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High rankings in organic searches using search engines remain the most powerful and sustainable driver of sales figures for companies online – despite the increasing importance of Google advertising (AdWords/Ads) and social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram. As a result, marketing teams are looking to generate guaranteed site traffic and reach customers in the long-term need strong-performing websites thanks to search engine optimisation (SEO). The SEO team at our online marketing consulting agency in Berlin helps companies enjoy greater success by implementing a comprehensive and tailor-made SEO strategy.

Greater performance with search engine optimisation (SEO)

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Top ranking

Improved placement on search engines such as Google and Bing.

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More visits

Attract more visitors to your own website permanently.

Online Marketing Agentur Berlin

Increasing number of leads

Make the most of the enhanced interest shown by prospective customers.

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More new customers

Our marketing team helps you generate noticeably more new customers via your own websites.

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Search Engine Marketing Agentur Berlin

Come and book your initial SEO consultation with our team, free of charge!

On your marks, get set, go: increase your visibility and sales figures even with a small budget, starting from just EUR 1,000 per month. Do you have a complex product? Are you looking to link your digital online marketing processes in an agile and efficient way? If so, our team can help get your business ready for the digital future. So why not get in touch and make the most of our initial consultation free of charge and detailed services provided by our SEO agency in Berlin! We are happy to provide you with the SEO references for digitalagenten and show you how SEO can help your company enjoy success.

Professional SEO support: What you can benefit from

SEO expertise

In-depth marketing and SEO knowledge of experienced Google experts at our online marketing consulting agency.


Professional implementation and continuous optimization of SEO measures on your website.

First class SEO service

Customised and comprehensive SEO service and ultra precise consulting to the highest standards.

Building blocks for a successful SEO strategy:

Know what customers are searching for.

Discover search terms relevant to your target groups and lay the foundations for visibility on search engines like Google or Bing.

Stop searching, start finding!

Make the search for information easier for both users and search engines.

Make decisions more easily.

Analyse competitor activity and safeguard your own competitiveness.

Missed opportunity exploration: Identify untapped potential for future success.

Missed Opportunity

Make better use of opportunities.

Determine potential for future years based on demand, page impressions, clicks, leads and conversions.

Best practice down to the finest detail.

Continuous testing and features of the page based on the latest web and SEO standards.

Leverage marketing potential.

“Content is king”: put your own website content through its paces and identify potential for optimized content planning.

Offsite potential development: external links for increased credibility.

Offsite Potential

Enjoy optimum networking.

See the bigger picture: add external links to relevant websites and, in doing so, enhance the credibility of your own websites.

Increase customer loyalty and visibility with social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing

Utilise all available synergies.

Start a conversation: more interactions, more fans and more customers thanks to efficient community management and inspiring social media marketing formats.

Inform, convince and impress.

Content that impresses users and Google: stimulate interest with customer and search engine-optimized text.

The right SEO agency in Berlin: four reasons for choosing digitalagenten

Top quality SEO consulting and SEO support
Online Marketing Agentur Berlin

Focus On The Bigger Picture

Having the right SEO strategy through the efficient integration and networking of various inbound channels will allow you (your company/business) to utilise synergies. This results in a higher organic traffic, thanks to the best possible digital marketing performance.

Suchmaschinen Agentur Berlin

Agile Process Development and Pricing

All of our SEO strategies are implemented using agile working procedures and methods. Regular feedback loops allow you to respond flexibly to challenges that you face and make optimum use of your budget. Variable pricing models are adjusted in line with your targets, enabling full cost control.

Online Marketing Agentur Berlin

Efficiency & Know-how Transfer

We implement SEO marketing measures rapidly with quality in mind. We can also ensure know-how transfer thanks to the integrated coordination processes in place. You decide whether you want to take control yourself, along with how much support you will need. The latest innovations and trends are incorporated into the continuous optimization of all process steps and guarantee the best results.

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Sustainability and Transparency

Permanent visibility: In our SEO strategies, quick wins are merely a stop-off on the way towards sustainable success. Specific agreed targets along with monitoring of and reporting on the latest metrics ensure transparency during all process steps.

SEO Audit free of charge

Elemente des kostenfreien SEO Audit

Sustainable SEO Strategies Thanks To Continuous Optimization

SEO Strategy: Optimizing keywords, site structure, Social- & offsite optimization as the key steps.

