Attract online customers & increase visibility with a professional WordPress website
WordPress Agency Berlin

Impress your potential customers with your custom WordPress website with a unique design and seamless functionality to dominate search results, thanks to first-class SEO optimization. From concept to implementation through to support, it doesn’t matter if you have one location or thousands of branches.

Use the world’s leading content management system (CMS), WordPress, to tap into the sales channel of the future, attract customers, increase sales, generate leads and create local and global visibility for your offerings.

Attract customers & gain visibility online with professional WordPress websites

Online Marketing Agentur Berlin

Unique website(s)

Pick up your target group, impress them with perfect usability and increase your conversion rate with a consistent design concept. Striking and persuasive at first (and second) glance. Customised themes or tailor-made designs throughout the customer journey in your corporate design's distinctive look.

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Visibility with SEO

Drive traffic to your site for free through holistic SEO optimization. Appear in organic search results and become visible without ads where your target group searches - locally or globally. Optimize your WordPress site in every respect to rank ahead of the competition: Grow consistently with lower marginal costs through onpage and offpage SEO.

Online Marketing Agentur Berlin

Sell online and attract leads

Attract more customers using the Internet as a distribution channel: Present your business model online in a symbiosis of design and functionality. Developing shop systems (e-commerce, e.g. with Woocommerce) for direct sales: can be linked to your offline business in a partially automated way through the use of interfaces. Sales/lead funnels and landing pages optimized for sales psychology.

Performance Marketing Agentur Berlin

Freedom of design

Functions that make it easy for your customers to choose you. Easy-to-use dashboard for internal customisation with or without programming skills. Scalable solutions and processes that are always adaptable and expandable. Access a wide range of free tools with the largest CMS developer community.

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Arrange a free initial consultation

Always find the right lever, develop a customised solution and holistically combine all the building blocks of success for a site that sells, converts and is visible – have it professionally implemented instead of wasting internal resources and leaving untapped potential for gaining customers or visibility. 

New development, optimization or relaunch for one or more company locations:

In your free and non-binding consultation, we will jointly analyse the current situation, uncover strengths and weaknesses and outline a roadmap for the complete or partial optimization or creation of your WordPress website: risk-free insight with guaranteed learnings.

The WordPress agency that takes you further - customised solutions of all sizes

Use your WordPress site as the core of your online (marketing) presence and the hub for customer acquisition, lead generation and visibility. To ensure this works seamlessly, you need an agency that understands your needs.

Our agency can support you with customised solutions to ensure that you are optimally positioned at all levels: from WordPress training and workshops as “do-it-yourself instructions” to holistic planning, creation and support of your newly created or relaunched WordPress site by our skilled agency team.

Using agile processes, we develop and provide a bespoke service for you, delivering a site that fits your organisation, business model, customer base and company size. We keep a constant eye on achieving your goals in terms of customer acquisition, marketing, increasing visibility, enhancing your image and sharpening your positioning in the market to stay ahead of the competition.

We focus on what you really need and what will measurably strengthen your business:

WordPress Consulting

WordPress Out Tasking

WordPress Outsourcing

Building blocks that will make your WordPress website the sales channel of the future

Conceptual design by the WordPress agency: results-oriented planning for maximum online success.


Plannable for best results.

Results-oriented focus on and planning for effective measures.

Design services by the WordPress agency: User-centered visuals that combine brand image & usability.


Brand image & positioning through visuals.

User-centred presentation along the customer journey for best usability.

Backend solutions by the WordPress agency: functional online mappings of your business model.


Mapping a functional online business model.

Programme customised solutions or implementation of plug-ins.

Content created by the WordPress agency: captivating content for search engines and users.


Content that inspires search engines and users.

Create visibility, generate leads & win customers with content.

SEO Optimization

More visitors from the best rankings.

An integral part of the development and marketing strategy.

Support from the WordPress agency: Comprehensive support, from hosting to customizations.


Constantly learn, improve and grow.

Always at your side – whether hosting, monitoring or customising.

WordPress agency maintenance: Ensure security, timeliness and constant availability.


Always secure, online & up to date.

Minimise downtime risk with system maintenance, updates and troubleshooting.

WordPress solutions for companies with many locations

Companies with many locations face the challenge that each branch should be independently discoverable so that they:

  • Leverage local online marketing. 
  • Can market location-based offers.
  • Show up multiple times in search results without a location reference. 
  • Add a location link to the Google Business Profile
  • Make location and contact details easy to find.

