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digitalagenten uses a customised solution to support you in managing the reviews and ratings of several company sites in a clear and fully automated way. Thanks to a prompt response to new reviews, you will strengthen customer satisfaction and visibly stand out from your competitors and impress potential customers at the touch of a button.

In other words, companies, particularly those with several locations, face the challenge of professionally monitoring, evaluating and responding to online reviews.

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Studies show that 77 per cent of consumers always or regularly read reviews of local businesses on Google, social networks such as Facebook, review portals, and platforms such as Trustpilot or sales portals such as Amazon or eBay. 89 per cent of consumers are ‘very’ or ‘quite’ likely to use a business that responds to all their online reviews (BrightLocal: Local Consumer Review 2022).

These days, online reviews are more important than ever in determining whether a visitor becomes a customer. Reviews and comments are particularly relevant in local Google searches: The more constructive and positive reviews your business has, the better you will rank in search engines.

Perform better, thanks to professional review management

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Win new customers

Review management increases customer interaction. This makes your business more attractive to potential new customers and increases your turnover in the long term.

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Increase rankings and presence

Online reviews on Google have a great influence on your Google rankings in organic searches and Google Maps. With increased visibility in search engines, you automatically generate new leads.

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Maintain image

Show your best side: Moderated feedback and reactions to enquiries, opinions, and criticism improve your brand image and build trust with your target group.

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Save resources

With a professional review management system, you can manage the ratings of several business locations in a standardised, reliable and efficient way and use your resources profitably.

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Whether 10, 1,000 or 10,000 locations, with a fully automated review management tool, you will keep track even with a large number of reviews and comments on different portals. In a free initial consultation, we will be happy to guide you on profitably managing online reviews in any industry, even as a business with multiple locations. Learn how to reduce negative reviews, increase positive reviews and respond to comments quickly and transparently.

Review management agency: support & tailored advice for your business

We support your review management according to your needs by providing advice and support in implementing measures or ready-to-use tailor-made solutions. You decide which review management measures you want to implement yourself and what level of advice and support you need depending on your business requirements. It doesn’t matter whether you want to respond to all new reviews automatically with one click or prefer to respond to your customers personally: With digitalagenten’s review management tool, it’s possible.

With our workshops, seminars and training, your team will acquire the necessary knowledge and numerous tips to generate local visibility, trust, new visitors and new customers on their own.




Building blocks for successful review management

Google Business Profile

Be visible in local searches and on Google Maps.

All relevant business data with photos and reviews at a glance.

Customer reviews and questions from all locations at a glance via a simple dashboard.


All customer reviews at a glance.

Customer reviews and questions from all locations at a glance via a simple dashboard.

Local SEO

Have a presence in search queries with a local connection.

Optimize business websites for all locations, ensuring top placement in local search results, increased visibility and more enquiries.

Local Listing

Impressive profiles in local directories.

Be found where customers are looking for you: in local directories, yellow pages, online directories, etc.

Google Cleaner

Automatically update and delete outdated business data.

Increase relevance and respectability for Google and customers with uniform company data and a consistent image.

Content Generator

Unique SEO content, optimised for your ideal keywords, for each location using AI.

Avoid penalties for duplicate content by using automatically generated SEO texts from optimized modules.

Raise the company profile with Google ratings and reviews

Online reviews are often the only information potential customers have about a business or its products and services to help them make a purchase decision. Therefore, online reviews often receive many views and are very helpful for customers. The mirror that customers hold up to a company shapes its reputation significantly:

  • Lots of recent Google reviews improve your business’s ranking in local searches.
  • Positive reviews raise the perception of your products and services.
  • Online reviews show that your listing is genuine and you already have customers.
  • They reflect user satisfaction and experience.
  • Reviews and ratings enjoy high trust levels, similar to personal recommendations (Trust Signal).
  • They provide an essential link for customer communication as a feedback loop and reference.
  • Reviews and images offer valuable insights and knowledge about your business and competitors.
Improve star ratings with review management.

Every online review counts: don't let valuable potential go unused

Companies that do not actively integrate online reviews into their marketing strategy give away valuable potential.

1. Unused customer feedback

Reviews are not captured as part of the monitoring process, and valuable customer feedback goes unheard.

