More local customers and greater visibility through local SEO
Scalable for all your locations

Using local SEO, you can make your business locations locally visible, increase your website traffic, strengthen your market position and gain new customers in a cost-efficient way.

To maximise your business success, digitalagenten use optimization of the fundamental cornerstones of “local SEO”:

Using a scalable process that can be applied to any number of locations, you will secure the benefits of top Google rankings – without incurring ongoing advertising costs.

Perform more successfully with local search engine optimization

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Local visibility

Be visible where your customers are looking for your offer. Rank organically with your website, and display your Business Profile at the top of the Google Snack Pack. Your business needs to be found with local keywords to attract customers.

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Customer acquisition

Local SEO gives your customers all the important information at a glance: Name, offers/services, location, contact, etc. The content, customised to the search intention, invites them to make a purchase decision, visit or contact you: More customers through more conversions.

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You are perceived as an expert and reputable provider through consistent presentation, helpful reviews, appealing images and consistent content. This creates trust, underlines your USP and increases customers' likelihood of choosing you.

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A customised local SEO strategy can be used in a scalable way for each of your business locations. Synergy effects strengthen individual locations as well as the entire business. So you will dominate the local search results across the board.

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Use the potential of local SEO for your locations now

The numbers prove it: If you are visible where your target group is looking for your offer, you will gain significantly more customers.

130 per cent more “near-me” searches since 2015 tell a clear story – 88 per cent of them via a mobile device. The growth potential is huge because 75 per cent of searches lead to an on-site visit within 24 hours.

In your free, no-obligation consultation, you can find out how your business or business locations can exploit their full local SEO potential and what this would mean in concrete terms for your visibility, leads and sales.

Local SEO Agency: tailor-made advice & support as required

How we guide your business to the top of the search results through local SEO is determined by your needs. We offer tailor-made support, providing exactly what you need to achieve the project goal in a cost-efficient and predictable way.

From knowledge transfer to taking over individual tasks, we act as a guide through the intricacies of SEO, understanding the need for a targeted and efficient approach. As a holistic full-service agency, we adapt to your requirements, resources, and internal capabilities, ensuring that you benefit from the advantages of successful local SEO across all locations. We’re here to guide and meet your business needs in the ever-changing digital landscape.

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Local SEO Consulting

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Local SEO Support

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Local SEO Outsourcing

Local SEO Masterclass: building blocks for success in top rankings

The three main fields of optimization in local SEO are your Google Business Profile (incl. reviews), local landing pages (on-page SEO, user signals) and local citations (also backlinks and social media). Only the balanced interaction between these core areas will ensure you are displayed ahead of the competition in local search. digitalagenten will find scaling solutions to meet any need and fit your business, your objective and your locations:

All relevant business data with photos and reviews at a glance.

At a glance, the most important information your customers need is in Google Snack Pack.

Optimize and maintain your profile to rank better and impress with data, images, reviews & more.

Top rankings through optimized on-page SEO factors.

On-Page SEO Factors

Perfectly align your website to perform in local search queries.

Design your presence so that Google recognises your offer’s regional relevance and value – result: Top rankings.

Generate good and relevant reviews and increase visibility.

Gain trust, increase visibility and attract more customers.

Generate, moderate and manage business-promoting reviews. Make the customer’s decision easy.

Local Listing for local online marketing: Profile presence in regional and online directories.

Make your businesses known through mentions on local websites.

Find appropriate websites to mention your business for better rankings.

New generation of young people in casual wears are advising and planning work together before starting work on the offsite work.


Links that permanently improve your local rankings.

Build a balanced link profile with regional reference as a positive ranking signal and trust factor.

Optimize a website for user signals and improve rankings.

User Signals

Control user behaviour to increase visibility and conversion.

Optimize and track CTR, dwell time, etc., so visitors stay, and prospects visit.

Increase customer loyalty and visibility with social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing

Organic interaction & synergy through regional marketing.

Attractive social media business profile with location-based content that dovetails with your website.

Scalable local SEO for every business location: individual & holistic solutions

digitalagenten can develop a customised, efficient, best-practice local SEO strategy for you based on regular analyses of trends, rankings, benchmarking, and visibility optimization for many thousands of locations in multi-location projects. Partially automated processes and replicable workflows ensure a cross-location implementation of all components that make your company visible in the “Near me” search.

When it comes to efficient local SEO, companies, especially those with several branches, face the challenge of applying an effective strategy so that each step does not have to be worked out and implemented several times.