Regardless of the company structure, number of locations and diversity – when it comes to requirements and offerings – you will benefit from our all-purpose solution approach:

Create a sub-page for each location with WordPress.

Location sub-pages

If there is a lot of overlap in content, a sample location landing page is created. The agency creates one of these landing pages for each location, filled with content, customised where necessary, optimized for local visibility and then published on the main page URL. Your corporate structure is mapped by our agency experts using lean, consistent and user-friendly information architecture.


In your free and non-binding initial consultation, we will analyse your company and tell you how you can present your branches on the Internet in the best possible way and make them visible to attract local customers and, if necessary, strengthen your national awareness and brand perception at the same time.

Using the world's most successful content management system

Maximum flexibility

Your building blocks for a unique website. When developing your site, there are almost no limits in terms of design, layout and functionality. Customisation and personalisation are possible at all levels.


Self-management and quick adjustments are possible at any time. Insert new content elements, change existing ones or create new landing pages. Intuitive control and straightforward backend – can be used without programming knowledge.

Future proof

Continuous development by the world’s largest developer community, which develops new features, plug-ins and security updates for the WordPress open-source platform.

A view of the WordPress backend.
Cost-effective and scalable - WordPress.

Cost efficiency

Free access to the WordPress platform with extensive functions. Costs only arise for the development and, if necessary, for plug-ins or professional support.


Solutions for your multi-site project that can be easily expanded with e-commerce integration and diverse API interfaces for smart linking between online and offline operations.


Slow loading can be prevented with integrated WordPress page speed optimization. With the right measures, your WordPress website is at least as fast as a self-programmed page.


Correct page configuration, using secure extensions and regular security updates, ensure your WordPress website is optimally protected against hacking and attacks.

A WordPress agency with a system: success that can be planned & measured

A fixed time-to-market with high quality is made possible with agile project management

In a scalable process consisting of three phases, the individual building blocks for the success of your project are developed, coordinated and assembled into your finished WordPress corporate pages:

PLAN: Strategy

Web design that equally meets your wishes and the requirements of your target group. After a comprehensive analysis of your competition and target group, the agency will determine the needs and specifications, outline solutions to key points, and develop a holistic project plan. 

Prioritising tasks at an early stage ensures that maximum success is achieved with minimum effort.

BUILD: Implementation

The strategy is put into practice.

A comprehensive development commences on all levels: Frontend and backend form the basis, optimized and brought to life with SEO-optimized content and content adapted with sales psychology. The focus is always on the “big picture”, which is only perfected through synergies on all development and marketing levels. The ideal server, CMS, and frontend coordination are the building blocks for sustainable success. 

This phase ends with your new online presence’s (re-)launch.

RUN: Monitoring & Optimization

Get to the top and stay there.

See where you stand and continuously improve. 

Collect relevant data by monitoring and reporting, then analyse it and develop evidence-based optimization measures. Connect extensions and respond to customer needs and feedback – increasing conversion rates, visibility and variety of offers. Ensure functionality and security through regular maintenance. If problems arise, always have access to competent help for quick solution suggestions.

Plan, build & optimize your project

Concept: The roadmap to your WordPress website

Creating a WordPress site with a holistic concept.

Our holistic concept is geared towards achieving the jointly defined goal of your website.

As early as the concept stage, each department is involved in developing creative ideas, technical solutions and feasibility studies. 

  • Define the target group: Who? Where? What? Why? 
  • Analyse competition: What works/ what doesn’t? 
  • Page structure: Main pages, categories, products, blogs, etc. 
  • Visuals: What should it look like? 
  • Functionality: What should the user be able to do? 
  • Content: What content will impress users? 
  • SEO integration: Which measures will increase the ranking?

Information architecture: intuitive structure to suit user interests

A structure for your website that can be displayed in a tree diagram ensures that:

  • Users find their way around quickly.
  • The conversion rate increases.
  • The bounce rate decreases.
  • Less support effort is required. 
  • You rank better in search results.

Building a WordPress site along the customer journey relies on three cornerstones:

  • Target group (expectation, search behaviour, demands). 
  • Context (objective of the website, technical implementation). 
  • Content (topic, relevance, category).

Decide in advance which pages are needed and what content they should contain (content audit). Which pages belong in the main navigation? What levels should this be graded according to? (UX Tree Testing/Card Sorting) Which keywords are worth using (SEO Audit)?

