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High conversion rates come from an exceptional user experience (UX) throughout the entire customer journey. Working as a digital UX website agency for start-ups and large enterprises, digitalagenten can design, tests, and optimizes your user interfaces and ensures a smooth user experience for the brand through efficient user guidance, functionality and outstanding aesthetics. With an additional focus on SEO requirements, such as “mobile first”, we create synergies that make your company or product stand out not only to your users but also to rise in Google rankings. Learn more.

Optimized UX design: your catalyst for greater visibility, user-friendliness & conversion

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Increased visibility & traffic

Search engines like Google prefer websites with an excellent user experience, as they assign them a higher ranking in search results. Better ranking leads to increased visibility for the website, as it potentially attracts more users and leads to higher organic traffic.

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Higher conversion rate

A positive user experience retains users on your website: They stay on the site longer, visit more pages and perform desired actions more often, leading to a higher conversion rate. With an appealing design and optimized user experience, you lay the foundation for converting visitors into valuable clients.

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Lower project costs

The earlier, the better: This also applies to detecting usability errors, especially in mobile versions. Promptly fixing problems can prevent disappointing user experiences. Extensive and cost-intensive changes in later project phases can be avoided and project costs reduced.

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Increased brand value

Search less, find faster: A costumer-centred user experience strengthens the bounce rate and, therefore, user satisfaction, thanks to a consistent and intuitive design. Users who find what they search for connect positive emotions and trust with the product or brand. The brand value increases, as does the competitive advantage.

Your UX agency in Berlin: first-class advice for the ultimate user experience

With an outstanding user experience, you ensure maximum client satisfaction from the first click. From design, to prototyping, to tree-testing and card-sorting: as a UX agency in Berlin with many years of SEO expertise, digitalagenten ensures that your clients find what they are looking for in the digital realm. In a free consultation, learn how to improve internal navigation and create an error-free browsing experience with a user-oriented web design. Along the way, you will benefit from the scaling effects: because good website usability benefits every traffic channel.

Convert users into clients with customised UX design services

As your partner, digitalagenten takes you step by step to an outstanding user experience on all your potential and existing clients’ end devices. Whether knowledge transfer, UI/UX consulting, support in implementing your web design projects or a tailor-made UX strategy for all your digital channels: You decide where you need support and which UX analyses and measures you would like to implement yourself. digitalagenten, as a design and online marketing agency, supports you with workshops, seminars, and training courses. This gives your employees the necessary experience and tools to improve user satisfaction with targeted UX measures independently.

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The building blocks of a successful UX strategy

Wireframing & Prototyping

Establish the basic framework for digital applications.

Remote Usability Testing

Unlock concrete UX optimization potential first-hand.

Tree Testing

Measure & optimize the findability of content.

Usability Audit

Put the usability of existing applications through their paces.

Card Sorting

Information architectures that put the user at the centre.


Determine the most convincing of two variants.

Use wireframing and prototyping to transform the customer journey into a conversion-optimized structural scheme

Optimize existing landing pages or visualise your ideas for new websites with wireframing and prototyping. Based on the UX, target group & SEO analyses, digitalagenten creates:

  • Wireframes
  • Mock-ups
  • Clickable prototypes
  • Templates or coherent pages 

The above elements increase user interest and ensure high usability. You benefit from improved organic rankings, a higher conversion rate and unrestricted (mobile) usability, which benefits every traffic channel as traffic finds its way to conversion more easily.

Wireframing and prototyping can be done at the template level for key individual pages or related pages, such as the shopping cart and shop systems.

Optimizing the user experience with wireframing and prototyping

Remote usability testing: identifying UX optimization potential through specific use cases

Define UX optimization potential with the help of usability testing

Learn from the behaviour of authentic test users and use this knowledge for the success of the company: With the help of remote usability testing, concrete use cases can be tested on a live website or a prototype. This uncovers usability errors and conversion problems. User satisfaction increases as well as the conversion rate due to improved usability.

This is how remote usability testing works:

Users are given a specific task to solve on the website. digitalagenten develops these tasks with the client based on concrete hypotheses, creates the test design, moderates the usability testing and prepares the results.

Tree testing: discovering the ideal structure of the website

Tree testing is used to optimize planned or existing navigation on a website.