Three steps to high-performing SEO:

All key SEO ranking factors are taken into account for optimum ranking in Google and Bing search engines. All SEO strategies consist of three easy steps that must be implemented consistently:

1. Keyword Optimization Of All Documents

We optimize each individual document on a website using various tools for the relevant company subject and/or keywords. Onsite SEO (also referred to as on-page optimization) is based both on technical as well as content-based factors.

2. Website Structure Optimization

Internal links are a key ranking factor in Google’s algorithm. By implementing a demand-oriented information architecture, structures and internal links will be specifically placed according to their semantic context. The search engine can then understand them as quickly as possible.

3. Social And Offsite Optimization

External links enhance search engine trust in the domain. Strategic off-page measures establish a complex network to and/or from external locations with other subject-related websites – via content marketing and positive signals from social media platforms.

SEO allows your company to be discovered, even without an advertising budget.

Successful planning, implementation & optimization

SEO strategies that are aligned with your own company goals: You decide the extent to which know-how is to be incorporated into the consultation, planning, optimization and monitoring of your SEO marketing measures. Our team offers optimized services tailored specifically for SMEs that cater for any budget, starting from just EUR 1,000 per month! Our services are true to the motto of “Plan less, do more”. Arrange a consultation with our Berlin agency by phone or email. Our team would be delighted to show you how you can significantly increase your sales figures in your sector by using SEO. See what our offers and references have to say about our agency! We are on hand to assist you with specific recommendations and support.

Scalable Google businessprofile optimization in 3 phases

Plan, build & optimize your project

Agile Best Practice Processes For Sustainable SEO Consulting And Support

What a successful SEO strategy looks like

The proven best practice model combines all aspects of search engine optimization in a consistent way – and has been used successfully by our agency’s Google Marketing experts for many years in the projects they have worked on.

The proven “Planning – Implementation – Optimization” process model ensures that all of the required technical stages of SEO have been adequately taken into account – from analysis to planning and implementation, right through to optimization. This applies not just to SEO projects, but also SEA/Google Ads projects as well. This method is flexible enough to be able to adequately reflect the specific requirements for each website.

Individual challenges and special features associated with a project are worked out in the planning phase. They represent the most important raw data for the next stages of the project in search engine marketing, and particularly so in search engine optimization. Ideally, this process will begin before the website design has been determined.

Keyword analysis and search intent: Knowing where and how to generate maximum SEO success

Success in search engine optimization means providing the most relevant response to a user’s search intent. This is achieved by focusing the content exactly on the search intention of your target audience. Therefore, it is important to know how your target audience is searching and what for.

A detailed keyword analysis is the foundation of a successful content and SEO strategy aimed at increasing visibility, visitors, leads, sales and turnover. This involves analysing which keywords are searched for and how often.

This analysis can be used to assess the relevance of individual keywords. The SEO content focuses on the following:

  • Keywords that are searched for frequently.
  • Keywords that play a decisive role in the sales process.
  • Avoiding wasting resources on irrelevant or rarely searched keywords.

digitalagenten use the best keyword tools for comprehensive research. These enable in-depth analyses, identify keywords and highlight opportunities to improve ranking. Websites, subpages and blogs are optimized for the relevant keyword. Companies with many locations benefit from local keyword analyses to improve the rankings of individual location websites throughout the country.

Content throughout the customer journey

For the best rankings and highest conversion rate, offering content that engages the customer and fulfills their expectations is crucial. Content should align with the user’s search intention, according to the keyword for which the subpage should rank. Websites that holistically meet the search intention will rank better on search engines. The result is an improvement in user signals:

  • The click-through rate from the search result to the landing page is improved.
  • The time on site is extended.
  • The bounce rate is improved.
  • The visitor finds suitable content, which increases the probability of conversion. 
  • The visitor enters the customer journey at the point where they currently find themselves (e.g., when gathering information). Provide the opportunity to pitch with a transactional offer after an informative search.

Focusing on the search intention automatically develops a network of subpages that follows the customer journey. digitalagenten will analyse potential customers’ expectations for relevant keywords and design the corresponding information architecture, then, in the next step, generate content adapted to the target group and search intention. This can be divided into three types:

  • Navigational: Explicit search for a company/provider (e.g. digitalagenten).
  • Informational: Search for information, explanations, guides, comparisons, etc. (e.g. What are the advantages of SEO?)
  • Transactional: Search for products, services or offers (e.g. SEO agency).
Content throughout the customer journey

Benchmark & competitor analysis: Identify SEO weaknesses, turn them into strengths & outperform the competition

A lot can be learned from your competitors, particularly those who are currently at the top of the search results. Benchmarking and competitor analysis identify the most effective practices that can be adopted from these competitors. This makes it possible to match or even overtake the “best in the class”.