Building a WordPress site using an information structure.
Setting the requirements for your WordPress site with a priority list.

Specification of requirements

Our overall list of priorities provides the necessary direction for the implementation of our services so that the process can be divided into individual stages and presented in accordance with the objectives.

In close coordination with you and adapted to the target group and competition analysis result, we define the core specifications for our services.

Compliance with and implementation of these core specifications is checked regularly during implementation so that challenges can be identified and resolved early.

Customised design: customisable solutions (themes) or unique design

Impress at first sight and inspire visitors with your offer in a visually appealing way. A professional web design enhances and emphasises your:

  • Perceived seriousness.
  • Credibility.
  • Positioning (uniqueness of your offer).
  • Recognition value and brand building.
  • Usability (user-friendliness). 
  • Conversion through sales-psychological optimization of colours, elements and their arrangement.

The symbiosis of functionality and optimized presentation – matching your corporate design and the preferences of your target group – leads your visitors along the customer journey from the first visit to the site to the sale or lead acquisition. 

You can choose between customising an existing theme and creating a unique design tailored to you.

Impress with the unique design of your WordPress page.
Using WordPress Themes for very small projects

Themes for very small projects


  • Speed of results during creation.
  • Predefined modules can be used.
  • Theme options already available.
  • Less initial effort (set up).


  • Slower loading times (frontend/backend).
  • High effort for optimizing the loading times.
  • Many features that are not needed.
  • Poor clarity in the backend.
  • More effort to make adjustments (features/design).
  • The theme does not belong to the business but can be found en masse on the Internet.
  • Not CI/CD compliant.
  • More challenging to coordinate design before implementation, which increases the effort for editors and developers.
  • Possible incompatibilities with plug-ins.
  • Security: purchased themes are hacked more often.
  • Harder to familiarise yourself with as not developed in-house.

Custom design for growth-oriented companies


  • Loading times: better result, faster and cheaper optimization.
  • Faster and cheaper to adapt later.
  • Exact specification through design.
  • Precise estimate of implementation.
  • Exact implementation.
  • Design approval from customers before implementation.
  • Unique design that conforms to CI/CD and was created especially for the customer.
  • No non-specified modules/elements (clearer).


  • Content and feature modules have to be developed.
  • Theme options have to be programmed.
  • Higher initial effort for programming. 
  • Non-specified modules/elements do not exist (additional implementation may be necessary later).
Designed for growth-oriented businesses: WordPress design
Deciding between a theme or design for a WordPress webpage

Theme or custom design: Which solution suits you?

Prefabricated themes are particularly suitable for small websites that can manage with a limited range of theme functions and have a small number of pages. As long as the theme is tailored to your industry or business model, the initial outlay is low, and implementation is possible even with a comparatively low budget.

An individually developed design gives your WordPress pages a unique look and unrestricted freedom of design. The result is noticeably “cast from a single mould” and optimally tailored to your ideas, the customer journey and functionality. The higher initial outlay pays off, especially for a larger number of pages with many custom functions, enabling perfect integration of CI and CD.

In your free and non-binding consultation, we will assess whether a theme or custom design is right for you.

Regardless of the variant you choose, we can implement a page builder designed for editorial changes. This contains predefined content modules so you can quickly and easily make changes and extensions yourself. We mainly recommend and use Elementor Pro here.

Corporate Design for brand recognition

  • Brand building
  • Recognition
  • Differentiation from the competition
  • Cost efficiency

Your corporate design ensures that your target group immediately knows it is you – even without having explicitly seen your company name. When designing your WordPress website, your existing corporate design can be incorporated, or we can develop a concept for you that is tailored to your target group:

  • Logo 
  • Fonts
  • Colours 
  • Imagery

A corporate design helps you be perceived positively across the board, particularly if you have several branches. Also, customers who have already had a good experience with you will immediately associate this with the locations they have yet to learn. This strengthens the brand image and creates the impression of professionalism or consistently high standards, thanks to uniformity.

What do you think of when you see the colour “magenta” or an “apple”?

WordPress website with corporate design in mind.
Accessible on any device, thanks to WordPress Responsive Design.

WordPress Responsive Design - works on any device

No matter which device your website is accessed from, Responsive Design ensures that:

  • Your website is optimally readable and displayed in a useful way, regardless of the hardware.
  • Your website achieves better rankings in search results.
  • Your content does not have to be adapted twice for mobile and desktop versions.
  • The URL structure remains clear (one URL for all devices).

