Employer branding for scalable employee recruitment & retention

By combining employer branding with HR marketing, you can position your company as a top employer in order to acquire applications cost-effectively via various channels and win the “war for talent”. This also increases employee motivation and loyalty.

In future, you will no longer have any problems filling vacant positions – whether permanently, temporarily or with freelancers. To ensure that your personnel situation – despite a supposed shortage of skilled labour – is not a limiting factor and that your workforce grows organically.

Your employer brand with maximum return on investment!

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Attract skilled labour

Targeted measures make you visible to potential applicants, inspire them and fulfil their expectations and requirements. This brings more applicants with qualified CVs into the optimised recruiting process - at lower costs.

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Retain employees

Satisfied employees are more motivated, perform better, are more productive, they promote a pleasant working atmosphere and ensure low staff turnover. You attract new skilled workers through your enhanced image or direct employee recommendations.

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Increase profitability

Handle all orders promptly and in the best possible way with the right team in place. Positive structures, motivation-boosting benefits and the opportunity to get involved increase everyone's willingness to perform. Do not define appreciation solely in terms of salary.

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Scalable deployment

Scalable employer branding strengthens each of your locations structurally and in terms of personnel. Develop a one-off, customised strategy & employer value proposition in the form of an action plan to efficiently roll out the benefits to your branches across all locations.

Use demand-orientated employer branding profitably

Together, we can create a job and work offer for applicants and employees that precisely matches the “demand” or their expectations and wishes. Starting from the “outside” and shaping the “inside” in such a way that you attract skilled labour and retain employees in the long term:

  • What is needed from whom? 
  • What is the current situation? 
  • How can this gap be closed?

Starting with inexpensive measures, that can be realised quickly and have a big impact, a customised change can be implemented: job advertisements, texts, platforms, communication and benefits such as working from home, holidays and much more become a magnet for new and existing employees.

In your free and non-binding consultation, we invite you to analyse your employer brand and your recruiting strategy in order to then identify and use suitable tools to convince potential candidates with authentic employer marketing.

Become a top employer with customised support

You will get exactly what you need to fill vacancies and keep employees happy. With measures that are customised to suit your company, you can build an employer brand in a cost-efficient and needs-based way that, in the long term, will give you a competitive advantage.

Our diverse team of recruiting, online marketing and project management specialists will tweak the parameters to generate tangible and measurable progress for your business:

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Employer Branding Consulting

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Employer Branding Outtasking

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Employer Branding Outsourcing

Employer branding masterclass: building blocks for success

employer branding audit

Employer Branding Audit

Know where you stand in order to start in the right places.

Employer Branding Applicant-Personas

Applicant Personas

Know what you are looking for and what your applicants & employees want.

Employer Branding Strategy


Know what to do to cost-effectively maximise ROI.

implement employer branding

Implement employer branding

Putting knowledge into practice & using measures profitably.

employer branding monitoring optimization

Monitoring & Optimization

Know what works and where optimization is worthwhile.

Employer Value Proposition

Employer Value Proposition (EVP)

Know how to design the core of your employer brand.

Employer branding for companies with many locations

The shortage of skilled labour affects all locations, and recruitment is location-specific – regardless of whether there are 5 or 5,000 branches.

A centralised employer marketing strategy with appeal – adapted to region-specific characteristics – strengthens each individual location. This can be rolled out efficiently, cost-effectively and sustainably in replicable processes. 

Depending on your goals and current situation, you and your managers will be given agile processes with individually prioritised measures and comprehensive support to roll out your customised employer brand across the board.

Team Meeting Brainstorm Employer Branding

Dominate the competitive labour market in a predictable way: Creating pull factors for qualified applicants

Implement a strategy of measures prioritised according to effectiveness and costs for employer branding based on demand as a lasting competitive advantage.  

From recruitment funnels, job advertisements, hiring processes and benefits to far-reaching changes in the corporate culture supported by professional change management – everything that is useful is implemented in the proven “Plan – Build – Run” scheme in 3 phases:

Plan, build & optimize your project

PLAN: Strategy

We recognise and build on strengths while simultaneously eliminating weaknesses – in short: by changing your perspective, we find out what will make you even more attractive as an employer and how we can close the gap between aspirations and reality. 

