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Advertise in places where customers are searching for you: You can reach the right target group anywhere in the world using Google Ads (Google AdWords). As a Google-certified agency based in Berlin, digitalagenten is able to create tailor-made structured ad marketing campaigns to cater for any marketing budget. Whether you are looking for enhanced sales figures, queries, reach or brand awareness, Google AdWords has the right campaign on offer to cater for any business target. We would be delighted to arrange a face-to-face consultation to show you how your company can benefit from this. Reach out now!

Your success is what drives us: Enhance your Google Ads (Google AdWords) performance

Sustainable conversion increases

Growing customer base thanks to continuous optimization

Positive development of ROI & CRR

Quick wins: Increase in ROI and expansion of untapped potential

Targeted campaigns

Personalised ads for all relevant keywords

Complete cost control

Variable pricing models and efficient optimization of your media budget

Transparent performance measurement

Immediate performance measurement and improvement

Targeting your personas

Hit the spot with the right story

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Personalised SEA campaigns to cater for any budget: Increase your visibility and sales figures now, starting from just EUR 1,000 per month. All of our SEA services are implemented using efficient agile working procedures and methods. Integrated coordination processes ensure know-how transfer and transparency in all of the process steps. Get in touch and find out more about our agency’s SEA references! We would be delighted to show you how SEA can help enhance the success of your company in a sustainable way.

Using all of our marketing tools to deliver SEA success


Maximum efficiency thanks to our Google-certified PPC experts, in-depth SEA knowledge and more than 10 years’ experience.


Simple communication provided by single point of contact for your SEA campaign.

First class service

Rapid implementation with quality in mind and continuous optimization.

More customers thanks to tailor-made SEA campaigns

Keyword analysis: identify the focus keywords from a blind diversity.

Know what customers are searching for in Google.

Identify target group-related search terms and, in doing so, establish the conditions for the visibility of Google AdWords campaigns in search engines.

SEA Consulting by certified PPC experts: Holistic campaign optimization with best practices.


Advice down to the finest detail.

Holistic optimization of your campaigns by certified PPC experts following best practices.

Maximize your Google AdWords potential with our SEA ads agency's continuous optimization.


Realize your full marketing potential.

Long-term Google AdWords campaign success achieved thanks to continuous optimization and expansion of untapped marketing potential.



Maintain an overview.

Overview of all marketing measures available at any time, thanks to integrated and holistic dashboard solutions.

Efficient AdWords campaign tracking: Achieving the pinnacle of SEA project efficiency.


Measure the success of AdWords campaigns.

Supervision and optimization of all SEA projects by way of continuous testing, enabling maximum efficiency.

Display Ads by SEA ads agency: Addressing customers right from the journey's start.

Display Ads

High reach in the right environment straight away.

Enhanced brand awareness: optimized Google ads address customers right from the start of the customer journey.


Landing page

Impress at first glance.

See the bigger picture: add external links to relevant websites and, in doing so, enhance the credibility of your own websites.



Be kept in mind.

Appeal to the specific interests of target groups and advertise to them in a more specific way thanks to efficient remarketing measures.


Text Ads

Content that impresses users and Google.

Rank higher, outperform competitors and convert more visitors into customers with search engine-optimized text.

Google Shopping with SEA ads agency: Targeted appeal using optimized shopping ads.

Google Shopping

Make use of full marketing performance.

Appeal to potential customers in a targeted way thanks to optimized Shopping Ads.

Mobile Ads expertise: Reach audiences universally, including on apps and social platforms.

Mobile Ads

Address target groups in a way that is keeping with the times.

Use mobile tech to reach your target group across all media, including in apps, during shopping, on social media such as Instagram, TikTok or Facebook, and while surfing using a mobile browser.

Engage audiences: Video ads as a potent tool in your SEA strategy.

Video Ads

Maximise engagement.

Use videos in a targeted way as an effective form of advertising, forming part of a SEA strategy across all channels.

Strategic media planning by SEA ads agency: Optimal AdWords campaign oversight and efficiency.

Media plan

Planned efficiency to cater for your marketing budget.

Maximum AdWords campaign success achieved through strategic planning of all channels and measures in the media plan, providing an optimum overview.

Marketing Mix: Tailored measures that convince the target group and include a variety of advertising forms.