More than 50 per cent of worldwide website hits come from mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.) – and the trend is rising. Responsive Design is your guarantee for future-proofing and an indispensable building block for success.

Functions that inspire and bring in customers

Extend the basic functions of WordPress with plug-ins and self-programmed solutions so that you can perfectly map your customer journey and use cleverly implemented features to positively influence the purchase decision of your target group.

Depending on the industry and website goal, we use plug-ins from different categories for our partners:

  • SEO plug-ins.
  • Content management plug-ins.
  • Security and data plug-ins.
  • Performance plug-ins (speed and loading times).
  • Social media plug-ins. 
  • E-commerce plug-ins (e.g. Woocommerce).

Not every plug-in provides functionality that the visitor can use. However, we often extend your website with the following:

  • A contact form.
  • Product videos. 
  • Member area/customer accounts.
  • Newsletter registration.
  • Optional reviews.
  • Appointment booking via a calendar.
  • FAQs.
WordPress plug-ins help with website functionality
Using plug-ins to create resource-saving WordPress websites

WordPress plug-ins: resource-saving access to functions

Use what is already available for WordPress – mostly for free or a minimal fee.

  • Customisable for web design (without compromising functionality).
  • Updateable via the dashboard. 
  • Effectively use what is already available. 
  • Can be installed and used with just a few clicks.

Thanks to the enormous developer community behind WordPress, many plug-ins can be used for diverse functions.

Program functions yourself: stay ahead of the competition

Unique features set you apart from the competition and can make a difference in conversion. If you have a brilliant idea that cannot be implemented with the available plug-ins, we will programme it individually for your website.

Staying ahead of the competition with specially developed functions

Content: text, images and video to bring the page to life

Upload, manage and adapt compelling texts, images and videos to your WordPress website intuitively via a text editor or page builder. Create a clear structure with the help of HTML headings, generate internal and external links with one click and provide the search engine with a meta description and title to be found more quickly.

Display your intended information architecture clearly via the URL structure and provide your texts with interesting images optimized for SEO.

Benefit from templates (wireframes) for different page types – product pages, start page, blog, landing page – and then fill them individually or have them filled with holistic SEO-optimized content.

SEO and users directly considered

Content with added value:

  • Ranks better.
  • Makes your company look good.
  • Helps users.
  • Builds trust.
  • Improves your positioning.
  • Grows into a content base that covers diverse topics and generates a wide range of rankings.
  • Is user-centric and meets the search intent.
  • Is based on keywords, search volume and competition.
  • Can be displayed in the appropriate format – informative, transactional and navigational.
  • Organically combines focus keywords and long-tail keywords.
  • Is enhanced by visual stimuli (images, graphics, videos).
  • Meets all SEO requirements.
Creating content with added SEO value with WordPress
Better search results, thanks to data created with WordPress

Rank better with structured data

Ideally, your website content will be displayed directly in the search engine, making you more visible in the search results.

By implementing schemas (structured data), the algorithm can recognise and display this information prominently in the search results. This increases your traffic, as users click more often on these rich snippets and arrive at your website.

  • FAQs 
  • Contact details 
  • Reviews
  • Phone number
  • Opening hours
  • Images
  • Much more

Content Generator: scaling test creation for multiple locations

Use the Content Generator to create many texts for your project(s) with many locations and/or many products with similar content that: 

  • Are unique (in the sense of SEO). 
  • Are written cost-effectively.
  • Are created in a partially automated way.
  • Undergo strict quality control.
  • Are optimally adapted to the location/special keywords.

If websites or landing pages are to be created for your company locations, you need unique texts that are similar in content. With our tool, we can generate high-quality, SEO-optimized texts for thousands of branches in the shortest possible time.

Unique content for every location, thanks to Content Generator

Strong rankings & high conversions with content creation

Arrange your free and non-binding initial consultation with your reliable WordPress SEO partner agency now. You will find out what potential can be tapped for your company through the targeted use of SEO-optimized texts and images and how we can concretely support you in reaching the top of the search results while inspiring your target group and thus prompting more sales.

Sustainable increase in organic reach

WordPress enables you to optimize your website so that you can be found more often and better by search queries from your target audience.

  • More sales and clients (even if conversion remains the same).
  • Greater visibility.
  • More traffic on the website.
  • Long-term positioning in the top search results.
  • Free traffic without advertising expenses.