  • Employer Branding Audit 
  • Employer Value Proposition (EVP)
  • Employee analyses & employee surveys
  • Applicant personas
  • Competition analysis
  • Strategy development, feasibility considerations & cost planning

BUILD: Implementation

Put strategy into practice: Developing, implementing, communicating and successfully practising your employer brand in day-to-day business. Implement step by step – from HR to recruiting.

  • Optimize job advertisements
  • Utilise the right channels and contact points (social media, job boards etc)
  • Offer benefits (e.g. events, employee council, working hours)
  • Recruiting funnel

RUN: Monitoring & Optimization

Draw the right conclusions from the data and feedback obtained in order to continuously improve, optimize measures and further expand your employer brand.  

Always keep an eye on the key figures: Number of applications / CVs received, costs per applicant, commitment, and duration in the company. At the same time, don’t lose sight of the soft factors: Satisfaction, mood, productivity.

Building on strengths & utilising untapped potential - Employer Branding Audit for your employer brand

Focus on the areas that are worthwhile and achieve measurable results with a customised strategy: Our Employer Branding Audit provides a holistic overview of the current situation, approaches, strengths and weaknesses.

The audit is divided into three phases:

  1. “From the outside”: How is the company perceived from the outside? 
  2. “From the inside”: What is the vision, mission statement and culture? 
  3. “Externally”: How are the labour market and the competition developing?

An overall picture is made up of all the pieces of the jigsaw. By correctly arranging the elements as part of your strategy development, a picture of your corporate brand emerges that reflects your employer brand, ensures more CVs on the table and more satisfied employees in the company.

Employer branding audit strategy with a magnifying glass
Employer branding measures internal & external job advertisements

Starting points for successful employer branding

We analyse all internal and external factors that have an influence on employee recruitment and employee satisfaction. This includes – adapted to your target group – the following:

  • Adverts and profiles on job boards (e.g. Kununu, Stepstone)
  • Current benefits for employees 
  • Social media channels 
  • Mood and corporate culture 
  • Recruiting processes and recruiting funnels
  • Communication style
  • Corporate design
  • Website (traffic and conversion in the form of applications) 
    • Careers page
    • Team page
    • Blogs 
  • Newsletter 
  • Events (offline) 
    • Meetups for interested parties 
    • Meetings for employees
    • Day tours for interested parties

This helps to identify the areas in which action is already being successfully taken and where there is still significant potential.

Learn from the competition to stay one step ahead

Beat the competition when recruiting staff and win the “war for talent” – especially in highly competitive markets where staff are in short supply.

  • What does the competition offer?
  • What works well?
  • What is not working well?
  • What is unique about the company? 
  • What are the arguments in your favour?

An Employer Branding Competitor Analysis creates a benchmark against which your company’s own activities can be measured. The crucial factor is where employees come to and who they stay with.

Employer branding competition analysis

Applicant personas: finding and attracting the right employees

Employer branding applicant personas

Align the Employer Brand with individuals and their needs. Customised alignment according to industry, company size, company sector, corporate culture and company goals:

The basis for all further developments is  Personas – detailed profiles of desired employees who are to be attracted during the rollout. They are categorised into “must haves” and “nice to haves” for meaningful prioritisation. This not only helps in developing a communication strategy, selecting the right channels and finding the right employee benefits. It also makes it easier to recognise suitable potential candidates based on their characteristics – be it when reading their CV, during the application process or in the interview.

