SEO Content Creation:
More visibility, leads & sales with customized SEO texts

Around 90 percent of marketing managers use SEO content creation – because it demonstrably contributes to company success. A provider who is visible, delivers added value, appears as an expert and offers customized solutions for a target audience gets the customers. Ultimately, digitalagenten turns you and your sites into a customer magnet:

With strategic content creation, you improve visibility and traffic without ongoing costs, increase conversion rates and win more customers, promote the building of your brand, and position yourself as an expert.

The synergistic effects of individual content success modules and scalability create content assets for successful inbound marketing. SEO content with demand-oriented information architecture and individual customer journeys inspire search engines and interested parties alike, delivering lasting competitive advantages.

Attract your target audience through SEO content creation and achieve business goals faster

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You want to be visible where your potential customers are looking for you. SEO content optimized for your relevant keywords help in achieving top-notch rankings, creating visibility and driving more visitors to your site. Content that is tailored to user intent beats the benchmark and ranks in the top search results, consistently generating organic (unpaid) reach.

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Customer acquisition

Attract more visitors to your site with strategic content for more sales, even at the same conversion rate. In addition, strategic content creation during the customer journey provides a prospective lead with the information they need at the right time and place to help them make a decision about your offer. Content that is adapted to the search intention – informative or transactional – increases your conversion rate.

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Brand building

A strong brand facilitates customer acquisition, retains existing customers, and creates an identity with which your ideal customer can identify. Communication adapted to your target audience will create trust, boost recognition value, and set you apart from your competitors. The result: Consistent external impact through SEO content creation based on corporate language.

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Demonstrate expertise and escape comparability through valuable content. Use SEO content creation to communicate your strengths, qualifications, and the benefits of your services or products. Clear communication and positioning create benefits for all marketing, minimize wastage and convince your prospective customer. Communicate your USPs effectively.

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Create compelling content assets with your SEO copywriting agency

Through SEO content creation, digitalagenten develops content assets that sustainably bring your company more traffic, more visitors, and more conversions. High-quality texts are a company asset. Content creation can only produce texts that rank and achieve the desired results if the building blocks for success work together synergistically:

digitalagenten creates texts that are strategically adapted to the intended audience, optimized for a focus keyword and other relevant keywords, and aligned to the customer journey with a focus on users and SEO.

Benefit from constant, free traffic through holistic content creation – from content strategy to on- and off-page SEO to performance measurement. Multiple content assets merge to make your unique content portfolio: Customers are engaged at every point of the sales process with different search queries and guided through to conversion.

In your free consultation, you will receive valuable tips for effective SEO content creation. Additionally, you’ll learn how to use these strategies to boost your visibility & customer acquisition campaigns, benefiting from customized content assets in the long term. Don’t hesitate – book your free consultation now!

SEO content agency: Grow your business with customized advice & support

You choose how you’ll be accompanied in your SEO content creation process – consulting, content support during implementation, or turnkey content solutions made to measure. Alongside this, we also provide practical tips to guide you in your content journey. You decide how much consulting and support you need and which content measures you would like to implement yourself. Whether you want a single SEO content piece, a content series, or thousands of optimized texts (cost-effective with AI-supported content creation): digitalagenten keeps up with your pace, on your terms.

To this end, we offer workshops, seminars, and training courses – we can guide your team so they can learn more about topics such as target audience definition, writing SEO content, or content strategy. We provide your team with the knowledge and tools you need to independently generate content assets and thus visibility, traffic and sales.

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Content Consulting

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Content Support

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Content Outsourcing

From concept to completion: Getting to the point of visibility with content building blocks

Data-driven planning for benchmark-level outcomes. Optimized for the best possible cost-benefit ratio.

Content Strategy

Effective processes that generate maximum reach.

Data-driven planning for benchmark-level outcomes. Optimized for the best possible cost-benefit ratio.



Know what the customer is looking for and identify high-demand topics & keywords.

Data & demand-driven research & analysis: know your ideal customer’s problems, desires, user intent & keywords.

Optimierung von Inhalten durch die SEO Text Agentur für bessere Rankings.

Optimize existing copy to SEO specifications and exploit visibility potential.

Comprehensive on-page and off-page SEO measures lay the foundation for outstanding rankings and free reach.

Publikation von SEO-Texten durch die SEO Text Agentur auf der Website.


Present website content in a reader-friendly and visually appealing way.

Publish SEO articles via a content management system (CMS) and coordinate with other posts/channels.

Performance measurement and analysis by SEO content creation after publishing.

Performance Monitoring

Monitor the performance of the content and optimize it in a results-oriented manner.