This is how tree testing works:

In tree testing, users test navigation in terms of the hierarchy and grouping of websites. To do this, they perform concrete tasks using an abstract navigation menu. This way, problems in allocating or naming categories can be identified.

Our agency works with the client to create a test concept, then moderates the tree testing and prepares the results for your company. The aim of tree testing is:

  • Improved internal navigation
  • Faster findability of products, services and content

Ideally, tree testing is done in conjunction with card sorting.

Optimizing the structure of the website and the UX with tree testing

Usability Audit: gaining insights through expert analysis

Usability Audit: gaining insights through expert analysis

The usability audit uncovers weaknesses regarding the user-friendliness of individual websites, templates or prototypes. It provides concrete recommendations for action to eliminate usability errors.

As a basis for examining and evaluating individual pages or templates, our UX experts use usability heuristics, i.e., generally valid findings on an ideal user experience as well as Google Guidelines. Functional factors are considered in the analysis,as well as the aesthetic and emotional appeal to the user.

Improved usability, increased rankings, a higher conversion rate and stronger client loyalty, are the results of the successful implementation of the audit.

Card sorting: step by step towards user-focused navigation concepts

With card sorting, digitalagenten gets your users on board. You develop understandable and logical navigation from the user’s point of view – define terms for individual navigation points, group them logically into categories and give these categories names. Our UX experts moderate the process and summarise the results step by step.

Ideally, card sorting is carried out in conjunction with tree testing for an optimal result. The process results in an improved internal navigation structure, thanks to user-oriented naming and categorisation.

Card sorting: step by step towards user-focused navigation concepts

A/B Testing: discovering the best versions and increasing client loyalty

A/B Testing: discovering the best versions and increasing client loyalty

Whether it’s the header photo on the landing page, the button colour for the shop app or the subject line in the newsletter: it’s almost impossible to predict in advance which design will really leave a lasting impression on the user and ultimately lead to a conversion. This is where A/B tests help.

The principle is simple: the target group is divided into two groups. Both groups of recipients receive different versions of the digital product. The version that convinces the target group can be determined based on click numbers, registrations, purchases, etc.

The digitalagenten team supports you in selecting and integrating a testing tool. Our team uses the collected data to determine decisive optimization potential for the further work and development of your product or website.

Broadening the focus for more visibility: holistic UX concepts from an SEO perspective

Whether a blog, online shop, website, or landing page: a large part of your traffic is generated via mobile devices. With its Core Web Vital KPIs, Google also classifies an application’s or website’s mobile usability as an essential ranking factor in Google searches.

Therefore, our experts consider current SEO requirements throughout the entire UX process and focus on mobile usability criteria. This ensures that the responsive design is not an additional source of errors and that the digital product or service is optimally ranked in Google searches. Our agency also applies SEO criteria to selecting and arranging page content and naming the navigation architecture.

In other words, the interplay of UX, SEO and SEA expertise not only creates visibility on all channels, but also strengthens the competitive advantage and ensures sustainable user satisfaction.

More visibility through a holistic UX concept.

UX design by professionals: from planning to optimization

Successful UX design constitutes several steps, including business analysis and user research, the definition of requirements (PLAN), the development of prototypes, continuous usability tests (BUILD) and the identification of optimization potential (RUN). With digitalagenten’s best practice process, you receive an individual UX roadmap tailored to your business and resources.

Plan, build & optimize your project


Every UX strategy starts with an analysis. What are the client’s challenges and goals? Whether it’s high bounce rates, negative user feedback, missed trends, missed business goals, low conversion rates or unclear navigation structures: a detailed examination of all pain points helps to define suitable methods and measures for improving the user experience in a conceptual design.


The strategy measures are applied in the implementation. UX optimization is teamwork. The team of experts at digitalagenten Berlin will be happy to assist you every step of the way – with prototyping, selecting suitable usability testing tools, conducting analyses, evaluating them, moderating processes and reporting the results. Rapid implementation of the results, taking into account current SEO standards, ensures that user satisfaction improves in the long term. Here, the development work transitions from concept to digital reality, embodying the design principles laid out in the planning stage.

3. RUN

UX for a product, service, website, or app is an ongoing process because UX optimization is never completely finished. Throughout the entire UX design process, our agency constantly gains new insights that help to continuously optimize and improve structures and design and adapt to decisive trends. The constant optimization of the applications is a prerequisite for a positive user experience in the long term and sustained increases in conversion rates. Over time, the iterative development and refinement work contribute significantly to achieving and exceeding the desired user satisfaction metrics.