2. Missed sales

Bad reviews go unanswered and influence the user’s buying decisions.

3. Loss of image

Responses to reviews depend on individuals and do not follow a uniform standard.

Use negative Google reviews for competitive advantage with professional reputation management

It is not only online reviews and your customers’ images that determine the success of your business, but rather how you deal with the reviews. Take advantage of professional review management to boost your reputation and strengthen your customer loyalty and online presence despite critical comments, complaints and one-star ratings.

Ensure the best possible image online

Manage customer ratings worldwide, even with multiple company locations

With professional review management, you retain an overview – even with thousands of Google ratings and reviews. If you are a business with multiple locations, digitalagenten’s reputation management tool can help you deal with criticism uniformly and professionally. Together, we will establish an efficient response process where you decide which reviews will be answered either by an employee or in a fully automated way.

With the help of digitalagenten’s interface tool, all your company’s locations can respond to reviews for the location using the Google company profile. The advantage for you: You can use the freed-up resources profitably to implement further online marketing measures.

Optimize many locations with review management.

Evaluate feedback systematically with a clear review dashboard

Everything at a glance - review management dashboard.

With the customised review dashboard, no review will ever get lost again: Our intuitive management interface enables a clear overview of all new and old ratings and reviews. Various filter options facilitate the management of online reviews. Thus, reviews can be categorised and specifically evaluated and answered more quickly and easily.

With the help of the dashboard:

  • You receive an overview of the number of reviews or the review average. 
  • You can selectively display all locations with only 1-star ratings within a specific time. 
  • Filter your ratings according to the status of the responses and quickly get an overview of which ratings have yet to be responded to, which have been responded to automatically or individually, or which have been deleted.
  • The amendment history of each response can be retrieved.

Collect, manage, reply, delete: Google review management in 4 steps

Thanks to our professional review management process, you can take control and ensure a positive reputation for your company on the web. With the review management tool, you can collect, manage and respond to customer reviews and ratings for businesses with many locations quickly and clearly in just one place. This is how you manage your online reviews fully and automatically in four steps:

Review management increases trust with customers.

Step 1: Survey the status quo

Retrieve and store all existing Google reviews, ratings, comments and responses from your business and all locations.

Step 2: Monitoring & manual response

Collect new Google reviews per location every 24 hours. Notification by email with the option of manual reply.

Step 3: Fully automatic response

Fully automatic and highly individualised response to reviews without any typing unless a manual response is received within a defined period of time.

Step 4: Notification and deletion

Deletion of individual unjustified or fake reviews or offensive comments after a request has been made.

Study: Google reviews require action from insurance companies

Study on review management cover: Google reviews in the insurance industry.

There is plenty of optimization potential in the insurance industry when it comes to dealing with Google reviews: This is shown by the digitalagenten study “Google reviews in the insurance industry”. Learn from the 19 largest German insurers and find out how to use Google reviews profitably for your company.

Connecting with customers with local listings

To connect with your target audience, you need to be visible where people are looking for what you have to offer. Listings in local online directories, apps and maps are helpful, and these help you to pick up your customers at crucial touchpoints.

But only error-free, appealing, consistent and complete information offers users added value. As well as contact data, this also includes your company’s logo and images. For companies with several locations, data maintenance can quickly become a pain point. The fully automated tools from digitalagenten publish and cleanse your company data in local directories at the touch of a button, enabling an error-free customer journey. This lays the foundation for satisfied customers and positive online reviews.

Create local online marketing infrastructure around target audience touchpoints

Ahead of the competition: review management with digitalagenten

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Tailor-made business solutions

Whether you have one location or hundreds: digitalagenten can help implement review management that suits your company. Be it a fully automated solution or individual processes - you decide how you want to use the review management tool.

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Efficient & agile working

The establishment of your review management processes is based on agile working practices and methods. Continuous feedback loops help ensure that processes are constantly optimized and adapted to current challenges.

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Support & knowledge transfer

With digitalagenten, you can rely on all-around support. A central point of contact ensures quick and easy communication. You will learn how to optimize your review management in workshops, seminars and training courses.

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Holistic approach

Review management is a holistic process and only one part of the online marketing mix. Our agency's comprehensive consulting services combine individual components and services. This allows us to make conscious use of synergies.