Objectively measure rankings and visibility. Identify optimization potential through analytics and use it in a targeted manner.

Sales optimization through compelling content from SEO content creation.

Sales Optimization

Content that encourages action, brings inquiries & closes sales.

Optimize content along the individual customer journey with convincing calls-to-action and a clear focus on conversion.


Content Audit

Analyze existing content for the content strategy database.

Check existing content for objectives, content, and relevance, and align it with the corporate strategy.

Creating Rich Snippets with the SEO content creation agency for enhanced search results.

Rich Snippets

Rank better and attract users in the SERPs.

Highlighted Rich Results help you reach users with relevant information even before they click on a website.


Content Briefing

Consistent SEO content through a holistic copywriting guide for writers.

Comprehensive templates/briefings (including content, SEO factors, structure, language) for successful content creation by your copywriters.

Smart investment: Buy user-focused SEO texts & secure maximum ROI

In-house copywriting or buying generic SEO texts almost never works in practice. It’s often frustrating and can give the impression that SEO content creation is ineffective. There is a simple reason for this misconception:

Mediocre SEO texts are cheap, but lead to mediocre results. Anyone is capable of writing readable copy on a random topic. The difference between content that drowns in the noise of the internet and content created by digitalagenten that ranks in the top search results is:

digitalagenten masters the balancing act between user focus and SEO benchmarks at every step. We take a holistic approach in our content creation process, taking into account all factors that ultimately ensure you achieve top-tier rankings. Your content is:

  • adapted to user intent.
  • unique content with added value for the reader.
  • targeted for maximum conversion.
  • optimized for all SEO aspects such as keywords, word count, images, structure, headlines.
  • positioned in such a way that it’s found and read by the users you’re looking for.
  • written according to corporate language with recognition value.
  • packaged in a content format that fits your customer journey.

In short: 

We don’t just write just any text, but instead create content that becomes the all-level benchmark of the targeted search terms, ensuring that you’re in the top spot on the SERPs.

Climb to the top of the search results through content creation

Achieve measurable success using efficient processes through content creation

All of digitalagenten’s online marketing services are tailored to your company and are based on experience, expertise, and best practice. The prerequisites for profitable SEO content creation are:

  • Respond precisely to demand through focused keyword analysis, which helps set the foundation for your content strategy.
  • Provide the right content in the right place with a demand-oriented information architecture in order to  holistically convince your customers.

The process that underpins your content campaign is aligned with your business objectives, marketing, resources and workflows:

Plan, build & optimize your project


Before the first word is written, we develop a data-driven and target audience-optimized content strategy. The starting point for this is the findings of the content audit, analysis (using Google Analytics & other tools), and research.

The foundation for the operational implementation and conceptual guiding idea is created: The target audience has been mapped out, promising topics and keywords identified, an editorial plan developed, and cost-efficient processes created.


Based on the developed strategy and planning, content creation begins. Professional SEO content writers create content that sets new standards on all levels – content, structure, SEO and customer journey. This helps your brand to stand out and engage your target audience effectively.

For cost-benefit-optimized content creation on a large scale for several company locations at a benchmark level, digitalagenten relies on AI-supported content creation.

After extensive quality assurance, the articles are uploaded and linked internally and externally within existing content. The content is tailored to the respective channel (website, social media: Facebook, Twitter & Co.) on which it’s published. For maximum reach, topics are played out and linked cross-medially: e.g. Facebook posts with matching landing pages.


As soon as your new content is online, we keep an eye on its performance and carry out comprehensive performance monitoring using top-notch industry tools. The data obtained can help in identifying optimization measures for existing and future content that will ensure even more visibility, traffic, and sales. SEO content that is continuously maintained, expanded, and updated ranks better, allowing you to exploit the full potential of your content assets and stay at the top of the SERPs in the long term.

The success factors that make your texts distinctive and your company visible

At digitalagenten, you can buy SEO content that fits your company, your products or services, and your sales processes. Always in the right format, on the right platform, and with content tailored to your target audience: if you’re looking for personalized solutions, we’re here to write the content you’re looking for, including:

  • Homepage (including One-Pagers) 
  • Product Pages (Commerce)
  • How-To Guides
  • Blog Posts
  • (Local) Landing Pages
  • Sales Letters (email & co.)
  • Newsletters
  • Articles for print media
  • PR articles
  • Advertorials
  • Social Media Posts (including image and video formats to share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

Content-based SEO optimization lays the foundation for marketing with clear goals: more visibility, traffic, leads and sales.

