Attract more customers and increase visibility
with offpage optimization as an integral part of SEO

Linking your website perfectly brings direct traffic and increases your rankings in organic search results through increased relevance and authority. If you want to dominate the search results in the long term, reach your target group and attract customers, offpage optimization – in conjunction with many other building blocks – is an indispensable component.

Based on targeted SEO analysis, we support you in developing a backlink strategy and improving your backlink profile. This will help you attract more customers, gain trust and authority, strengthen your status as an expert and improve the rankings of your website.

The advantages: More customers & visibility, thanks to offpage optimization

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Improved ranking

Professional offsite optimization will help you rank in the top positions of Google search results and increase the potential to attract new customers for your business.

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Increased authority

Strengthen the relevance and authority of your website and boost your marketing by providing relevant, subject-specific content and an optimized backlink profile from various references and referrals.

Online Marketing Agentur Berlin

Increased traffic

Reach your target group more often and increase the traffic to your site. It is not only the improved ranking that attracts users. The backlinks you set also direct users to your site.

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Sustainable visibility

High-quality links have a positive effect on the visibility of your website. With better rankings, you increase the traffic you generate via organic searches, and visitors come to you directly from the linking site.

Arrange your free initial consultation for offsite SEO optimization now

Arrange your consultation now. We will analyse the current state of your business, identify its potential and outline a roadmap that will enable you to launch off-page optimization profitably and cost-efficiently for your company or company locations.

Four building blocks for sustainable offpage optimization success: outperform the competition in search results

Strategic offpage analysis as a roadmap for further measures.

Backlink analysis

Recognising & exploiting your potential.

Know your own website’s backlink profile & analyse the competition to exploit the full potential.

Ideal strategy and effective measures to increase visibility.

Action plan

Achieve your goals in a plannable way.

Determine and specify link-building measures for the most efficient and sustainable strategy.

Increase the relevance of your website with the right backlinks.

Backlink building

More customers and visibility.

Build a natural link profile with relevant content & a conscious selection of domains, and attractive cooperation partners.

Effective content marketing speaks directly to the target group.

Pick up the target group, inspire and impress.

Optimizing your website and linking content with third parties to take backlink building and search engine optimization of your website to a new level.

Three measures for a powerful link profile

Link analysis

Link detox

Link building

Become more visible to your target group in the long term with the help of guideline-compliant backlinks

Together we will build a sustainable backlink profile that complies with the guidelines. This is one of the best ways to improve your position on SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) and gain more customers online. However, maximum success requires more than “just” offpage optimization. It is an important building block within your holistic SEO strategy – but it only works in combination with on-page optimization (e.g. content creation, URLs, linking, etc.).

Not all backlinks are the same: Effective offpage optimization requires time and a strategically well-thought-out approach.

A vital factor to consider is ensuring that your link profile is as natural as possible. Link building that is too fast or too one-sided can harm the ranking. 

Companies that try to do their offpage optimization without the necessary experience and knowledge run the risk of creating unnatural links (e.g. spam links from off-topic pages, link partnerships or buying backlinks). These attract the attention of search engines and run the risk of being penalised by Google’s algorithm. Therefore, you should strategically optimize the type and quality of your links and the context in which they are placed. A balanced ratio between “No-Follow” and “Do-Follow” links also makes up your natural link profile.

You can reach the top of the search results by generating backlinks via high-quality content/online PR voluntarily linked to by attractive websites. Unique texts or intelligently prepared data invite people to include your content and, in return, reward you as a source with a backlink.

Backlinks increase the relevance of your site and build trust.

Reach more customers with increased visibility for your business. Contact our SEO specialists in Berlin and let us develop a strategy for effectively using your offpage optimization together.

In your free and non-binding initial consultation, we will jointly lay the foundation for better rankings by providing you with an individual situation and competitor analysis, uncovering strengths and weaknesses and developing an appropriate offpage strategy.

Holistic and agile offpage optimization

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Holistic focus

Backlink measures and methods that build on one another and reinforce each other as a result of more efficient off-page results for your site.

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Agile process and pricing

Flexible and proactive process design within the project. Identifying link-building opportunities immediately and reacting to ranking changes.

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Efficiency & knowledge transfer

Cross-team collaboration - including onpage optimization - for optimal productivity in all work stages, services and areas.

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Sustainability and transparency

Transparent communication from planning to implementation and evaluation of performance by changing the link profile.

Offpage optimization: Tailor-made consulting & support for your business

When working with us, you decide how much support, resources, and advice you want. Whether it’s just backlink analysis, link detox, holistic support or assistance in finding attractive partners with whom you can place your backlinks to increase your ranking. We’ll guide you through the process.

