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With the right analytics optimization, you will achieve your goals faster: With professionally evaluated analytics data, you will always make the right decision. Your tracking data is used by our team to determine exactly how the current success of your digital marketing campaigns should be assessed and how you can tap unused potential. Gain control of your Google Analytics data and get going! Get to know the needs of your website visitors better and improve the measuring points and goals of the tracking of your website and app. Introduce more targeted marketing measures and look forward to more deals and a higher conversion rate. Want to know how this works? Our team would be happy to give you more detailed advice!

The analytics agency for targeted web analysis services

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Focused optimization of the right key figures

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Reduction of wastage

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Complete cost transparency

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Clear preparation

A tried and tested best practice process

Tracking and reporting

Focus on the essentials: Through targeted reporting with a tailor-made dashboard, you always have an overview of the figures that are most important for the performance of your digital marketing.

Optimization measures

Maximum efficiency through synergies from well-founded SEO, SEA and social media measures. This is how you generate the maximum return from every measure.

Continuous improvement

With precise tracking of success and targeted next steps, your marketing investments will continuously become more profitable.

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Arrange a free consultation with our team

We will show you how you can achieve the goals of your digital marketing campaign faster with a strategic tracking concept and win more clients. Arrange a free initial meeting with our Google Analytics experts in Berlin and see for yourself the services and references of our Google Analytics agency.

The key to successful web analysis

Consulting services

The tailor-made timetable for maximum success measurement.

Define targeted measurement points based on the business model and current web standards and intelligently resolve conflicting goals between performance and data protection.


Record user behavior precisely

With precise tracking using the Google Tag Manager, collect all key figures on different channels and adjust them individually at any time.

Reporting and optimization services

Recognize and tap unused potential

With targeted reporting, you can keep an eye on performance successes at all times and continuously make more profitable marketing investments.

The right Google Analytics agency in Berlin: four reasons to choose digitalagenten

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Holistic focus

The right tracking concept makes it possible to bundle information and use it in a targeted manner by transferring analytics data from various project levels into a central sales funnel concept.

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Efficiency and know-how transfer

We implement all web analysis measures quickly and in a quality-conscious manner. Thanks to integrated coordination processes, you benefit from a continuous transfer of know-how. You decide which measures to implement yourself and when and how much support you need from our team. At the same time, all process steps are continuously improved based on current innovations and trends.

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Transparency & sustainability

Customized web analysis concepts guarantee long-term visibility. Concrete target agreements with precise key figures are the foundation for all monitoring and reporting. They create transparency in all process steps and ensure sustainable success.

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Agile process and price management

The implementation of the analytics strategies is based on agile working methods and priciples. Thanks to continuous feedback loops, our team can react flexibly to new challenges and thus use your budget optimally. Variable price models guarantee full cost control and continuously adapt to your goals.

More targeted tracking and agile adjustments with the Google Tag Manager

Google Analytics Agency: Make precise decisions with targeted tracking and high quality analytics reports.

Make precise decisions with high-quality analytics reports that provide an exact picture of the target group. For cross-channel tracking of websites and apps, the implementation of the tracking code on the pages takes place via the Google Tag Manager. Together, we determine the appropriate measurement values ​​for your company goal and use specific code snippets (tags) to evaluate this data directly on the website. Thanks to the tags, changes to the source code of the website are superfluous. The advantage: measured values ​​such as leads, conversions and retargeting lists from Google Analytics, Google Ads or other third-party provider tools can be tracked faster and more agilely with the Google Tag Manager, because requirements in projects often change: with the Google Tag Manager tracking codes can be flexibly adapted on the individual pages, new KPIs can be easily tracked and sources of error can be identified and corrected more quickly – without additional coordination with the IT department.

Better overview with an individual tracking tool for all key figures

Only the combination of different data and sources makes online marketing reporting complete and meaningful. That is why tracking is based on all important data sources such as Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Quintly, Sistrix, Searchmetrics, Google Ads and MajesticSEO. Analytics data from social media such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are collected via the Facebook Business Manager, buzzsumo or Fanpage Karma. Usually each data source includes its own analysis tool. The evaluation of the analysis data is accordingly time-consuming and confusing. With Google Data Studio or Tableau, you get a real-time dashboard that is individually tailored to your business model and collects all relevant tracking data centrally – including competition monitoring. Thanks to the automated reports, you have all the key figures at a glance and can quickly see where optimization measures are necessary. All reports are also available in Excel or PDF format and can thus be quickly sent to relevant decision-makers.