The user as the focus of your SEO content creation
Create the perfect content recipe

Our recipe for your top rankings:

The building blocks for success that go into every article you order from our SEO content agency are:

Relevant keywords:

Each piece of SEO content is optimized for the focus keyword so that it can rank best for this search query. Through comprehensive keyword research, we determine thematically interesting and regionally related keywords, and their search volume, then decide, based on data, which keyword brings the greatest added value to your company. Related keywords are also included in the content alongside the focus keyword and create even more visibility.

  • Keywords that address a topic in demand by the desired market
  • Keywords with the highest possible search volume
  • Keywords that match your company/services/products

The keywords are implemented organically in appropriate places, such as in headlines. We don’t impair the natural flow of reading or engage in keyword stuffing that is not only detrimental to rankings, but also makes texts hard to read.

Target audience:

You don’t know the problems, knowledge level, and language of your target audience? We know how to help. When defining your desired market on the web, numerous factors come into play that ultimately define a fictitious ideal customer. We create your content for this profile.

  • Customer-specific characteristics:
    • Price segment
    • Industry
    • Multiple or individual businesses
  • Personal characteristics:
    • Age, gender, place of residence, social status
    • Interests
    • Purchasing power
  • B2B SEO content:
    • Location
    • Industry
    • Company size
  • Psychological characteristics:
    • Attitude/mindset
    • Purchasing habits
    • Urgent problems

Your target audience is an integral part of your content marketing and SEO strategy. digitalagenten creates articles that reach, appeal to, and convince your ideal customer while they read your content.

Convincing content & structure:

  • Arouse interest and attract attention
  • Make it easy for the reader to absorb and understand
  • Exude expertise and gain trust
  • Convince through added value
  • Outline and offer the solution to the problem

Maximum relevance and precise focus on user intent – “context is king”. When selecting topics, we put ourselves in the position of a user and thus determine what your visitors expect from your content.

  • What problem do they need help with?
  • What information are they looking for?
  • What does an offer have to provide in order to be accepted?

The answers to these questions will help to build a content structure that gives your content a stringent framework. In the creation of digital content, high-quality information is conveyed at the appropriate place with comprehensible words. The search intention of the keyword is covered as exhaustively as possible without becoming verbose.

Beat the competition:

Those currently ranking in the top search results for your keyword show what matters.

  • What user intent is covered?
  • How long is the article?
  • What topics are covered?
  • Is the content informative, navigational, or transactional?

By evaluating this information, you will have a digital benchmark to beat with your new SEO text. digitalagenten trusts what works and also optimizes content to outperform your competition in the SERPs.

Word count:

The optimal SEO length is individual for each piece of content. In order to use your resources efficiently, provide the reader with all relevant information and increase the ranking, digitalagenten works according to the principle:

As clear as possible. As extensive as necessary. Thus:

  • The texts have a high information density.
  • The user finds what they are looking for.
  • The search engine recognizes that your SEO content provides valuable information.

Depending on the context, an SEO article can be a few hundred or even several thousand words long. A post for Facebook or Twitter is shorter than a complex how-to guide or a blog post. The context determines the ideal amount of words. As an estimate, we use the average word count of the top 10 search results for your keyword.

Varied content elements

No matter how good the content is, it must still resonate with the reader. Content from our SEO copywriting agency is diverse, reader-friendly, and uses different content elements as well as media. This includes:

  • Paragraphs/subheadings
  • Content-appropriate images/diagrams
  • Text boxes 
  • Calls-to-action with direct action options
  • Integrated videos/podcasts
  • Listings & step-by-step instructions

This way, the article is more clearly arranged and much more pleasant to read. With content from digitalagenten, you make it as easy as possible for your users to find important information, understand your content, and be convinced of your service or product.

Success through online marketing

Maximise organic visibility: Technical SEO parameters adapted to user intent & ranking factors

To achieve optimal performance with your SEO text, digitalagenten also turns the important adjusting screws beyond pure content. Holistic content creation also includes technical factors such as:
SEO content holistically optimized for your keyword


The title tag and meta description of your website are displayed on the SERPs. By writing meaningful, keyword-optimized headlines and descriptions that arouse curiosity, your website will stand out and secure the click or visitor in the sea of search results.

HTML headlines:

In order to underline the clear structure of your SEO content visually and technically so that the search engine / Google recognizes it, we define the headings in HTML (H1 to H6 headings). A perfect SEO heading picks up on the user’s search intention and cleverly implements important keywords – without engaging in harmful keyword stuffing. Done right, HTML headlines improve readability, user-friendliness, and ranking.