With professional tools, your website is repeatedly compared with the competition while considering relevant factors. This analysis enables:

  • Sensible prioritization of SEO optimizations.
  • Identification of the measures that have the most significant possible effect on rankings.
  • Regular benchmarking to fine-tune and analyse the competition.

If you have multiple locations, an individual competitor analysis is required for each branch. For this purpose, digitalagenten uses a scalable, semi-automated solution that allows each location to be benchmarked against the competition so that they can occupy the top local rankings.

Wir haben unsere Dienstleistungen und Ihre Kennzahlen immer im Blick: Transparent Fortschritte erfassen und durch Erfahrung die Leistungen stärken, die für Ihr Business noch bessere Ergebnisse versprechen. Kosteneffizientes Optimierung in allen Bereich der Google Suchmaschinenoptimierung.

Meaningful benchmarks for SEO competitor analysis

digitalagenten creates an individually tailored benchmark analysis, comparing competitors’ SEO ranking factors with your website’s. In this way, we always measure against competitors whose websites hit the targets. Relevant comparison data can include:

  • Visibility of the website: How often and in which position is the website displayed in the search results? Is it successful?
  • On-page optimization: e.g., headlines, metadata, etc. 
  • Keywords: What are the rankings for relevant keywords? 
  • Technical optimization: e.g., loading times, subpage indexing.
  • Content: Is there a content base of optimized texts, and is it being expanded? 
  • Backlinks/Local Citations: How often is the website linked or mentioned by third parties?

Subsequently, digitalagenten bases all SEO measures on the benchmark data – aiming to beat the benchmark, outperform the competition and become a benchmark for competitors.

SEO Audit in-depth analysis: Determine the current situation & define the target situation

Exploit the knowledge advantage that detailed benchmarking and a comprehensive SEO audit give you, then take the shortest, most efficient route to the top of the search results. With an SEO audit, you will create a foundation for generating more visibility, customers and sales in the future through SEO. All SEO-relevant aspects of your website are examined in a detailed analysis of the current situation. Combining benchmarking (see above) and an SEO audit is particularly beneficial.

Measures necessary to sustainably improve your rankings are developed, categorised and prioritised depending on the initial situation and objectives. The result is a list of measures that serves as a roadmap for further action. In addition, an SEO audit enables a reliable cost estimate, which provides security for planning.

SEO Agentur Berlin - ganzheitliche Beratung Suchmaschinenoptimierung: wir fügen das Puzzle zusammen

Identify optimization opportunities – SEO audit components

Your SEO audit can be broken down into four core areas, with an individual focus on individual areas or the entire range. 

  • On-Page SEO:
    • Linking
    • Metadata
    • Image SEO
    • URLs
    • Information Architecture
  • Off-Page SEO:
    • Backlinks
    • (Local) Citations
    • Trustworthiness/Authority
  • Technical SEO:
    • PageSpeed
    • Robots.txt (Indexing)
    • Security (SSL certificate)
    • Redirects/Broken links 
  • Content:
    • Keyword optimization/SEO texts
    • Structured data (markups)
    • Duplicate content
    • Keyword density
    • Search intention

digitalagenten will conduct a customised SEO audit, identify ranking potential, develop a package of measures, and, if you wish, supervise further SEO optimization. Alternatively, you can take over the optimization or partially use digitalagenten’s support. Choose exactly the kind of support you need.

Individual SEO audits are worthwhile for companies with several locations – especially for websites with different versions. With a structured approach and scalable solutions for all SEO areas, digitalagenten develops a holistic strategy and will accompany implementation to a site-wide roll-out under standardised corporate specifications (design, language, etc.).

Analyse your potential: Calculate what is really possible for your company with SEO

You must correctly assess your potential to be able to invest in SEO based on reliable forecasts and achieve the maximum return on your investment. digitalagenten carries out a comprehensive analysis of your potential so that you will know in advance how much you could realistically increase your metrics (visitors, leads, sales, etc.) over time through effective SEO. You will find out:

  • What is the demand in the overall market?
  • How many impressions do your search results generate? How much can they be increased? 
  • How many users click on your website? How much can the CTR be increased? 
  • How many leads are you generating? Could there be more?
  • How many leads are converted into sales? How much can the conversion rate be optimized? 
  • What would be the outcome of these measures if you were fully or partially SEO/sales optimized?