Next-level review management:

Scalability of review management consulting for all of your company’s locations and support that is individually tailored to your processes are crucial building blocks that sustainably increase visibility, traffic and sales.

Contact us by phone or email or give us a call to benefit from the experience and knowledge of our review management agency in Berlin. As part of our free and non-binding initial consultation, we will give you a broad overview and initial tips on how the building blocks for effective review management can be profitably and scalably implemented.

Questions and answers on review management

Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions from our customers on managing Google ratings and reviews.

Businesses secure a decisive competitive advantage with the professional management of Google reviews. Many users notice online reviews and professional handling of them is essential. Negative reviews affect the reputation of your business and can have far-reaching consequences. A business with three or fewer stars in the average rating ensures that its competitors are favoured.

Monitor, respond, evaluate: With professional review management, you show potential new customers that your company constantly responds to customer feedback, can deal with criticism and does not simply let it stand. In addition, you increase the bond with your customers through continuous communication. With optimized review management, your website will achieve better rankings on search engines in the long term. As a result, your website will receive more visitors, and the conversion rate will increase. Lastly, professional review management ensures that potential customers get a positive image of your company.

Google ratings and reviews are an essential indicator of your customer satisfaction, acting as a reflection of your customers’ experiences with your service or products. For businesses, these reviews serve a dual purpose: they not only strengthen the perception of your service or products but also function as a trust signal for prospective customers, similar to personal recommendations. They provide crucial insights into your business’ performance and reveal potential areas of growth. Furthermore, for online visibility, Google reviews play a decisive role in a website’s ranking in search results. The more up-to-date Google reviews users give your business, the more likely your service is to rise in local search results on Google Maps or the app.

There are several ways for businesses to get more relevant Google reviews. For example, you can directly ask your customers to review your business and its products or services through email contact, newsletters or links on your homepage or blog asking for a review. See your satisfied customers as partners in review management. Alternatively, use advertising space at your locations to ask for reviews. Most importantly, regularly remind your customers to rate your business or service on Google Maps or social media such as Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn and send feedback.

Our tip: Set a positive example. Respond to reviews regularly. This way, your customers see that you value customer interaction. But don’t overdo it. If you ask for reviews too excessively, it could affect the rating. In the worst case, your customers will turn to your competitors next time. So the rule is quality over quantity. While you should aim for more reviews, they should be relevant to your business. Finally, the content of the review matters.

A review for a business or service on Google Maps is quickly submitted. First, open a Google account, select a location in the browser or app, click on the relevant stars and submit: done. Online reviews on a Google Business Profile get a high number of views. Continuous monitoring is, therefore, of great importance.

With proper handling, even a negative review, opinion or star rating on Google can help your company convert users into new customers. This means that negative reviews should not be ignored or deleted lightly, but should be answered constructively. Responding to positive or negative reviews is particularly important for any business. This is how you maintain continuous customer contact and show interested users that you use constructive criticism to improve your company or service. Therefore, open your corporate culture to valuable criticism. But also find the best reaction to subjective user comments and state the most important reasons why you find the review subjective. 

Of course, a review can be inappropriate, unjustified or defamatory. In this case, it makes sense to report the negative review. If Google finds a violation of its guidelines for reviews, you can have the entry deleted from your profile, and this is your right. Generally, Google requires users to familiarise themselves with its content guidelines before posting a review.

Google cannot easily delete a negative star rating or review by itself. Even if the rating or review is illegal or violates Google’s policies, it may be displayed on Google. If you think it is such a review, click the “Request removal of reviews” button. If it doesn’t meet Google guidelines, Google will delete the rating or review. In most cases, the negative rating or review takes two to four weeks to be removed from the internet. But Google does not always delete every rating or review that its users report. In such cases, digitalagenten supports you in removing unjustified ratings.

Yes. Every user can conveniently add a rating via smartphone, tablet or laptop on Google Maps. However, in order for a user to write their own review, they usually need to create a Google account. When publishing the review, they will be asked to provide their name or the address of their Google account.

All reviews, customer opinions and posts on Google Maps are voluntarily submitted. Buying Google reviews is illegal. By buying “reviews”, you violate both the Google Maps guidelines and terms of use and German competition law.


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