

Google Business profile dashboard

Find out at a glance how well your business profile has performed over a definable time. How many interactions and impressions were there? Under which keywords was your profile displayed? How often were directions displayed, and how often were calls made via the button? How many users were forwarded to your landing page or booked directly?

Google profile dashboard
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Local visibility index - measure where people really search

Generate truly meaningful data about the visibility of your locations and compare yourself with the competition.

Measure how visible you are when a relevant search query comes from near your location with a visibility index configured individually for you (based on a unique keyword set and your location). 

A “share of voice” measurement determines the regions around your location where your Google Business profile already ranks among the top 3 (i.e. in the Local Pack). This map visualises location-specific rankings in organic searches and the Local Pack. 

From this data, it is possible to identify trends reliably, and you can intervene with evidence-based optimization measures if necessary. We optimize your Google Business profile so that you can outperform the benchmark.

Decorate your digital shop window & pick up customers from the search result:

Google Business profile optimization with digitalagenten

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Scaling solutions

Specialised in developing scalable solutions – to optimize your profiles across the board so that the target group nearby will choose your branch. Supported by the use of professional tools.

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Holistic approach

Focused on Google Business profile optimization – but always with an eye on areas where synergies can be created and results optimized. We work across departments to achieve the best possible results for you.

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Agile working

We establish agile processes that improve internal and external collaboration for maximum efficiency. We deliver the highest quality through continuous feedback loops and an approach that fits your needs, from strategy to implementation to optimization.

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Best practice

Our approach is what really works in practice. The optimization of your Google Business profiles is based on experience gained from thousands of profiles and hundreds of successfully managed multi-location projects across all industries.

Arrange a free consultation without obligation

If you would like to use your location’s Google Business profiles as additional sources of visibility, leads and customer acquisition in the future, you’ve come to the right place. We have expertise from numerous multi-location projects and offer scalable solutions tailored to your business that are always transparent.

Arrange your free, non-binding consultation now, and you are guaranteed to gain valuable insights. After an individual analysis, we will outline a strategy of measures graded according to effectiveness and efficiency for you to gain more visibility and customers in the future with Google Business profile optimization and promote the other basic cornerstones of Local SEO.

Exclusive datasheet: What data can you manage and how?

This table explains how you can edit the information in your Google Business profile. There are currently three ways to make changes, claims, etc.:

  • Google Business profile backend/web interface. 
  • Google Business profile API (Connection for tools that edit GBP consistently).
  • Google Business profile data feed.

The data feed is particularly useful when there are many different profiles. Using this, the administrator can upload an Excel file with corresponding information in one click and make various changes.

We will find the best way to manage your Google Business profile for you and then develop a streamlined, smart process to ensure you always choose the right method. 

Exclusive table data management

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Managing multiple locations on Google My Business comes with several challenges. The more locations your business has, the faster you can lose track of them.

Digitalagenten has years of experience and offers you efficient solutions for managing Google My Business profiles for businesses with multiple locations

The Google Business Profile is an online collection of all relevant information about regional businesses and service providers. With a Google Business profile, your business and its branches can be found by potential customers in regional Google searches or on Google Maps.

How your business is displayed on Google depends on how you maintain your Google Business profile. An optimized Google Business profile ensures that all relevant information about your business is displayed on Google Maps and in regional Google searches.


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