The team will give you a hand where you need it and offer made-to-measure turnkey solutions. In addition, you can receive a variety of workshops, training courses, agency services, and seminars on request. These will provide you with the necessary knowledge so that your employees can successfully carry out offpage optimization, including all facets of link building, on their own. Let us guide you and your team to success in the digital landscape.

Offpage SEO Consulting

Offpage SEO Outtasking

Offpage SEO Outsourcing

Offpage SEO using best practice processes: Scalable improved rankings in search engines

You receive your individual roadmap in accordance with best practice standards, tailor-made for your company, your ranking situation and your resources. First, an individual strategy is developed (PLAN). Implementation takes place holistically, thanks to our offpage optimization specialists (BUILD). As soon as the backlinks, citations etc., have been established, the results are monitored, optimization options are identified, and search engine rankings are improved even further (RUN):

Plan, build & optimize your project

1. PLAN:

The goal is to optimize your search engine rankings cost-effectively with targeted offpage optimization. The strategy will guide through the implementation of the measures towards your goal. 

Strategy is the basis of offpage SEO success. Which keywords do you want to rank with? How strong is the competition? Which links from which page are worthwhile and really improve the ranking? How many backlinks do you need, and what budget framework is available for these marketing campaigns? The leading SEO tools are used to answer these questions.


The strategy becomes a reality. The individual components of Offpage Optimization give you a decisive competitive advantage over your competitors.

We implement effective offpage search engine optimizations. The result: a balanced backlink profile, increased relevance in search engines and (even locally) rising rankings. Step by step, directory entries are created, partners are found, citations are positioned, and we carry out content marketing that automatically generates backlinks.

3. RUN:

By monitoring consistently, you can identify opportunities to achieve a significant effect with a small investment and to get to the top of search results in the long term.

Extensive monitoring of your website, blog and online shop search results gives you an information advantage. The results reveal how you can use link marketing more effectively. Outdated data and harmful spam links are detected and removed by the Google Cleaner Tool.

Scalable backlink portfolio management with offpage tools

We identify offpage potential for you by using the following SEO analysis tools in a targeted manner: 

  • Sistrix
  • Majestic
  • Ahrefs
  • Google Search Console
  • SEMrush
  • Moz

You can benefit from our holistic approach to SEO offpage optimization, which specifically links all tools. Whether for idea generation, planning, implementation or quality assurance: these SEO offpage tools provide you with a wide range of data to help you make economic decisions that will make you more visible to potential customers.

Improve site rankings with the right offpage tools.

Increase visibility with Local Listings: Backlinks & reach from directory listings

Create local online marketing infrastructure around target audience touchpoints

Local Listings generate backlinks that boost your rankings and make you visible in listings/business directories that already have a high ranking and are used by your target group. At the same time, you increase the visibility of your local landing page, and your business becomes prominently visible on third-party websites and a Google Business Profile.

We will find attractive directories with a wide reach, local references or business directories and enter each location on them using a scalable process. Position your business in an optimized way where you want to be found:

  • Google Business Profile
  • Directories
  • Yellow Pages
  • Map service providers & navigation systems
  • Voice assistants
  • Social Media (Facebook, Snapchat, etc.)

We create a complete, updatable database for each location automatically distributed to the most important directories. Changes can be made across all locations with one click – saving you time and money.

Synergies: NAP data, reviews and citations

Correct, complete data (especially name, address and phone) are a positive ranking signal and make it easy for your customers to decide in favour of your company. Use good reviews for visibility and as a customer acquisition multiplier: For an optimal reputation, we support you with a professional review response process for incoming and existing reviews.

Local Listing automatically generates backlinks. As soon as the directory links to your website, this is counted as a backlink. Mentioning your NAP data (with or without a link) on another website also influences your local, organic visibility.

Generate backlinks, build trust & increase conversion with content marketing

By linking strategic content marketing and offpage search engine optimization, synergies are exploited, automatically generating backlinks that, in turn, promote customer acquisition and visibility.

Create added value for your customers through the targeted placement of texts in various media formats with content tailored to the target group. From blog articles to social media posts, high-quality content marketing is characterised by text quality, target group focus, unique content and SEO optimization. Guest posts can also be used to generate backlinks.

As a result, improving your rankings and brand image in the process is possible. Well-placed content also creates organic social engagement (social signals) and automatically supports the generation of backlinks. For example, other websites link to your unique content as a source.

Strategic content marketing helps build backlinks.

Offpage SEO that gets you to the top of search results:

In a free, no-obligation consultation, we will help you identify your potential, bundle effective services into a strategy and achieve better rankings, more sales and more success.