SEO is closely related to all the other successful building blocks of your WordPress website and is considered in almost every step of the process. When it comes to website creation, onpage SEO plays a huge role. For example:

  • Web design: 
    • Responsive Design 
    • Loading times 
    • Lean design elements
    • Small amounts of code
  • Plug-ins:
    • Choice of plug-ins
    • Quality of plug-ins installed
    • Use of SEO plug-ins
    • Multilingualism
  • Hosting: 
    • Dedicated WordPress Infrastructure
    • Server-side caching 
    • Performance
    • http/2 
  • Text: 
    • HTML heading
    • Keywords 
    • URL
    • Metadata
    • Links
  • Images: 
    • File name
    • Alt attribute
    • Title attribute
    • Caption

The SEO success of your WordPress website depends on optimizing as many parameters as possible. Regular optimizations ensure that your rankings increase organically and that you can get into the top 3 search results that generate the most clicks in the long term.

Create an SEO optimized website with WordPress and improve search results
Improve your website loading times with WordPress

WordPress PageSpeed optimization

  • Better rankings in search engines.
  • Customer satisfaction/lower bounce rate.
  • Higher click-through rate to other pages.
  • Faster loading times on mobile.
  • Increased dwell time.
An integral part of your WordPress website development ensures your website is lean and loads quickly. We find the reasons for slow load times for existing websites and then increase the page speed. For example:
  • Deleting unused plug-ins. 
  • Providing images in modern formats (e.g. webP).
  • The dimensions of images match the design.
  • Compressing image and video files.
  • HTTP request reduction.
  • Maximise server speed.
  • Reduce the size of CCS and JS files.
  • Allow large elements outside the field of view to load later.
You can easily test whether your website needs action with Google PageSpeed Insight.

SEO offpage optimization for even better rankings

Optimizations outside your website will boost your rankings and increase your visibility. In addition to SEO onpage optimization, we also offer support for SEO offpage optimization:

  1. Generate backlinks:

Links from other websites (preferably thematically appropriate and popular) indicate to the search engine that your website is relevant to users and should rank. A naturally grown backlink profile – consisting of follow and nofollow links – strengthens your position. Link buying, link exchanges and spam links hurt your ranking.

However, we can generate backlinks for you by publishing high-quality SEO-optimized content on your blog. For example, data evaluations with significant added value are happily used by third parties, and you get a backlink in return as a source. Other SEO possibilities include guest posts on your blog, social media (e.g., Instagram, Facebook, etc.), and online PR.

  1. Local Listings:

Triple visibility with directory listings:

  • Your business’s directory listings rank in search results.
  • Your business will be found via the directory’s internal search.
  • You are better seen in the search results on your website.

In Local SEO, in particular, Local Listings play a crucial role. Using professional tools, we create a database of uniform, complete and up-to-date company data for your business or each location, which is automatically entered into the most relevant directories. With minimal effort, changes can be made across platforms with one click.

Backlinks increase the relevance of your site and build trust.
  1. Google Business Profile:

For each of your business locations, we create a fully optimized Google Business Profile so that you rank with your website, are discoverable via directories and occupy the “Local Pack”.

Reach your target audience even before the first click on a website with the “Local Pack”. An SEO-optimized, complete Google Business Profile offers an immediate contact option, a link to your WordPress website and an impression of your business (photos, reviews, description).

All details on Google Business Profile Optimization.

Local search results dominate - with every location

After your free, no-obligation initial consultation, you will know how to set up your location projects so that they are each found by people in the vicinity via the landing page, the business directories, the Google company profile or other links. The effect that location optimization has for you multiplies with the number of locations – the potential is enormous, and we can exploit it together.

Support, maintenance & optimization: keep an eye on everything, improve & avoid problems

Long-term support with technical maintenance, data evaluation and enhancing optimizations for the long-term success of your WordPress website.

Regular or sporadic maintenance of your website ensures that it always runs smoothly and potential errors are detected early. For functionality and security, WordPress updates and updates of installed plug-ins are carried out regularly.

If a problem occurs or your WordPress system stops working, we are available for you as quickly as possible, so you can stay online or get back online quickly.

During an inspection, errors and problems can be identified and solved. The same applies if you or your employees have difficulties with the operation.

Reporting – learning from numbers

Use measurement data to determine your project performance and draw the right conclusions: Achieve even better results in the future and consistently grow.