Web analytics tracking tools: tracking in combination of all important data sources for a meaningful reporting.
Marketing Sales Funnel Optimization along all stages of the sales funnels.

Convert prospects into buyers with Sales Funnel Analytics

Guide your users based on specific web analysis data from the first touchpoint to conversion: A successful web analysis records user behavior at all points of the customer journey and assigns the analytics data to the individual phases of the sales funnel. In this way, you can see which hurdles users encounter on the way to the target conversion. Identify digital bottlenecks faster and initiate specific measures to improve the customer flow at the individual measuring points.

Analytics support on demand – according to your needs

Advice and support in one: Benefit from 100 percent know-how transfer in all analytics steps! Decide for yourself how much advice and support you want from our team and which web analysis steps you want to implement independently. In workshops, seminars and training courses you will receive the necessary analytical skills to analyze tracking data in a targeted manner and to derive and implement operational measures. Alternatively, we will control your entire tracking campaign from analysis to reporting. Whether full-service support or know-how transfer: As a certified Google partner agency, our team helps you to use your marketing budget efficiently on the basis of specific tracking data and to continuously improve your online marketing campaigns.

Google Analytics Agency: Benefit from 100% know-how transfer in all analytics steps.


Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions from our clients on the subject of web analysis services.

Web analysis is used to measure success and thus forms the prerequisite for the targeted use of online marketing measures in the field of SEO (search engine optimization) and SEA (search engine advertising). With the help of a professional web analysis, the strengths and weaknesses of a website can be identified in order to define goals for increasing performance. On the basis of specific key figures, the web analysis makes it clear which goals have already been achieved and which untapped potential can be used to develop specific measures for a sustainable increase in sales.

Every business model requires an individual tracking campaign. Together we determine the most important KPIs that are really relevant to achieving your online marketing goals. In general, this includes website data such as impressions, click rate, specific search queries, origin of the visitors or the length of stay. Most of the time, this data is measured by various web analysis services and tools, such as from Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Ads, Searchmetrics etc. All results are summarized in an audit. We would be happy to prepare a no-obligation quotation for a tailor-made tracking concept and assist your company in setting up Google Analytics and other web analysis tools.

E-commerce tracking campaigns are indispensable for online shops because they provide targeted data on the sales process of their clients. Using the data from Google Analytics, shop operators can find out, for example, when certain products were bought by whom. Popular product categories, total sales or abandoned sales can be identified with e-commerce tracking, as can the number of website visits before a customer submits an order. In addition, the results of Google Analytics and other tools can show how high the advertising expenditure is in a particular online marketing channel and how it relates to the income. On the basis of this information, SEO and SEA measures can be improved, online marketing goals defined more precisely, and a company’s turnover on the web increased sustainably. Whether consulting, implementation, monitoring or reporting: check out the references for our Google Analytics agency in the field of e-commerce in a free initial consultation.

All data from the web analysis flow together in a clear dashboard. It forms the basis for tailor-made ongoing monitoring based on all important KPIs and goals of a company. Based on the dashboard, a general report or a customized report can be created.

Web analysis is carried out according to strict data protection guidelines. Accordingly, the user’s consent is required for all web analysis tools before tracking begins. There are specific guidelines for the evaluation and storage of personal data. Web analysis tools such as Google Analytics should therefore be configured so that no IP addresses are saved. As a web analysis partner, we ensure that your Google Analytics account is set up in compliance with data protection regulations and that the data protection declaration of your website complies with current requirements.

Incorrectly set-up and configured Google Analytics accounts can severely impair the success of online marketing campaigns and significantly reduce the ROI (return on investment) of companies. Because incorrect or duplicate data falsify the analysis data and often lead to incorrect interpretations. The result: online marketing budgets for SEO measures or ads advertising are not used effectively. A professional analytics audit puts your current tracking concept to the test. It shows whether traffic data is measured properly and whether it is sufficiently informative to achieve a company’s goals. As a Google Analytics agency, we have many years of experience in setting up all common web analysis tools. Contact us now and find out more about our services in a free consultation.

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