Frequently asked questions about offpage optimization

As part of search engine optimization (SEO), offpage SEO focuses on marketing campaigns that are carried out outside of your website. The goal is to improve positioning in Google search results (SERPs). Increasing reputation and building a brand are advantages of Offpage SEO that can benefit your company.

Offpage Optimization includes all measures on other websites that influence the ranking of your website. This includes optimizing your backlink profile through a detailed analysis of its current status and planning and implementing link-building with suitable cooperation partners. We select your cooperation partners according to topic relevance and credibility, so links always come from thematically suitable and trustworthy partners and website content.

Backlinks are references from one website to another. Many search engines include the number, quality and nature of backlinks to measure a website’s popularity and importance. High-quality backlinks are an integral part of an individual SEO strategy and, in addition to onpage SEO, including usability, one of the most critical factors for an excellent ranking. For the Google bot, not every link is the same. For example, a distinction is made between Do-Follow and No-Follow links. As the name suggests, the addition “No-Follow” is a sign for the bot not to follow the link. Tip: Nevertheless, these act as an “airbag” in the context of correlating link-building measures and are essential for a balanced link profile. “Do-Follow” links that direct the bot to your address are generally evaluated more positively by the algorithm. Anchor text or link text is text that is clickable and refers to another website. It is best to use the focus keyword for which the linked page is to be optimized.

There are a variety of factors that can be used to measure the quality of a link. The most important ones for assessing whether it is worthwhile to make an effort to obtain a link or even buy it are as follows. 

Domain trust is a key indicator that shows the trustworthiness of link sources. Even though there is no standardised calculation method, the quality of the links and the website content is considered relevant. Linkjuice uses a notional unit of measurement to measure how much power/strength a backlink digitally passes on to another website, and so strengthens it. Based on this figure, you can estimate whether links via blogs, guest posts, etc., benefit your ranking. For example, domain Popularity (DP) is a vital SEO metric for directly comparing two websites. The DP tells us something about domain diversity and indicates how many pages the website’s backlinks come from. So it is not the number of links that is relevant, but the domain that links to your website. The link popularity results from the number of backlinks, i.e. the incoming links that point to a page. Every backlink counts towards this. In the meantime, domain popularity has become just as important as link popularity. The weighting of the individual factors changes constantly due to algorithm updates.

While SEO measures for Offpage take place outside your website, SEO Onpage optimizations concern your website. Onpage SEO includes, for example, various technical optimization measures such as improving loading times, the design of the website, conducting keyword analyses, optimizing the website structure or content marketing for relevant keywords on your landing pages or in blog articles. The counterpart to search engine optimization (Onpage and Offpage) is SEA marketing and social media marketing. The focus is on paid ads your company displays in Google search results for relevant keywords.

Many roads lead to Rome, and there are numerous valuable suggestions on the subject. Linkbaiting can be one way to generate backlinks for your brand. As part of a strategic process, linkbaiting includes all measures in which website operators offer their content with added value (e.g. blogs, images or guides) for publication in exchange for a link. The aim is to generate as many links as possible from external partner websites to your website. Content syndication can also lead to new, valuable links when used correctly. Content syndication refers to multiple use or exchange of media content on different websites. Whether text, image or video: with content syndication, the format is not fixed. Generic links can also be created by publishing your texts on third-party websites. For example, this is often possible in forums without contacting the other website operator. In agreement with other administrators, guest contributions can also be arranged, providing your affiliate with content that has added value and you with a link in return. Buying backlinks violates Google’s guidelines.

The relevance of social signals to ranking is disputed. Feedback from users on social media is known as social signals. These include, for example, likes or shares on Facebook, Instagram, etc. One thing is certain: activities and links from social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or Twitter are important factors that can bring free attention to your brand, traffic and user engagement and are an important building block in online marketing.

Many website operators make the mistake of rushing into link building too quickly when it comes to Offpage Optimization. However, especially in Offpage SEO, quality rather than quantity is crucial. Therefore, your choice of link partners is essential for your website’s reputation and should be carefully considered. Common mistakes like an unnatural distribution of backlinks, too many links from the sidebar or footer and backlinks from bad neighbours (partners who violate SEO guidelines) can negatively influence things like performance and rankings of your website. It is equally important to keep your link profile current and avoid broken links. Broken links are references or links that refer to a link target that is no longer accessible on the web. Therefore, the search engine can no longer find the link target. Examples of this are 404 or 410 pages. In addition, the search engine’s evaluation standards constantly change when updates are made. digitalagenten reacts quickly and individually to changing requirements like these, so that your rankings do not fall but continue to rise.


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