UX design at the highest level: tailor-made for individual needs

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Holistic synergies

Optimal user experience and visibility on all channels through a combination of UX, SEO and SEA expertise.

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Tailor-made solutions

Combine UX modules in a targeted manner according to client challenges and uncover maximal optimization potential.

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Agile processes and pricing

Respond flexibly to challenges, UX trends and testing methods and make the best possible use of your project budget.

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Support & knowledge-transfer

All-round support from advice on tool selection to moderation and training of usability tests and potential analysis workshops.

Straight to the goal: maximise your company's success with an outstanding user experience

Long loading times, inconsistent user interfaces or a lack of responsiveness – the digitalagenten team will search for clues that will improve usability. With the help of customised usability analysis, you can discover the weaknesses of your website or app and what measures you can take to increase your users’ satisfaction sustainably.

Frequently Asked Questions

A good UI/UX agency should be focused on innovation and be informed about trends and developments in the field of user experience. It should be able to present new ideas and approaches to solutions in the digital realm. Flexibility and expertise also play a crucial role in the UI/UX process, making the work they do for their clients highly impactful. An agency’s UI/UX designers should have the necessary know-how in selecting and implementing the appropriate services and always consider the client’s specific requirements. The UI/UX team should be able to ensure that the new designs align well with the client’s vision and objectives. Agencies with a portfolio of already implemented projects and outstanding case studies provide insight into their wealth of experience, showing whether you have an experienced partner at your side.

The best agencies have a collaborative approach, engaging with the client company throughout the project to ensure that the product outcome aligns well with the business objectives. Effective communication between the agency, the client company, and the development team is crucial for the success of the project. It’s advisable to look for agencies or companies that have a proven track record in a variety of digital, web, and UI/UX design projects, as this showcases their versatility and ability to meet different client needs. Additionally, client testimonials and reviews can provide valuable insights into the agency’s reliability and quality of work. A good UI/UX agency should also be transparent about their pricing, the services they offer, and be willing to tailor their approach to meet the specific needs and budget constraints of their clients.

UI/UX design are closely related yet distinct aspects of the digital product development process. UI design (user interface design) focuses on the visual design of an interactive application or web platform, ensuring that the aesthetics and interactive elements are engaging and intuitive. This aspect of the work typically involves creating an appealing layout, choosing the right colour schemes, and designing interactive elements like buttons and sliders. On the other hand, UX design (user experience design) aims to create positive emotions in the user before, during, and after interaction with a digital product. Usability, i.e. the development of a user interface design that the target group intuitively understands, is a decisive success factor in the field of UX. In the design process, UX and UI thus go hand in hand: a good user interface (UI) forms the basis for a good user experience (UX).

(Digital) UX design is about creating a positive and smooth user experience for the users of a website or an application. An intuitive user interface design, a clear and well-structured information architecture, a barrier-free responsive design, fast loading times, a consistent visual design, and regular user tests all make a decisive contribution to this. Good usability is also ensured by: easy-to-read fonts and appropriate font sizes, clear and well-placed interaction design elements such as buttons and links, feedback to the user, a search function, and compliance with data protection requirements. As the work put into UX design significantly impacts user satisfaction, agencies specializing in this field need to maintain a holistic approach to ensure a seamless user journey across all digital touchpoints.

UX research (user experience research) encompasses a variety of research methods. Methods such as tree testing, card sorting or remote usability testing are used by UX designers to prove or disprove assumptions and to identify, understand and consider the needs, goals, and thought patterns of target groups. With the help of UX research, information on current challenges and problems is collected and analysed, then classified within the UX research data analysis framework. For example, it is possible to determine why online purchases on a website are abandoned shortly before the payment process. Therefore, the ordering process can be designed optimally, including further functions and details.

UX design is used in many areas and industries to create a positive and effective user experience. The main design areas include websites (blogs), mobile apps, software applications, e-commerce, gaming, e-learning, device user interfaces, the automotive industry, social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram, and email marketing. Companies are more successful than ever with intuitive digital services: because, in addition to logos, brand values or campaigns, the user experience design has a decisive influence on branding and helps to shape the corporate image of a brand.


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