Holistic marketing mix

The perfect mix for your targets

As a professional partner, we come up with tailor-made measures that will impress your target group. We consider SEA to be part of the customer journey and, with the right marketing measures in place, can pick up customers wherever they are starting their journey. SEA optimization measures are performed on all available forms of advertising, including text ads, displays, mobile ads, Google Shopping or in videos. Come and book a free consultation now!

Utilise advertising potential in a targeted way

Search engine advertising down to the finest detail

Search engine advertising: perfect synergies with other channels

SEA (search engine advertising), SEO (search engine optimization) and social media engagement complement each other perfectly – provided there is a strategy to match. We would be delighted to explain to you in a face-to-face consultation how you can achieve an impressive level of digital performance in online marketing.

Search advertising: Convincing digital performance thanks to perfect synergies.
Plan, build & optimize your project

On your marks, get set, go – the 3-phase model

Our agency here in Berlin uses a 3-phase model to facilitate successful SEA campaigns that have structure and efficient marketing management for our customers.

The analysis and concept of a particular marketing measure are drawn up during the PLANNING model segment. It is here that the competition, structure, demand, personas and user behaviour are described in terms of quantity and quality and the media plan is defined.

During the IMPLEMENTATION phase, our team develops structures, the individual campaigns using ad groups and ads, supervise the ad activation and compile the results in a report.

The OPTIMIZATION is applied continuously for each individual process step. This relates to all key areas, such as a self-optimizing keyword set and bid management as well as a continuously increasing click-through rate (CTR) for the ads and improved conversion of the landing pages.

It’s the results that matter: optimization along the marketing sales funnel.

It is only by using your SEA budget efficiently within the sales funnel that you will ensure high sales figures when selling service products or in e-commerce. This is why we enable optimization along all steps of the sales funnel.

We enhance the visibility of your ads via optimum keyword selection and increase the number of website visitors via an improved CTR thanks to performance-oriented text in the ads. We improve your landing page to obtain more leads and ensure an improved conversion rate.

As a result, our service will help you to generate more customer enquiries, more initial discussions with potential customers and, ultimately, more signed contracts.

Get in touch with the Google Ads experts in our agency in Berlin and book a free consultation.

Marketing Sales Funnel Optimization along all stages of the sales funnels.


Here you will find the answers to frequently asked questions by our customers on the subject of the subject of search engine marketing (SEA)

With SEA, you can pick up the searching interest of your target group and become visible there. Costs are only incurred if the ad is clicked on. This optimized appeal will ensure a continuous increase in the quality of traffic. Finally, conversion tracking assesses your success. Smart linking with the right SEO project will generate high synergies and increase the sustainability of your SEA campaign.

Whether using Google Shopping via the Display Network or ads displayed in search results, there are many different ways to advertise using Google AdWords. This allows you to reach potential customers who are already searching for your service or business in Google Search, Google Maps or other Google Services, or who see your ad on the Google Display Network.

Google Ads (AdWords) is probably the best-known provider for SEA (Search Engine Advertising). You can use this tool to create and promote campaigns and ad groups.

The smart technology in use ensures that the ad is displayed to potential customers at the right time, thus minimising scattering loss. Hardly any other channel allows you to appeal to your target group as directly or precisely.

There are many different questions to ponder when setting up campaigns or ad groups on Google AdWords, including the following: Does the keyword set provide sufficient cover for demand? Are unwanted clicks avoided by excluding keywords in order to eliminate as much scattering loss as possible? Were keyword options considered? Is conversion tracking enabled? Our experienced SEA consultants have everything at hand and will be happy to advise you.

To address the target group appropriately, Google offers five different formats for placing advertising on Google Ads (AdWords): search campaigns, display campaigns, video campaigns, shopping campaigns and app campaigns. Which advertising format is suitable for a company depends on the individual marketing goals. The Google Ads (AdWords) experts at our agency will be happy to advise you in detail and help you set up your Google Ads (AdWords) account.

Google Ads (AdWords) campaigns can be designed to suit any budget; you only incur a cost when people click the digital ad and visit your website or visit your business. The cost of a click depends on several factors. The amount of your budget for your Google Ads (AdWords) campaign is stored in your Google Ads account and can be flexibly adjusted. You have full control over your costs at all times. As a certified Google partner agency, we are happy to support you in the management and optimization of your Google Ads (AdWords) campaign.

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