Elements of meaningful Personas

Various personas are created in collaboration with HR managers and management, these are used as a guide when aligning employer branding and recruiting. These include:

  • Qualifications & further training
  • Experience in the profession
    • Function 
    • Length of time spent in the company
    • Leadership skills
  • Location
    • Willingness to travel 
    • Desire to work from home
  • Flexibility in terms of time
  • Personality traits
    • Introverted or extroverted?
    • Analytical or creative?
    • Hierarchical or free?
    • Passive or active? 
    • Team player or loner? 
  • Digital habits
    • Which channels are used?
    • Where do they look for new jobs?
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Personal goals, values & motivation
  • Wishes for the employer
    • Health promotion
    • Close ties within the team
    • Regular events
  • Marital statue
  • Hobbies 
  • Language skills
  • Age 
    • Language style
    • Prospective career opportunities
Various Employer Branding personas

Employer Branding with strategy in line with the Employer Value Proposition (EVP)

Presentation Develop employer value proposition strategy

In a three-way relationship between the current situation, Personas and Employer Value Proposition, a “gap” arises – a gap between external requirements, internal demands and reality. Employer Branding closes this gap:

As part of the strategy development process, the ” Employee Value Proposition” is developed and integrated into the action plan. It is made up of three sub-areas or key questions:

Anchor – What is the immovable core of your corporate brand?

Drivers – What drives progress and motivates you to improve?

Employer Value USP – What sets you apart from the competition?

By answering these questions, a distinct boundary is created in order to decide where the company is heading and who fits in with the company and who does not. Differentiation decisively strengthens your profile on the job market, creates identity and ensures a clear positioning with outstanding employer attractiveness.

This is because 96% of all employees say that consistency in the company’s values plays a central role in job satisfaction.

Find & follow unique paths: Agile processes with a distinct focus

To operate cost-efficiently and maximise the return on investment, the building blocks that fill the gap are prioritised according to effort and effectiveness. The candidate’s journey is always taken into account.

Firstly, the Employer Branding measures that deliver a great return – low-hanging-fruits. Later on, if required, you can fine-tune and/or make far-reaching changes to the corporate culture, which can then bring out the crucial last few per cent. In the beginning, however, this is usually not necessary.

The Employer Branding Strategy that fits your company and your anchor, is aligned with drivers and makes differentiation from the competition an advantage. With your own identity as a corrective. As flexible as possible and as stringent as necessary.

Team meeting Agile employer branding processes

Making the Employer Brand a reality:

Job offer Employer Branding Employee recruitment

Mastering employee recruitment (from outside)

In order to become visible to and convince potential applicants from the target group, a mix of suitable measures and campaigns is essential – including perfecting:

  • Recruitment pages/recruitment funnels and careers page
  • Creation and optimisation of advertisements on various job boards
  • Collecting and generating positive reviews on employer review portals (e.g. kununu)  
  • Active approach on social media channels 
  • Internal changes to the corporate culture to enable benefits to be offered
    • Events
    • Kitchen
    • Home office
    • Placement bonus
    • Career and further training opportunities 
    • Performance-based remuneration
  • Implement a communication strategy
    • Selecting the right channels
    • Speak the right language
    • Use of media: videos & images
  • Content creation (also with SEO) for increased visibility
  • Adverts in the form of campaigns on various channels with immediate application option
  • Use employees as brand ambassadors for your core message 
  • Create efficient recruiting processes along the candidate journey:
    • Barrier-free contact
    • Qualification of applicants
    • Implementation of the process
    • Recruitment
    • Familiarisation

Retain employees & motivate them to perform at their best:

Set the right incentives, create a positive working atmosphere, increase motivation and therefore willingness to perform while significantly reducing employee turnover: 

  • Involve the EVP in day-to-day operations
  • Creation of a work-life balance
  • Promotion of employee networking 
  • Sports/relaxation programmes 
  • Employer benefits: discounts, courses, events, asset-building benefits 

As an employer, you can score points with existing employees and new applicants not only with salary but also with many other aspects of your corporate brand.