The goal is for each of your locations to rank in local searches and gain maximum visibility. To achieve this, the local SEO building blocks must work together synergistically and be perfectly aligned with the company, location and objective. Done correctly, the local SEO measures of one location improve the rankings of the other branches. Individual local SEO measures do not achieve anywhere near the success that you can achieve with your locations as a whole if you work holistically on the three basic cornerstones of local SEO: Google Business Profile, local landing pages and local listings.

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Plannable & scalable local SEO results: local search results dominate

In local SEO consulting, our local SEO agency adheres to a tried and tested scheme. An individual, data-based strategy is developed (Plan), completed or implemented with content (Build) and then optimized based on monitoring (Run).

Plan, build & optimize your project


You know what you want and which steps are necessary to get there.

The basis for successful local SEO is strategy. Your strategy is individually designed and based on the findings of keyword research, local audits, on-site audits and your objectives. A list of measures, graded according to their effectiveness, is drawn up, the individual building blocks are coordinated, and technical and content-related specifications are defined more precisely.


The theory is put into practice. The prioritised project backlog is the guide, and successful implementation is the goal. Your dominance in local search queries is built up one building block at a time.

At digitalagenten, the local SEO experts follow your strategy with agile work processes. All effective local SEO measures are developed, realised and implemented according to best practice standards: local on-site optimization, company profile, directories, backlinks, local citation & everything it takes to generate visibility and sales.


Obtain valuable data, make the right conclusions and become even more visible through efficient adjustments.

You can optimize and expand your service options with further SEO factors such as on-site, backlinks and citations to stay ahead of the competition. Monitoring key indicators for sustainable ranking success is essential: Ranking development, visibility and conversion. We use the collected data to guide us and identify the potential for optimization, from which digitalagenten develops effective measures that ensure even more success.

Google Business Profile: reach prospects and turn them into customers with a digital shop window

With your Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business), you can guide users to your businesses as early as their search results. In the Local Snack Pack, the most important information about your business and service is highlighted prominently – even before your prospect clicks on one of the search results. They can call you, navigate to you or visit your site in one click.

Optimizing your Google Business Profile is worthwhile to:

  • Rank above the competition in the Snack Pack with your Business Profile. 
  • Reach and attract more customers in the surrounding area. 
  • Improve local visibility via Google Maps.
  • Make interaction or contact as accessible as possible.
  • Provide NAP data (name, address, phone) at a glance – supplemented by other relevant company information.
  • Build trust by moderating and obtaining each review. 
  • Communicate up-to-date information and offers at all times. 
  • Provide a free and highly frequented additional channel that can play a decisive role in the purchase decision.

What does a successful Business Profile consist of?

In the context of local SEO optimization, digitalagenten ensures that all ranking and sales-relevant criteria are optimally coordinated. In some cases, your Business Profile is automatically generated by Google. digitalagenten tweaks the settings to influence your ranking and sales success positively:
  1. Section: photos, videos, maps. 
  2. Section: name, URL, reviews, address, phone.
  3. Section: Google posts, Q&A, external reviews.
  4. Section: review snippet, “see what’s in the store”, submit review, upload photos, all ratings. 
  5. Section: description, people searching for… 
  6. Section: category, price range, occupancy times, booking, ads, local business URL.

digitalagenten exploits the full potential of your business

After local target group and competitor analysis, your Business Profile will be individually filled with suitable SEO content that suit your service or product (texts, professional photos and videos). This will positively impact the Local Snack Pack ranking and conversions.

Companies with many locations face the challenge of creating, optimizing and managing multiple Google Business Profiles. With our customised process, digitalagenten creates a scaling solution to optimally structure the profile across locations and keep it up to date.

Impress customers with Google Business Profile in search results.

Local SEO on-page factors: dominate local & organic rankings

Dominate local & organic rankings with local SEO on-page factors.

Optimize the local landing page to help it rank in the top positions for the relevant local keywords. Effective on-page optimization consists of various components that synergistically increase the ranking, customer satisfaction and thus success – these include:

  • Content marketing: Texts with added value containing keywords with a regional reference and meet the users’ search intentions. Suitable images, videos and metadata.
  • Information architecture: site and content structure along the customer journey. Easy for the algorithm to read. With internal links.
  • Load time optimization: Lean website that can be opened quickly. 
  • Structured data: Generate rich snippets that are displayed in the SERPs. 
  • User-friendly design: optimized for use on all devices (Responsive Design).

digitalagenten controls the local SEO on-page measures so that each of your locations or their local landing page has the best possible visibility.