Plug-ins and leading tools outside of WordPress are used for data collection – e.g., Sistrix and Ahrefs. Important key indicators in this context are:

  • Visibility monitoring
  • Keyword monitoring 
  • Traffic monitoring 
  • Link monitoring 
  • Technical monitoring 
  • Leads attracted
  • Contact/enquiries
  • Conversion rate 
  • Bounce rate
  • Dwell time
  • Click depth

From the development of these metrics and KPIs, you can determine what works for you and where there is still potential to perform even better (usually) with little effort.

Data collection to determine your performance
Using extensions to improve WordPress sites

Extensions for even better results

Running a successful site is not a sprint. It’s a marathon. Regularly upload new content, update data, and make adjustments. On request, we provide you with:

  • Further design suggestions/design adjustments.
  • New digital functions.
  • New relevant keywords for your blog or new landing pages.
  • Updated editorial plans and briefings.
  • Adjustments to Google updates regarding SEO.


For internal implementation – especially content creation – we train your staff with workshops on specific topics (e.g. keyword research) or in the use of WordPress.

We are happy to carry out quality control and check the internally implemented tasks to identify optimization opportunities early to avoid mistakes, so your site can improve.

WordPress Health: so you can focus on your core business

Put your WordPress website’s functionality, health and security in the best hands: in creating your new internet presence or for your existing WordPress website.

  • Avoid loss of rankings. 
  • Always available contact person.
  • No need to spend time & resources on in-house updates, backups and plug-in issues.
  • Effectively protected against hacking/cybercrime. 
  • Avoid loss of revenue from operational disruptions, outages and page speed losses. 
  • Regular backups of all data for quick recovery.

Get a complete solution that suits your website and requirements:

Here are the three columns from the presentation:

Check the health and optimize your WordPress webpage
/ Month
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Monthly Updates
  • Fortnightly backups
  • 3 backups
  • Cookie bar license
  • Data protection generator
/ Month
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Fortnightly Updates
  • Weekly Updates
  • 5 backups
  • Cookie bar license
  • Data protection generator
  • Page Builder license
  • Multi-language plug-in
/ Month
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Weekly Updates
  • Daily backups
  • Cookie bar license
  • Data protection generator
  • Multi-language plug-in
  • PageSpeed monitoring
  • initial website analysis
  • Test environment for clients
  • Automat. Image optimization
  • CDN (Speed & Security)

Complete tailor-made WordPress package

Online Marketing Agentur Berlin

Expertise & Experience

Your WordPress site incorporates the knowledge and experience gained by our team from numerous national and international digital projects in various industries. You get what really works in a form that beats the benchmark and puts you ahead of your competition. You benefit from our agency team using the best tools and plug-ins or executing custom programming.

Suchmaschinen Agentur Berlin

Agile Project Management

Low time-to-market, maximum transparency and regular coordination. From concept to maintenance, clear internal processes focus on efficiency and effectiveness. Management of complex (large-scale) projects via prioritised, successive stages with the appropriate interdisciplinary teams of our agency working hand in hand to find unique, high-quality solutions for you.

Online Marketing Agentur Berlin

Holistic Online Marketing

A site with a focus on measurable results: Sales, leads & visibility. A holistic development process in which our team will consider digital and local online marketing in all its facets and integrate it with other areas. Logical linking of digital disciplines to achieve the best possible results at all levels: Always adapting to your objectives and budget.

Performance Marketing Agentur Berlin

Scalable Website Creation

Leverage our experience to develop WordPress websites for many locations in a short time with efficient processes. Fill location pages with unique content using a unified design and use Local SEO to become regionally visible, target and attract nearby customers everywhere. Benefit from our cost-effective approach with unique digital design and functionality development.

Schedule your free initial consultation now:

Tap into the sales channel of the future with your business and locations – your WordPress website creates the perfect conditions:

Sales, leads, traffic, visibility, brand building and positioning par excellence.

No matter whether you need a new development, a relaunch or partial optimizations – for one or several sites: Get in touch free of charge and without obligation.

During our consultation, we will jointly analyse potential, discover growth levers and present our approach for your unique, compelling and sustainable online presence.

Learn how our agency uses WordPress building blocks in a scalable and profitable way for your business success!