Employee meditation Employer branding
Employer branding employee benefits

Incentive-orientated employee benefits for the perfect Employer Brand

A package of benefits in various categories can be put together depending on the make-up of the workforce, feasibility and sector to attract employees and ensure that the company benefits at all levels – including financially:

  • Sports programs
    • Fitness studio
    • Yoga
    • Urban Sports 
  • Financial benefits 
    • Company pension scheme (bAV) 
    • Christmas bonus
    • Holiday allowance 
    • Bonus or profit sharing 
    • Spenditcard 
    • Employee discounts
  • Further training opportunities
    • Internal
    • External
    • Online learning portals 
    • Presentations by experts
    • State-of-the-art tools for company and private use
    • Annual training budget
    • Person further training in soft skills e.g. leadership skills
  • Mobility 
    • Job bike 
    • Company car
    • Job ticket/travel allowance
  • Office 
    • Central location
    • Dogs allowed or office dog
    • Snacks and drinks 
    • Kitchen
    • Table football or table tennis
    • Recreation rooms
    • Co-determination in furnishing and decoration
    • Ergonomic furniture 
    • Efficient IT infrastructure
  • Open feedback culture 
    • Regular dialogue at all levels
    • Employee surveys
    • Regular staff appraisals
    • Evaluation portals
  • Defining and practising common values
  • Individual promotion
    • Mentoring 
    • Opening up opportunities for advancement
    • Career opportunities
  • Shaping the company together
    • Strategy retreat
    • Workshops 
    • Joint goal setting
    • Job security
  • Internal communication
    • Intranet
    • Team meetings
    • Internal newsletter
    • Chats 
  • Events 
    • Sport 
    • Parties
    • Catering/ Hospitality
  • Overtime regulations
Employee benefits Employer branding

Finding & attracting the perfect applicant when recruiting

On the way to the interview Employer branding Candidate search in Berlin

When the Employer Brand is established, more and better applications and suitable CVs will come in. At the same time, a recruiting process is established that reliably selects the best candidates, utilises maximum potential and creates a positive employee experience:

A clear allocation of roles, and transparent procedure – for HR and applicants – resulting in an enjoyable process. From the receipt of the application to the assessment of suitability/comparison with Personas to the interview, salary negotiation and induction:

Applicant Check:

Based on the application documents, a decision can be made during the initial check as to whether the applicant matches the desired job profile:

  • Comparison with the Personas 
  • Compare skills
  • Checking language and spelling (if relevant)
  • Record experience
  • Compare with the requirement profile of the specific advertised position

If there are any uncertainties, there is always the option of asking questions before the first interview. And if an applicant does not fit the position, we will check whether there are any other positions that could be offered to the applicant.

Check applications Employer branding
Employer Branding Agency Berlin

Job interview following recruitment marketing:

The shortlisted applicants are invited to attend in person to gain an insight: Customised questionnaires designed to cover all relevant factors and enable a comparison of different aspects among the applicants help with this:

  • Expertise and professional experience  
  • Application motivation and reference to the cover letter or CV
  • Interview about cultural aspects, personal ideas and character traits 
  • Soft skills and etiquette 
  • Motivational questions and specific questions about the company

Filling the vacant position:

Based on all the information and impressions that have been gathered, the vacant position is awarded to the best candidate following consultation with decision-makers (management, head of HR, head of department). Afterwards, we draw up the contract, manage the salary negotiations and ensure a smooth induction and integration into the team. Finally, ensure that the candidate acts as an ambassador for the core message of your Employer Brand.

By obtaining feedback from applicants, you can gain valuable insights into how to optimize the application process and the way you deal with them. At the same time, applicants are shown appreciation and offered added value through constructive feedback, so that – if desired – the option of reapplying remains open or other career opportunities can be identified.

Employer Branding Berlin

Increase the number of CVs even in changing labour market conditions: Monitoring & Optimisation

Recording all relevant key performance indicators reveals where Employer Branding or employee marketing is working and where there is still potential for optimization. Continue to learn and grow while ensuring profitability.

  • Measurable performance values:
    • Number of applications
    • Number of hires
    • Relationship between visibility, applications and hires (conversion rate)
    • Engagement in the digital space
    • Number of applications per channel (social media, career site, job board)
    • Reviews on platforms such as kununu – are also actively generated
  • Personal feedback regarding employer attractiveness from:
    • Applicants
    • Employees
    • HR Managers
    • Managers

Our systematic Employer Branding Management is based on flexible adaptability depending on requirements, the capacity of the HR department and the current market situation – it is always data-based and precisely tailored to your company and your business objectives.