Impress customers & search engines with reviews: trust creates sales

Make the decision easy for your target group. Use the power of good ratings to your advantage and acquire new customers with professional reputation management. For every additional rating star, your company’s turnover increases by an average of five to nine per cent.

Satisfied customers stay, attract new customers and signal to the search engine via good ratings that businesses are “significant” and worthy of recommendation.

Proactively gaining good ratings and having reputable moderation or a scalable response process is worthwhile because:

  • Ratings are an important trust factor and create trust because other customers value your offer and recommend it to others.
  • You build a reputation for your company/brand and position yourself as an expert.
  • You gain valuable feedback, improve your performance and can respond to criticism – this indicates proximity to customers and makes you authentic.
  • Your local SEO ranking improves, thanks to numerous good ratings.

Reviews as an important ranking factor

Reviews are among the top ranking factors for the local ranking of your company. Optimization here is worthwhile in the long term.

digitalagenten supports you with ratings on Google, rating platforms and on your local business presence:

  1. Generate reviews. 
  2. Manage reviews.
  3. Ensure reputation management.
  4. Create response processes.

Attention is paid to timeliness, frequency, different platforms, credibility and format for maximum benefit. Reviews with pictures or videos are valuable.

Relevante Bewertungen steigern Positionierung und Vertrauen

Multi-client moderation tool for your sites

The local SEO agency digitalagenten has developed a multi-client moderation tool for automatically collecting and managing Google reviews. This allows you to keep track of all the reviews received at all times, even if you have several sites, and you can grant individual participants the right to respond to the reviews as quickly as possible.

  • Email notifications of incoming reviews with the option to reply manually.
  • Automated response to Google reviews with templates. 
  • Reminders when reviews remain unanswered.

This tool means moderating reviews can be controlled centrally and/or delegated to individual business locations.

Local Citations: increase traffic, create contact opportunities & improve local rankings

Mentions on third-party sites are worth their weight in gold when it comes to local SEO. It’s more than just a matter of whether your site is linked. Top rankings use a mixture of structured citations (NAP) and unstructured mentions – a simple mention of the company without further data.

The visibility of your local landing pages is increased by local citations/listings because they are a ranking factor. Furthermore, you will appear more often in the top search results for relevant search terms with a local reference because your site has been placed on different third-party sites. Also, conversions from a local listing (mention + link) increases visibility and brings visitors who are already interested in what you offer.

  • Ranking boost for your site.
  • Being present in search results. 
  • Important business and contact data at a glance.
  • Acquire customers even outside your landing page.
Create local online marketing infrastructure around target audience touchpoints

Generate local citations:

Mentions can be built up organically and sustainably with continuous listings. For maximum success, digitalagenten ensures that local citations are only placed on relevant, location-based and reputable sites and that the links should ideally be “dofollow” links. For example:

  • Search engines (e.g. Google Business Profile). 
  • Map providers (e.g. Maps/Apple Maps). 
  • Yellow Pages and telephone directories.
  • News portals and newspapers.
  • Social media accounts (e.g. Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook).

Quality factors for local citations

A high-quality local citation must be accurate and should include the necessary contact information. Search engines also check whether the information matches other data about your business on other websites.

The number of entries found about you also influences the local SEO ranking. Mentions on particularly renowned, well-known portals are usually more effective.

Citations placed on websites specifically tailored to your industry or region provide the necessary relevance.

Automated local citations for the best rankings

Local SEO agency digitalagenten works with premium tools from partners such as YEXT and Ueberall. With these tools, we track down attractive websites and build, manage and, if necessary, update citations. Due to partial automation, the creation of local citations can also be managed in parallel for several locations.

digitalagenten has developed a tool as a scalable solution for cleaning up outdated entries in directories that are detrimental to rankings. This tool can be used to check all citations for current relevance and, if necessary, change or automatically delete them.

As a result, you present your customers and search engines with uniform information, create a coherent image and avoid losing prospective customers due to outdated data.

Impress customers with Google Business Profile in search results.

Backlinks: local linking as a ranking booster

Increase local ranking by building a balanced link profile. Backlinks, as part of local off-page SEO, are one of the most important ranking factors. Search engines recognise which websites link to your company site and deduce how relevant and “worth showing” you are.

A balanced, comprehensive link profile has crucial advantages for your local SEO:

  • Top rankings: Google understands backlinks as recommendations. The more links and the more relevant they are, the better your site can rank for local search queries.
  • Indexing: If other pages link to yours, the Google bot recognises this and can find, crawl and index the linked website more quickly (= make it visible for the search results).
  • Traffic: Visitors to the linking website can reach you directly using the backlink. This increases the flow of visitors and brings new customers – regardless of the ranking. This is especially important in the case of backlinks from highly frequented sites.
Backlinks increase the relevance of your site and build trust.