Questions and answers for your WordPress agency:

Yes. WordPress is the most widely used CMS, backed by many developers who keep the software up to date and program practical extensions. This digital community constantly provides new updates that ensure security, functionality and flexibility. The ability to integrate third-party software – in the form of plug-ins – allows you to expand your project repeatedly and create an attractive, impressive, and individual customer journey even without technical expertise.

If you have problems or questions, you can fall back on a multitude of threads on forums and groups from Germany or the rest of the world that have already developed solutions. It is reasonable that even internationally successful companies implement their projects with WordPress, and many agencies use the CMS as a starting point for unique customer websites. WordPress moves with the times and offers a variety of solutions that fit your digital needs – whether social media integration of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc., the new SEO requirements, or the creation of member areas or shops (e.g. with plug-ins like WooCommerce).

Yes. The basis of WordPress (i.e. the CMS) can be used by anyone free of charge. In addition, many digital plug-ins can be used free of charge but offer a paid full version with an extended range of functions. In most cases, the main cost factors are services from your agency or partner who deals with and supports development, integration, maintenance and programming. In addition, there are the costs for hosting your site and, if applicable, fixed web design costs if you decide to use a template. Most templates are purchased through a one-off payment and do not involve any subsequent costs.

WordPress as a CMS is perfectly suitable for beginners. Still, in terms of customisability, it offers such depth that almost all conceivable adjustments can be made with the necessary specialist knowledge. The main advantage for non-professionals is that a project can be controlled and edited via an intuitively designed dashboard in the backend. You do not have to program functions yourself, but can fall back on ready-made plug-ins that only need to be installed and set up. Editorial changes, new images and new modules can be made via a page builder – such as Elementor Pro – without having to write a single line of code.

So maintenance is entirely possible. However, the initial creation of a professional, secure, fast and visually appealing page is demanding. If the best possible results are the goal, the site should be placed in the hands of experienced specialists. That’s why many companies partner with an agency to create a WordPress site that will become their business card, flagship, and sales channel for years to come. With training and workshops, your agency can provide you with expertise so that the management, expansion, and SEO can be handled entirely in-house (consulting) or only partially outsourced (out-tasking). Importantly, this also includes understanding and implementing a sound policy for website security and updates.

WordPress project agency costs vary greatly and range from a few hundred euros to tens or hundreds of thousands. With a reputable agency, you will receive a transparent cost estimate after specifying the requirements. This breaks down all agency services – from development work to maintenance.

The costs for software, CMS, web design or template, hosting and plug-ins are usually reasonable. The agency development costs depend on numerous factors: How extensive will the project work be? To what extent should the agency be involved in cooperation? Should the web design be realised via a custom design? Do individual plug-ins or functions have to be programmed? What are the requirements and needs? Should SEO be implemented holistically (onpage and offpage optimization), and is content creation necessary?

No. WordPress has a reputation for causing slow pages. This is because many WordPress sites are indeed slow. However, this is not the fault of WordPress but can be prevented by consistent action, making your WordPress project in 2023 at least as fast as a comparable project – programmed by yourself or based on another CMS.

There are many ways to optimize PageSpeed: you can work on cleaning out plug-ins, merging, uploading images correctly, using performance plug-ins, slimming down code, optimize hosting, and so on. A holistic PageSpeed optimization has a strong positive influence on SEO or your ranking. As part of our services, our agency can help you determine what measures need work in order to guarantee speedy loading times and thus increase your conversion rate.

Yes. Security in the digital space, particularly concerning services like customer data, privacy, and payments, is becoming increasingly important. Due to the large developer community and partners behind WordPress, new security updates arrive regularly as part of a proactive policy, ensuring existing security holes are closed. The collective intelligence of many technically minded and knowledgeable developers is a great advantage here in their ongoing work.

However, hackers and scammers have become familiar with the topic, if only because of the widespread use of WordPress as a CMS. Vulnerabilities are known and sometimes lie not in the technology but with the users. This is why individual adaptation, configuration, and integration work are necessary – e.g., changing the login page and using secure passwords and secure plug-ins. A strong security policy, when properly implemented, makes WordPress highly secure.

Yes. Countless well-known brands demonstrate how WordPress can be expanded into a customised, professional and internationally successful e-commerce shop. In most cases, shop plug-ins, such as WooCommerce, are used to map the requirements of an online shop with little effort. These offer functions such as product management, payment processing, order processes, web design in the form of templates, marketing, the connection of social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, and Ads.


– digitalagenten – Your WordPress agency, Berlin