Interim Recruiting Manager: Expertise immediately available in the development, implementation & optimisation of Employer Branding

Your interim recruiting manager will support you in-house for a customisable period of time to help you build your Employer Brand, employee recruitment, employee retention and everything to do with HR.

  • Available immediately
  • Plannable costs
  • Project-orientation 
  • Highly qualified

A strong Employer Brand & a strong process

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Holistic approach

The best Employer Brand is only as good as its perception: With our in-depth expertise in online marketing (SEO, local SEO, social media, ads), we at digitalagenten know how to generate visibility across all channels. Put your company in the spotlight - thanks to the synergy between Employer Branding and Online Marketing.

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Agile working

Reach your milestones in manageable periods of time and react flexibly to changing labour markets or internal conditions. Achieve maximum cost efficiency with the best possible results by means of customised cost-value weighting. With expertise rolled out in agile processes and customised project management.

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Demand driven

Create a unique positioning that provides exactly what your applicants and employees are looking for and at the same time reflects the values of your organisation. Employer Brand Transformation is driven by demand in conjunction with the Employer Value Proposition as a corrective - integrated into more than just economic benefits. Creating and maintaining reliable employee structures in the long term.

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Business solutions

Scalable employer branding, whether 1, 10 or 1,000 locations - we always offer the right approach for organizations of all sizes. It can be implemented with scalable tools, agile processes and customised support. The expertise and experience gained from large-scale projects in various industries gives you the boost you need to overcome the skills shortage across all locations as an employer.

Arrange your free initial consultation now:

Stay ahead of the competition with Employer Branding to reach and inspire more applicants in the future, to ensure a productive working atmosphere within the company and minimise employee turnover.

In your free, no-obligation consultation, you will receive a personalised analysis and will be shown the steps to ensure a high return in terms of employee recruitment and retention with little effort.

Learn now how you can use the Employer Branding building blocks for success in a scalable and profitable way.

Questions and answers

Employer Branding is a multi-layered transformation process in which a company’s positioning – both internally and externally – is developed based on the needs of the labour market, which benefits your entire company in two ways:

  1. Attract more suitably qualified applicants and win the “race for talent” in a stressed labour market. You can increase your attractiveness as an employer by embodying your corporate values, a positive culture, special benefits and job security. 
  2. Retain employees. Keep staff turnover low and attract new applicants. Make work as pleasant as possible for existing employees. This goes hand in hand with an increase in motivation and loyalty. Satisfied employees also support Employer Branding by communicating your core messages to the outside world and, ideally, by attracting qualified applicants.

Employer Branding takes a holistic approach – far-reaching measures that focus on the culture and positioning of the company. Personnel marketing concentrates solely on operational advertising for the company in the labour market, without touching on internal issues. In both cases, communication plays a decisive role – just as it does when marketing your products or services through B2B or B2C campaigns. If your Employer Brand is created with the aim of attracting more employees, HR marketing plays an integral role as an integral part of the employer brand.

Yes, thanks to a structured approach and the creation of customised processes, employer marketing can also be developed in small steps alongside day-to-day business – regardless of the current situation, number of locations and resources. External support from experts ensures that relatively large, measurable successes can be achieved with less labour-intensive measures. All departments and all candidates benefit from the internal and external optimization of communication processes. Once created, a careers website only requires maintenance and is in use throughout the day to convey the image of the employer in a visible and focused manner as part of the HR marketing mix or employer marketing.

Ultimately, employer marketing has a very positive effect on all departments. The HR department receives structured application processes. Existing employees benefit from the positive culture and employee benefits. And wherever workers and expertise are needed, positions are filled quickly and reliably with people who fit in with the company’s goals and values. An exceptionally convincing corporate image strengthens management and allows all departments to be fully utilised and to achieve maximum performance with a high level of satisfaction.

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