Choosing the right backlinks & the right mix is crucial

digitalagenten, the local business SEO agency, focuses on the most important factors determining a backlink’s value and effectiveness to achieve a ranking boost. These are:

  1. Domain authority: If the linking directory is more likely to appear in search queries, the domain authority is higher, and your ranking advantage is greater. 
  2. Page authority: the same principle as for domain authority, except in this case, only the sub-page from which your website is linked is checked. 
  3. Number of backlinks: The more frequently you are linked to, the more effective. Internal links also play a role.
  4. Relevance: There should be content or a local connection between the content on which your backlink is placed and your website. Indiscriminate backlinks generate significantly less link power and can even harm your ranking. 
  5. Link mix: It is not only the number of backlinks that matters but also the diversity of their origins. A healthy blend of directory links and organic links from different, relevant websites ensures optimal results in local SEO.

For a higher ranking, your links should be generated with anchor text (the word that links to your website) containing the keyword you want to rank with your local landing page.

Scalable citations and listing

digitalagenten optimizes all backlink factors so that you can enjoy the maximum boost in ranking.

Directory backlinks are built automatically with the help of professional tools from the “Local Citations” module. The result is a balanced link mix that signals the algorithm to increase your visibility and rankings.

Content is generated as part of the content creation process of such high quality that third-party websites are happy to “adopt” the content and link to the source (your website) organically/free of charge.

User signals - user-behaviour optimized website for top rankings

digitalagenten optimizes your website and your company profile in a way that optimizes user behaviour and thus improves local rankings:

  • CTR (Click-Through-Rate): How often is your site clicked on when it appears in the search results? Is the search result attractive to the searcher? 
  • Click-to-Call: How often is the call button in your Google Business Profile or on your site used to contact you?
  • Click-to-Directions: How often is the navigation button in your Google Business Profile or on your website used to locate your business?
  • Bounce rate: How many users leave without visiting another sub-page?
  • Dwell time: How long does a visitor stay on your site after clicking on the search result?
  • Scroll depth: What percentage of the web page is actually viewed? 

Returning visitors: How many users return to your business website later? Returning users are a strong indication that your website is persuasive.

Optimize user signals: more visibility & customers

User signals are always a reflection of the quality of your internet presence. To improve this, our agency specialists adjust your presence so that high user numbers reflect great work, advice and services.

Longer dwell times, a high CTR, a low bounce rate, many returning visitors, etc., guarantee that you impress search engines and real users.

Such optimization – especially of the UX – is also applicable to a multitude of local websites, company profiles and landing pages. It is perfectly adapted to the target group, their needs and your business model.

A website optimized for user behaviour brings better rankings.

Measure your regional visibility with a unique Local Visibility Index

Online Marketing Agency Visibility Index

With a Local Visibility Index, you can precisely measure the level of demand you want to attract: Whatever you have to offer in exactly the places where your branches are located: in the right place at the right time. This is the only way to make the strengths and weaknesses of the local competition visible.

With the Local Visibility Index, you can find out how your branches rank regionally and how they compare to the competition.

This special tracking form is required because the rankings change depending on the search location. Conventional tools do not consider this factor in your visibility index, so the results for your company locations are not particularly meaningful.

For companies that have many locations (e.g. parcel shops and department stores) who want to measure the performance of each branch for individual optimization to achieve top rankings, local visibility measurement is particularly worthwhile to:

  • Measure location-based ranking reliably.
  • Target optimization where there is high potential.
  • Compare with competitors and determine who is most visible on the map by area.

A digitalagent showcase featuring a company with four-figure branches demonstrated that the Local Visibility Index can measure visibility as no other tool can and that this data gives you a real competitive advantage.

Reliable measured values according to individual criteria

We create a database with an extensive keyword query for reliable results that considers all relevant, local keywords. The location is simulated as if the searcher were near your branch. This query is repeated regularly so that developments in SERPs can be tracked. Calculating the search volume and click rate results in a quantitative, easily comparable value for the keywords as a whole – for your websites and the competition.

The Local Visibility Index can also retrieve specific data by deciding whether only certain business areas, branches or competitors are compared. The results are displayed in a descriptive graph.