Images SEO:

Successful SEO content usually includes suitable, meaningful images that clarify the content. To ensure that your images contribute to a better ranking of your website and generate additional organic visibility in the image search engine, digitalagenten optimizes:

  • File name (image URL) 
  • Alt attribute
  • Resolution & size
  • Title attribute 

If required, we can create unique images (graphics, charts, product images, etc.) that set your content apart from that of your competitors. This is appreciated by users and search engines alike.

Internal links:

Meaningful internal links connect the individual pages of your website with each other and create a stringent content network. Topically appropriate links offer the reader added value and generate additional traffic for the linked sub-page. Through internal linking, we show the search engine that you treat the searched topic holistically. For maximum visibility, we pay attention to:

  • Topic-relevant links 
  • Anchor texts with focus KW of the linked article
  • Avoiding “nofollow” links
  • Links along the customer journey 

As part of content creation, potential connecting links are created in the SEO article so that all content marketing measures and SEO work hand in hand to ensure top-tier rankings and user experience. For example, by suggesting registering for the newsletter via a CTA in an SEO blog article.

Structured data:

So that the search engine understands and displays your content in the most efficient way, we help with structured data/markups. The goal is rich results that rank better on Google and already bring information to the user in the search. A topic that – often forgotten or done incorrectly – can have an enormous influence on visibility and customer acquisition.

From social posts to blog articles: Reach your goals with a customised content mix

In addition to copy, digitalagenten also creates suitable image, video, or audio material. The combination of different media can make it easier for the reader to understand complex issues or offers and supports the ranking of your website.

Strategic content creation is based on your individual objectives and follows a central guiding idea that is adapted to the brand, intended audience, and competition. Tailored content series are created to effectively communicate your content, messages and offers. When creating content, digitalagenten always keep the four core questions in mind:

  • Which platform should be used? (for example: Social Media: Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Instagram, website, press)
  • Which format is suitable? (for example: blog post, how-to guide, landing page, product presentation)
  • What mechanics best convey the content?
  • Is a protagonist created that can help identify your target audience – especially when storytelling

Whether you need website content, blogs, whitepapers, emails, listicles, social media posts, stories, images, infographics or videos: digitalagenten creates your individual content mix – along the customer journey and geared towards maximum conversion.

Content with the right keywords

Scaling content creation through AI: Significant cost reduction with high quality at a corporate language level

Scaling content creation for more visibility

If new texts are required in large quantities with the same content and different wording – for example, for location websites – the semi-automated content generator can be used. In this case, you are sure to benefit from AI-assisted content creation because:

  • the creation of SEO texts costs significantly less.
  • there is no duplicate content that is harmful to rankings. The texts are unique.
  • texts are optimized for several keywords at the same time (e.g. local keywords).
  • thousands of texts can be generated in a short time.
  • predefined content modules at the corporate language level are used.
  • each version passes through quality assurance several times.
  • perfect content and language are guaranteed.

AI content creation makes your content marketing scalable and can be played out globally and adapted locally. Multiple high-quality texts at an unbeatable price:

  • Determine required output
  • Write content modules in variants and synonyms
  • Quality control of the input 
  • Automated content creation
  • Quality control of the output
  • Uploading the SEO texts on the respective websites

On-page meets off-page SEO – together, they deliver the best rankings

For the best possible ranking on the web, SEO content must be both on-page optimized and off-page optimized.

As an interdisciplinary SEO and content marketing agency, digitalagenten creates on-page optimized content and lays the foundation to build up outstanding rankings through off-page measures. Everything from a single source and perfectly coordinated – this includes:

On-page SEO:

  • Content creation
    • Content relevance 
    • Keyword density
    • Up-to-date content
    • Images, videos & Co.
  • Information architecture/technical aspects:
    • Indexability of the site
    • Mobile-first optimization
    • Loading times 
    • Security (HTTPS)
  • HTML
    • Headlines (H1-H4) 
    • Title tag/meta description
    • Rich Snippets

Off-page SEO:

  • Trust factors
    • Authority
    • Engagement (social signals)
    • Development history
  • Backlinks through link building
    • Link quality
    • Number of links
    • Link text
  • Local online marketing

SEO content creation according to these criteria ensures that your company becomes more visible, attracts visitors and also convinces and converts in terms of content.

Holistic SEO content creation services for all ranking factors

Rank better with Rich Results optimization: Become visible and convince users early in the search result

Present content effectively with rich snippets

Targeted Rich Results optimization highlights your content prominently in Google search results, and the user receives the desired information even before clicking on your page.