The control of best practices starts with a comprehensive analysis of the current situation (content quality, backlinks, rankings, etc.). Based on this data, you can define your sales objectives and see at a glance what attaining these SEO goals would mean for your company’s metrics. Ensure you don’t miss out on this potential by allowing digitalagenten to make the most of it by providing holistic support.

Marketing Sales Funnel Optimization along all stages of the sales funnels.

Potential-oriented sales control for sustainable success in business

An in-depth analysis of potential provides reliable figures that can be used to calculate the increase in impressions, CTR, leads and sales over any given period of time. It can answer the question: Where can full SEO take me? What are the requirements involved? What is the approximate cost? How much profit can be made?

With these numbers, you can make a meaningful decision about whether to invest in SEO measures and, if so, which ones. Or you can use these figures to convince your supervisor that it is worthwhile to exceed your sales goals in the long term.

Page structure that promotes sales & visibility and turns visitors & search engines into dedicated fans

Build a demand-driven information architecture that guides the visitor through your customer journey to completion. It makes it easy for search engines to discover and reward your value-added content with a top ranking. digitalagenten develops an information architecture that makes it easy for the user to navigate and quickly find what they are looking for. Meanwhile, crawlers capture everything needed to get your site into the top rankings. With a customised information architecture adapted to the demands of your users and target audience, you will have the advantage of:

  • A clear structure and hierarchy that creates optimized sales click paths.
  • Ease of use and navigation for the visitor.
  • Clear allocation of keywords to individual pages.
  • High conversion from advertising and social media (lower bounce rate, higher dwell time, etc., by meeting the search intention). 
  • More readability for search engines. 
  • Useful semantic links between pages/page types.

Demand-driven information architecture throughout the customer journey

digitalgenten will develop a central information architecture for your website/your locations’ websites, which consists of different pages. Like a tree diagram, it can be constantly extended to include further paths and be expanded in-depth:

  • Home page 
  • Main pages / landing pages
  • Category pages 
  • Products
  • Information pages (e.g., blog/how-to guides)

We use a uniform information architecture for multiple locations, where the content is populated with local keywords. The same structure means that users can quickly find their way around, regardless of which branch they visit, and the corporate design creates recognition across all locations.

Every page is optimized for specific keywords with the maximum volume of searches, and the content is adapted to suit the user’s search intention – are users looking for general information? Or do they want to buy directly? For example, if they are looking for information on your blog, they can be directed to one of your landing pages on the subject and then to the product: always moving further along the customer journey, all the way to the sale!

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Here you will find the answers to frequently asked questions by our customers on the subject of search engine optimization (SEO).

Whether you are looking for more organic site traffic, improved click rates or conversion generation, any website that is optimized for the target group’s preferred search terms will enjoy greater efficiency and less wastage.

There is a high degree of knowledge transfer during all marketing projects. Concentrated knowledge is conveyed within the various processes and additional workshops or tailored one-on-one sessions on offer, all thanks to the high degree of transparency involved. You are always free to decide what exactly you want to implement yourself along with the areas where your company will need support from an agency.

Generally speaking, SEO is a long-term and sustainable strategy. In terms of how quickly marketing success can be achieved, this will depend on the individual strengths and weaknesses of your website when compared to the competition in your industry. The agility and culture of the website owner’s organisation are also key contributing factors behind any success. Quick wins that can be implemented quickly can be identified in most cases. However, it is the ongoing consistent nature of implementation that will be decisive in terms of long-term success of your business. Get in touch with our expert team in our SEO agency in Berlin to discuss your own individual roadmap.

Defined metrics and performance measurement targets are key parts of any consistent SEO strategy. The following, among others, are relevant and measurable factors: Visibility (impressions in Google search results), SEO visitors and SEO conversions, visibility index (VI), ranking in relation to relevant keywords, technical and content-related aspects such as website loading time and structure.

The following factors, among others, are relevant to international SEO visibility: Target countries and languages, domain strategy, correct language meta tags, local content, links and ratings. Get in touch with the SEO team in our agancy in Berlin. We will work out your own individual international SEO strategy.

Companies achieve better rankings, increasing click rates and a growing conversion rate through the targeted combination of SEO and SEA (Search Engine Advertising) measures. Because while an SEO campaign is long term, an SEA campaign with tailor-made advertisements (Ads) achieves success in a short time. The precondition for both measures is a precise analysis of the keywords, strategic management and continuous monitoring. In particular, small and medium-sized companies with a small budget can achieve sustainable success through the mix of both channels. The team of experts at our SEO agency in Berlin will be happy to show you how the strategic combination of SEO and SEA measures can contribute to the growth of your customer base in the long term.

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