Local SEO agency meets social media: exploiting synergies

Catch people where they like to spend a long time: on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. Having your own social media presence for your locations is worthwhile if you:

  • Want to improve your local rankings using social signals (likes & shares).
  • Target your audience on another channel or expand it to include social media users. 
  • Communicate and interact directly with your customers. 
  • Want to attract attention with high-quality content and so convince customers.
  • Increase local visibility by geotagging your posts.
  • Want to generate local listings for your landing page and be more present in search results.
  • Want to link from social media to your website – and vice versa.

Social media experts hand in hand with local SEO

As a social media marketing agency, the experts at digitalagenten know how to use social media marketing (SMM) to optimize local search engine optimization.

Consequently, the social media strategy can become integral to your local SEO consulting.

  • Identify platforms, and create and maintain accounts. 
  • Optimize social signals, encourage interaction and use the synergy between interaction and local SEO ranking.
  • Create high-quality content (texts, images and videos).
  • Link between the website and social media.
  • Use location features to reach people nearby. 
  • Use social media ads to display advertisements to possible target groups in your region.

More about the services and advice provided by our social media marketing experts.

Increase the visibility of your locations with social media.

Beat the market & reach the top: local SEO from digitalagenten

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In the end, what counts is measurable success. We manage, monitor and evaluate all data streams from your local SEO campaigns, create reports and devise approaches to optimize and improve performance.

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Agile working

Adaptability, clear communication, innovation and openness to technology, coupled with efficient processes, enable you to react quickly to market and environment changes so that you are always that crucial step ahead of your competitors.

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Holistic approach

We take a holistic approach to achieve the maximum local SEO benefit for you. Each component is a cog in the complex clockwork of online marketing. When the components interlock, the desired success will be achieved.

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Business solutions

Whether for just a few or many locations, a customised strategy with scaling tools optimizes all relevant performance factors. You will benefit from individual SEO solutions that fit your company.

Arrange a free initial consultation

Stay ahead of the competition with customised local SEO and position your business in the long-term to become the local market leader that wins attractive customers:

More visibility. More traffic. More conversion. More customers.

More turnover! 

In your free and non-binding initial consultation, we will show you the potential of local SEO for your businesses, conduct an individualised analysis and outline a multi-site roadmap adapted to your business model.

Questions and answers: local business SEO services

SEO content optimization (on-page) is about finding search queries that frequently generate enquiries. The higher the keyword search volume, the more people will see your listing and become aware of your business. In addition to the search volume, you must meet the user’s search intention with your offer or content. It is only worth optimizing for keywords that fit your business and generate enquiries that match your industry/area.

As part of the local SEO services, the agency will conduct a comprehensive keyword analysis to determine attractive keywords. Based on our findings, your team can decide which measures can improve the ranking for the highest-frequency and most profitable search queries – backlinks, citations, content creation, etc.

Advertising or PPC ads are not part of local SEO. PPC ads can nevertheless contribute to local businesses and their services being found more easily. For example, Google Ads can be placed so that they are displayed to users from your city for relevant search terms. Unlike SEO, ads continually cost money.

After our SEO experts analyse the market and the competition, you can decide whether you also want to use ads in parallel with SEO to quickly attract more visitors by positioning your products or services more prominently in local search queries.

The team at our local SEO agency also includes specialists in placing ads and SEA (Search Engine Advertising). So if you want immediate success – without waiting for your rankings to increase – you can use Google or Social Media Marketing (SEA/SMM) with ads to generate more enquiries quickly in a targeted manner. During the consultation, we will determine whether additional ads complement your local SEO marketing profitably.

It is worthwhile for you to enquire about an SEO agency because, in your day-to-day business, you may often lack the time and expertise to expand your local SEO sales channel, which is particularly important for companies operating regionally. With a local SEO agency, you get a team that can bring the necessary expertise and experience gained from a large number of customer references on board. As an external services provider, the agency covers all services that are part of successful local SEO, from analysis to entries that rank first in the local search engines.

digitalagenten advises your business individually so that measures, workflows and processes suit you. It is a reliable service provider and business partner that focuses on what you are looking for and need.

Local SEO offsite factors play a pivotal role in boosting your digital presence and visibility. These factors, which encompass elements such as backlinks, social signals, and Google Business Profile management, significantly enhance your site’s SEO performance. Effective management of these factors helps improve your website’s reputation and trustworthiness, which is essential in marketing your services and products to local customers.

Moreover, general SEO offsite factors provide valuable networking opportunities and improve the likelihood of attracting relevant traffic to your website. This targeted approach to SEO can contribute to higher conversion rates and enhance customer engagement, providing an overall boost to your local marketing strategy.


– digitalagenten – Your Local SEO agency, Berlin