Benefit from the advantages of optimized Rich Results (Rich Snippets):

  • The click probability is significantly higher
  • Your information is highlighted
  • The Rich Snippet stands out visually from other search results
  • Your organic visibility increases without advertising costs

Not sure if you already use structured data on your website? Click to take the test for Rich Search results

During content creation, digitalagenten identifies content that can be entered as structured data – it’s a markup in HTML. This helps Google recognize what kind of information it is and play it out as a Rich Result for matching search queries. For example, use the following Rich Results for more visibility:

  • Images & videos
  • FAQs
  • Events
  • Page structure
  • Jobs
  • Reviews
  • Products & services

Holistic content creation for your business success: SEO texts that serve user intent and encourage conversion

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Technical know-how

You benefit from our experience with a wide range of content management systems. Your interfaces are used sensibly, articles are entered in a search engine and reader-friendly manner and, if required, unique solutions are custom-programmed. For maximum performance, we optimize your content and website with professional software.

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Years of experience

In numerous large-scale projects, the digitalagenten team has established processes that fit any individual business model. Quality assurance and content excellence are our highest priorities. We have written thousands of SEO texts, most notably in the insurance, healthcare, automotive and real estate industries.

Online Marketing Agentur Berlin

Holistic approach

We see content marketing as a crucial cog in your complex marketing clockwork. Each individual content strategy is based on meticulous research and your corporate strategy, ensuring every article is embedded in a target-oriented manner. SEA, SEO, and social media experts work hand-in-hand, leveraging synergies for the best outcomes.

Performance Marketing Agentur Berlin

Agile process and price management

The implementation of your SEO content is subject to agile working practices and methods. It’s clear communication, transparent pricing and continuous feedback that ensure cooperation at every level. This allows us to be flexible in responding to challenges and make the best possible use of your budget.

Next level SEO content creation:

Good content, insightful tips and support individually tailored to your processes, as well as the scalability of content creation at all levels, are key elements that sustainably ensure more organic traffic and significantly more sales. If you’re looking to increase your online presence, we are here to guide you.

Contact us now by phone or email and benefit from the experience and expertise of our SEO content creation agency in Berlin. In the course of our free, no-obligation initial consultation, we will give you an overview of how the building blocks of successful content creation can be used in a scalable and profitable way for your company. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about industry trends and best practices in SEO content creation.

SEO content agency FAQs

Social media marketing and content marketing go hand in hand, and it’s crucial to conduct thorough research to make the most out of both. If you want to improve your posts’ visibility on social media and reach the right people, it’s a good idea to think about incorporating keywords, just like optimizing your site for search engines. By creating engaging posts on various platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Xing and YouTube, you can generate more traffic to your site, and attract more users who will like and share your content. Your social media pages can also link to your site, and you can share new posts and pages to it regularly. At digitalagenten, we specialize in creating a symbiotic relationship between social media marketing and SEO, ensuring that both approaches complement each other to achieve the best possible marketing outcomes.

Blog articles are particularly suitable for serving specific search queries in search engines. It’s no surprise that you can focus on one (niche) topic and create a holistic blog post on it that will reach the right people in your target audience. The content can be conveyed in a practical guide, a tips and tricks article, a narrative (storytelling) or a how-to article. Blog articles also help to increase the scope of your marketing bandwidth, as you can cover keywords that may not fit your existing content. You want your effort to depend on the length of the content, which will vary depending on the focus keyword, and the niche topic. Blog articles can also prompt users to take action – for example, to sign up for your newsletter. It’s an approach people often like and want to engage with.

Content marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. It often takes some time before success is achieved. This is completely normal. The organic reach increases continuously with each ranking. Exactly how long it takes depends on each individual company. It’s important to regularly create high-quality articles and to consistently work on expanding content marketing measures. The channels and formats used also have an influence on success. A viral video or post on social media reaches people faster than a blog article on your website in search engines.

Search engine advertising and SEO are two distinct marketing areas. Many people think that SEO can completely replace Google Ads – this is a common misconception. While traffic generated by good rankings costs nothing aside from the initial investment, reaching the top of the SERPs takes time. Google Ads, on the other hand, ensures immediate promotion and high visibility for your website. In our team’s experience, it’s beneficial to use a combination of ads and SEO content. You’d want both to achieve the best success. The better the search engine optimization, the less significant the Google Ads campaigns become, although they still have their place in a well-rounded marketing strategy.

SEO content and content marketing, both closely related disciplines, involve creating content to attract and engage an audience. While SEO is primarily focused on optimizing individual pages and site structure for search engine rankings, content marketing aims to create valuable content that resonates with the target audience. It’s like a balancing act, where you want both to be effectively combined for the best possible outcome. Through comprehensive research and creating content that both search engines and users will like, digitalagenten can help you achieve the best possible outcomes.


– digitalagenten – Your Content agency, Berlin